Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rough start for the New RCAF

Cornelius and I in a Lancaster Bomber over DOR- 10 combat flight sims

When Commander, Lord Cornelius Fanshaw Entered my humble shoppe, I thought him just another of Caledon's high society, in his immaculately matched suit and mannerisms. It had been so long since I had seen him in the secret offices of Timeforce 10 (can't tell you about it, it is a secret, but you can you-tube it!) and in the aerodrome in Caledon Penzance, I had gotten quite busy with the store and the Jedi Academy and almost forgotten my love of flying and bombardier.

   He was direct, standing amongst the customers in the shoppe. He quickly nodded to the woman with pony hooves and the man wearing the rough biker jacket, leather pants and pink high heels.
   "Flight Officer Charisma?  Your nation needs you."

   Why do all these people seem to know, dolls simply cannot refuse? Not that i would have, I mean, if your nation needs you, how could you, why would you, refuse?

   He went on to tell me about a new aerodrome , Dogs On The Run,  or DOR. 10 sims connected and a bristling enemy that is fierce in the skies.

   "Their bases are well fortified, and they are devilishly good pilots. We need you, Wendy. We simply must reinstate Code name, Blonde Bombshell to active service. You will be given a promotion to Wing Commander, and tasked to aid the training of the many new Caledon recruits."
   If he had said I would be teaching, i would've already been in uniform!  "Commander," I smiled with my delicate air, "For you, and the country I love, I will gladly rejoin the wonderful crew of the Royal Caledon Air Force!"

   Our first flight however was not stellar.

The airport was rugged, and the constant attacks were horrid!

It was good to get in the old Lancaster again,,,

Corny in the tail gun? He loves trading out and new things

Rich Bailey did well enough, hitting several

Spence flew the crate, but had initial engine trouble (LAG)

I took my turn swatting at the swarming enemy

After the dismal runs, we met and discussed our initial turn out, and Commander Zoe was hopeful. She and Cornelius laid out plans for the new base  and we left prepared to meet again next week.
DA General, owner of DOR, and Louise, and all the rest

My Promotion felt hollow, but very happy

The new aerodrome- Come Join us

All applicants need to apply to Cornelius Fanshaw, Zoe Connolly, or um, I guess me?


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Miss CMNF 2012! *nsfw*

*by reading further you consent to reading and viewing mature depictions of animated or cartoon images*

The CMNF Lounge where I bartend, hheld its Miss CMNF contest, a 3 event contest, Evening wear, Swimwear, and nude.
Maena, Sarah, Nerk and I did well, talked to the guests and answered all the questions from the judges who were ready with lots of serious questions!

 Cal Kando was dressed smartly, she is the owner of CMNF Lounge, (clothed male, nude female) it is not like other nude places, it is not sticky or slimy, everyone come s there to be sensual and yet elegant or stylish, and classy.

 Possibly the first clockwork person to win such a noble and esteemed title!

 Then I was presented with the sash, and the prize- this new car!

The richest and most esteemed guest, Gautier Erin, was given my first dance as Miss CMNF 2012!

he was so gentle, and experienced, such a great dancer and conversationalist, I was so proud to dance with him, and so pleased I would get to represent the CMNF Lounge as their spokeswoman!

You can be anything you set your mind to! in one week, I have been graduated as a Jedi Knight, and won the CMNF Contest! My goodness I am so thankful to my dollMaker!

Caledon says "ARRGH!" - -The Pirate Day Dance at the Blue Mermaid was fun event,, Arrrghhh!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


VICTORIA CITY-CALEDON-  The alarm bells clanged throughout the Cape Wrath Shipyards as dawn broke, as watchmen had sighted several large submersibles  rising from the water. Armed men filtered out onto their decks preparing to land ashore when diving from the sun, a slow, noisy single-wing plane began firing upon the attacking marauders with an ancient water cooled machine gun.
   Drawing significant return fire, the little aircraft, a Morane Saulnier, stalled the assailants to Caledon's shores long enough for the southern skies to go dark with the sheer number of planes from the Royal Caledon Air Force.
   The unknown force raised sirens and ran back into their undersea travelling craft, but did not get away before the pilot, described as small, wearing a brown helmet and having long blonde hair, dropped 2 bombs from her cockpit severely crippling one of the seacraft.
   The R.C.A.F. has advised us to be on the watch, as out shores are not safe, and raise the alarms if you should see anything suspicious. Several communities have reported meetings of their Home Guard and Neighborhood Patrols.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Lady Dee'La's Jedi Knighting

"Are there any questions? if not, this concludes my class on Roleplay,,,"  I tried so hard to keep a smooth even pace, but my heart was racing, my Typist's emotions were on overdrive. The class was attentive and I spoke for a moment with them after class, but only a moment,,

they asked about my strange outfit, so I told them- since they were brothers and sisters of the RP sims.
   "After 10 months of arduous study and apprentice roleplay, in 10 minutes, I will be knighted a Jedi. These are the robes of a Jedi Consular."

