Friday, September 23, 2011

The Insidious Kitty Drone curse!

It's an insidious trap! Dolls are completely unable to pass a kitty without petting it, everyone knows this! But pet an evil, cursed idol of Bast, and you get locked into a latex kitty drone outfit with huge rubber breasts and a blank face! Until the timer runs out, you are stuck crawling and sitting plopped on your furry butt, tail wagging, and cannot  speak- your words are translated into purring. Every time someone touches you, your timer restarts, lengthening your curse, and if they touch your face? They get infected and POOF THEY are a kitty drone! (If they have RLV enabled)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Princesses; A lovely lonely

Ragdoll's Ice Princess dress, JeSuis's Princess jewelry, A&A Senta hair
   It was just after the timer ended, and I was released from the RLV Kitty Drone outfit I was forced to wear, that a friend's missive came to me at the Hypnotic Shoppe. The request was to join in on a roleplay,, a sexual roleplay, involving bondage. I was polite of course, mentioning that I already my evening planned but thanked them.  It was tricky wordplay, because dolls are not able to say "No", in its definitive  form, but my friend sensed what my real issue was:
   When will I find love and romance in the glimmer of chandeliers and plush carpets? I in no way look down on the friends and playmates that have shared time and words, and heat and passion, in the darker places of this new world. A doll is prepared to dress up and play any role, happily! But when would I be a princess, and meet a prince?
   I  put the silly restrictive Kitty-Drone outfit in a box, careful not to touch it's blank face, or get infected again and be locked in it again. Then after several minutes in my closet, I emerged a princess!
   Emedea made a lovely Ice Princess dress, and Je Suis has a fabulous Princess jewelry set. some pretty blue glass heels, hair style called Senta by A&A, and I jumped into the carriage.
   "Frank's Elite, and please hurry!"

It was DJ Oshee's birthday, and she played a lovely set of soft music favorites, romantic tunes that were her personal favorites. The music filled the shimmering dance hall, men in tuxedos and expensive crisp suits were swaying. Their partners were adorned in love, shining with validity and proud of their co-ownership. There were some lovely dresses,, a feathery white full length ball gown, that I fully intend to find!
   Hours later, I stood from the stool on the side of the dance floor, snuggled my feet into the shoes I held, and thanked Alisa for a lovely evening.  A few other women without partners headed out, and on the steps, they spoke sadly of "having wasted a night waiting for their prince to come".
   Dolls are not known for interjecting their thoughts, or even having their own thoughts, for that matter. Sentience can be a shock to those who fear it, and a threat to those without it. But I had to say something, to help make her happy- obeying Doll Rule 1!
   "It seems to me, that we have no control over the Princes of this world- they'll come or not, dance or not, and even a doll knows they only come to princesses. All we can control is , will we stand from the ash pile, will we adorn ourselves in the finery worthy of our aspirations and dreams, will we  get in stay  home alone and lonely, or put on our glass slippers, jump into our carriage and go to the ball? I may not be right, but it seemed to me, that the validation of a princess, is not the prince beside her, but the rising to be the princess she always was." I felt kinda bad stating the obvious to these glamorous ladies, I mean, any doll could see it, but sometimes humans get distracted from the simple truths by complex lies that seem prettier, or more fun. I know a little about that.
   The lady beside me laughed. "Carriage! Glass slippers! Nobody has those! Except maybe a real princess!" They left, laughing, but apparently raised in their spirits. I felt better for that, and for her comment.  I normally remove the things in the carriage, but I wore my glass slippers all the way home, lonely perhaps but very much happy.