Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Old School Roleplay returns to SL with Aglarond Yuirwood!

I  have now become quite adept at using the apparatus in the basement to shift the sentient energy from what I call my "normal" body, into the vehicle. Is it not strange? I am sure that those born human would say the human form should be the norm, but having become sentient first in my clockwork form,  it is really much more,,, is comfortable a proper term?

A good RP friend of mine, named Immortalknightage, had sent me the most intriguing request to come see his Roleplay sim! A map, ancient and mysterious,,, how could I not go see?
My Oxbridge Village Victorian home, Autumn has changed the flowers - preparing for Winter

In the back yard of my home, rez a free sailboat! enjoy, just click the sign and sail Caledon

The sailboat was waiting patiently and I do confess the long peaceful sailing along the changing coastline of Caledon sounded wonderful!

Actual sneaky way in the castle, If  a doll can find it, you can, right?
 Transferring however from sailboat to the back side of the sim was a bit tricky,, but I really wanted to see my friend's new sim! In my clockwork body I would not have felt the fatigue in the arms, the shaking of the thighs as the coarse rope cuts the hands,, Advice- wear gloves.

NPCs abound, like this one, and can interact, many have notecards for input
Down the dark tunnel, having to wait momentarily for the guard to look away...

The landing point, very well supplied for the new Roleplayer

..and enter the Sim!
     The info isn't just the stack of notecards, like some other RP sims; Eline Serendipity has used blogs, Wikis and websites to explain everything you need.
     The "world" is Aglarond Yuirwood, from Forgotten Realms, an old school roleplay game environment and rule system of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, by Wizards of the Coast. It is easy to adjust to, plenty of wikis and videos to show and entice you, and everything had a familiar feel.
     The HUD used is a Roleplay HUD called Prohawk. If you turn on "Auto Media" in your graphics preferences, the HUD does all the work for you, popping open  and revealing tips and points as you walk, advice rocks blink as you approach, and sounds and animations load into your viewer directly instead of having tons of scripted items causing huge lag simwide. The sim also has RLV use, interacting with a Weather Bug HUD. Areas that are freezing, or super hot (lava, fire) will affect you, quicksand will hold you until certain things are accomplished to free yourself, and the HUD has a "chicken" button to stop all RLV affects, so no reason to worry at all.

Does this armor make my butt look big?

Once you get the HUD going, you are taken on a little tour, following the directions in the HUD, using the plentiful TP pads like this one in the photo.

Combat is done with the Dice tab in the HUD- each combatant rolls,, lowest roll loses a point. The HUD adjusts for things like fighting in your faction's home area,  so choose your faction wisely!

I chose a cleric, a priestess of Sune,  so I could heal people and use cleric spells, yet still wear armor. There are many moderators on hand to help you make choices and they truly seem to like helping people "roll up" a character.
Clerics are usually from the Yuirwood forest, so I went there to see my new faction home area, worried if it was the same old looking RP forest. . . . .

What was I worried about? Gorgeous builds of woodlands, items to interact with, not to mention all the people that will be playing there starting October 10th!

Below are some of the links used,  October 10 2015 the sim opens,  Join me sometime in Yuirwood!

* You do not need all these links to play- go to the sim, get the HUD and you could be playing in one hour, which is pretty good considering how in depth the Roleplay could be here! If you want to just don armor and run around with a sword,  meet sexy serving wenches in Delthuntle, or invest time and effort into immersing completely into the backstory and character's new world, all should find some fun in Aglarond Yuirwood. Finally a really good RP sim returns to Second Life , created and run by dedicated and committed gamers!

The sim of Aglarond Yuirwood



aka Aurael, Priestess Acolyte of Sune in Yuirwood!

*Sims are moderate, or mature, and players should be 18

Monday, July 27, 2015

Triumph for Clockworks, Dolls and robotkind! Steam Powered Giraffe!

My new poster in my house!

One sultry summer day in Oxbridge Village, Caledon,(Second Life) I was polishing the silver, and turned on the audiograph to enjoy some music.  Usually I listen to Radio Riel, but this time had typed out "steampunk" on a punch card and slid it into the Pandora machine.