They were happy for me and it gave me strength- I hurried through the transmogrification and in a blink the familiar lake on Yavin4 appeared.

I waited outside by the lake forever, it is peaceful there, and not at all like the rocky homeworld of Ryloth.The troubles on Coruscant had drained the small academy of its usual numbers, but a few turned out. Mom sat high in the gallery and smiled, sobbing rather loudly. Twi'leks are known for the sensual natures, and she wasn't holding back. It was nice to see her excited and happy for me,, but it was making it impossible not to cry! Daelan was there, newly knighted, and of course Zen, the knight that has taught me so much for the last year. Lore my friend was there, and also to be called up tonight, she seemed very calm. Tots and Nira were on the far side- I hoped Nira would see this and it would make her more excited to achieve her apprentice levels and become a Jedi too!

How many times had I seen them up there? But this time they called up Lore, my good friend! She and I, Daelan and Atlantis, all had come nearly together, and many others had come,, but left. Now it was Lore and I to follow Atlantis and Daelan. Zen seemed his normal collected self though I knew he had just came from a special convention and had traveled hours.
((No, really, he caught a train back from the Walnut Creek California Parade  where he marched as a Jedi all day then hurried back with no sleep for my knighting! You rawk Zen!))

I hugged Lore as she sat down and whispered, "Your turn!"
   "The Force wills it, and we are here to do the will of the Force, Apprentice Dee'La Sesk'Suri, obey the will of the Force and come forth!"
   The ceremony was as brief as it could be, there were few words except perhaps by me.
"Who will speak for her?" Zen said. "I do. I am her Mentor, Sir Zen." The room got quiet, save for some sniffling from mom and her occasional prayer to Kika Lekki in our native tongue. Zen spoke of me being his best pupil so far, and the Council had seen great promise in me. I mentioned that I had learned much, about the path, and realizing while you stand around waiting to walk up to the starting gate and begin something, the gate runs by you the opposite way! we are always learning, always on a journey, and everything we experience and explore is useful and beneficial, in some way.
   At least that is what I meant to say, I was pretty emotional.

 The Igniting, and the Oath, and it was done.

I am Lady Dee'La, KOJ Jedi Consular, Envoy from Yavin4 to Ryloth!


This is where my story gets its Most deserved happy ending:

for the council then gathered and more came in, from other Jedi Academies they came,  even the legendary Luvbutton Monsoo had come,

"The Force wills it, we we obey the Force, Sir Zen,, come forth!"

I gasped, who wouldn't? Mom wasn't sure what was happening but everyone in the room felt the hairs stand up on end as Zen was called forth to become a Master Jedi.

"Who will speak for him?"
 "I will," Spoke the Grand Master, Iria.
"And I," Spoke Master Kina.

"And I will speak for Zen," Master Trinity echoed.
All the Masters spoke up, that my mentor was truly worthy of this high honor. I was crying, much like now, as I pen this. I wanted to shout, "And I! But it was not my place, and anyways, if all the Masters of an order speak for you, my voice added was just so much tick-tock.

 It felt different, hugging Grand Master Iria, now as a knight. Mom and Lore talked, and of course she invited EVERYONE to come and stay at their estate on Ryloth. I do not think many realize, with above ground land being the premium it is, on Ryloth, for them to own such a large sanctuary and estate is quite notable,, I know dad is rich, with the movie productions, and mom's movies are huge successes ,, but how did they get their land called a religious sanctuary? There is so much I do not know about Dinak, my father, his secrecy, being a member of the Sesk'Nabsilai, mom's meeting him while she studied as a priestess-- my mom? My tired mind wandered.

 As we left, mom had to make a comment about an attractive Jedi, and of course, he came over! Master Viprous was the mentor of Master Kina, and was equally nice,,, and um,, yah, he was nice.

 I grabbed mom's arms and spun around-- we simply had to say thank you to Trinity! She had been there since the first day with me,, she was happy for me, but in a hurry, there was something brewing and she had to go. How long would it be, before the newest Consular Knight would face her first test?