I was greeted with the sweetest, most romantic tune! singing of his lady friend as if she was a "honey bee" which seemed to be the name of the song,, it was subtle, beautiful harmonies, and infectious hip swaying rhythm.

Imagine my surprise when the lyrics said:

You didn't have to say my name
Ignite my circuits and start a flame
But you did,,,
 Circuits? I had to sit my silverware down into the velvet lined drawer. My hands were shaking so, I had to sit at the kitchen table, but the lovely yet desperate lyrics continued,,

Oh, Turpentine erase me whole
I don't want to live my life alone,,,
Could it be, that other clockworks and cybernetic beings had also become sentient? Could it be, that like me, their conscious media longed, their synapses and sinews ached for companionship of like kind? Did they also feel, as it is written in the book of Shelley,
"There is something at work in my soul, which I do not understand?"
Well, I do not have to tell you, that as quickly as I could screw my newly polished brass key into its orifice,  and grab my lace draped hat (for it was the mid day sun after all) ,  I held my skirtings and nearly sprinted to the general store! The nice elderly man was his cute, usually terse self:
"Music by Clanks? No we ain't got no ,,, but for a *snicker* professor here, s'pose I kin order it fer ye,,"
 I gratefully paid him and retired to the repose of my doll box in my bed room,  in anticipation the day my things arrived!

Now, I sit in the parlour, staring up at the poster, listening to the beautiful music made by those who are like me, and I wonder,, 
Should I go see them? Will they think it strange that I should be so attracted to my own kind? I am ignited inside, my springs feel tighter than ever before!
Should I dress in more modern attire or my own, befitting the station of Professor of a first rate Victorian university?
Should i make them tea?

“Thus strangely are our souls constructed, and by slight ligaments are we bound to prosperity and ruin.”
Mary Shelley, Frankenstein


Thursday, February 19, 2015

A few Musings While Bobbing in Bacta

Candi in Sanctuary now looks quite a bit like Wendy due to an Angel Possession Roleplay
I was floating in the healing waters of a Bacta Tank recently, hooked to a breather while the medicinal fluid worked its magic. As a Clockwork person, I would simply replace broken cogs, but finding the right replacement parts is always difficult. In my human vehicle, though I seem much more prone to injury, the parts replicate and repair themselves! Whoever the dollmaker is that designed and created humans, must be by far the greatest there ever was or will be!

Here are a few musings I learned of recent, while travelling in both my mechanical, and biological bodies:

It is bad to hurry along the eventual deaths of all living biological organisms, and those that do, are bad.
   All things seem to have a wear out date, which in itself is sad, so those who would hurry that date along, are what "Bad" means.

In this case, Candi handles the aftermath of an attack by an evil clan in the RP city of Sanctuary.

The Cat is Belial, owner of the Hookah Bar and an exceptionally good Roleplayer
Cats, it seems, can and will jump on your head and balance there. And when they wield really big axe things,, you should probably let them.

I have a new beach house! I really missed having a beach house, with the surf and seagulls and sunsets
Angels do not need Tesla Coils or a room full of machines to possess a biological organism. here one has possessed Candi, turning her hair white and curly and skin porcelain and extremely dense! She had no wings that were visible, which is odd because they show in the photo,, Very peculiar...

Club Zero moved but Still Inworld!
  A lot of my favorite clubs have now gone into the Forever De-Rezzed. I will miss them terribly! I love lots of genres of music and dance but for the dark exciting club dance, the best was always Club Zero but I went there a few weeks ago and the landmark said the club was gone! I did much eye leaking. But where I thought Club Zero was gone, it was just moved!  So if you like Euro, EBM, Industrial, and dark dance music, great lighting and effects, and a second floor with sofas and pillows filled with animations for all the vampire types.
   Warning, it is an adult place, and can be laggy on older machines due to all the amazing visual effects.

I should be healed up in no time, hopefully for Easter! I have this awesome latex Chocolate bunny outfit I want to wear and give people eggs but the Latex won't stretch over the cast on my leg.