We caught the shuttle off world to the space station, and she was quiet for a while, staring and smiling,, looking away thoughtfully. I was almost worried until my mother looked out the window of the cruiser she boarded, staring at the nearest sun, and with tear brimming in her heart and eyes, in Twi'Lek, she said,, "Thank you Kika Lekki. Thank you."

I have much work to do now, an Envoy office to make, official meetings to start relations with Ryloth, and at this moment, no Ryloth Sim exists. but we shall see! Patience is a Jedi virtue. After 10 RL months of roleplaying these tests and trials, really studying what a bantha is or what a tidal lock planet is, I have learned SOO MUCH that is actually useful in this world to know: SWRP is alive and well in Second Life and I am so glad I decided to try it!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Deela's Sith Class- Nearing Graduation!

It has been since Christmas, 2011 that I have transmogrified into the twilek Dee'La,  seeking to learn the mysteries of the Jedi, and learn Star Wars Roleplay. Since then, my Typist has purchased the Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) game and plays it regularly, and I have learned far far more about the Star Wars universe than I ever thought I would.
   There are only 3 steps left to graduation, and beginning my life as a Jedi.
   I am so excited!
   Tonight, I gave my lecture. It must be a certain length, about the Jedi basically and afterward you must be able to provide documentations and answer the barrage of questions that come. I saw an apprentice give a lecture once on why Sith were not necessarily bad once,, and the questions at the end would have made me quit entirely and begin roleplaying as an Amish housewife. Or, the doll of the Amish Wife's daughter. hmmm,,,

Master Chiana, Grand Master Iria, Apprentice Nira, Daelan, many showed up!

A quick hug from Master Zen and we began!

the band shell is a gorgeous place for discussions and lectures

After ward I received only 2 questions, and they were about my life more than my mistakes or whatever. I had many nice comments like, "Very concise", which relieved me greatly.

   Then I felt a little bad for my Apprentice sister Lore, because she had to follow me and I did so well!
Lore gave a great lecture! Master Zen congratulated me, how kewl!
There was nothing to worry about though- her Master is Grand Master Iria, and she was well prepared for her class! It was so detailed I felt like I clearly had a long way to go before I knew this much in this much detail. We hugged after, she did great! We are both Apprentice level 4s ,, both so close to finally being promoted to Jedi!


Daelan got promoted last night!
We gathered quickly in the Chapel, and Iria spoke quickly, recognizing our new Master, Chiana the Chiss Healer and Consular.  She spoke with me briefly, saying she liked my lecture and doors may be open to work with her in the future, learning healing, or work as a diplomat!

Daelan looked so good and was so proud and well he should, this is not easy.

Zen, Iria, and Chiana
Afterward, we spoke for a while, till we all grew tired and passed out, an exciting day on Yavin4.

This morning Master Zen came in, having twisted his ankle. I was working in the medbay at the time, and quickly scanned his injury and provided a shot of Bactra-Lite, and a few disposable Kolto shots, if needed.
The Medbay is well equipped on Yavin4

It is amazing how fast Bactra and kolto work!
Master Zen had said when he came in, that I had something I needed to do, toward my promotion, 2 left, he said. As I finished his ankle up, and handed him a hard candy as a joke, I asked him what it was he came to tell me, to have me do.

   "You already did it." The smug, amazingly intelligent Master Jedi walked out and left me for several seconds before I realized what that 2nd to last test had been.  1 test left!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

From the Shoppe Basement- DOLLIFICATION STAGE 1 *nsfw*

 (reading further is consent to read and view mature erotic literature)

The craft and care that I and others at the Hypnotic Shoppe take, in our transformation packages,, is I believe, without equal in the entire SLuniverse!  The subtle extras we add, the nearly perfect memory transfers,, and now four patients in a row have survived the process! This simply must be a record!

HOWEVER,,, some patients, upon their Awakening, once they see the work that has gone into their procedure, the realization of a past forever gone, new rules, new restrictions, new freedoms, go into a state of shock which can be fatal if not treated immediately with hypnotic drugs and mental programming.

Usually though, those are just the non-consenting patients...

*Completed with Photoshop and Poser

Monday, September 3, 2012

My Star Wars Training So far,,,


When Professor Zenmondo at Oxbridge suggested I undergo the transformation into a Twi'Lek, and apprentice to become a Jedi, I was understandably excited! What great new adventures I might have! Such an expanse of unknown territory. What new empathies and emotions I could have as a living breathing creature of sensual and intuitive nature as the Twi'Lek!

Weeks after the mapping and gene recoding had been programmed into my machine, and I had learned to walk and talk properly, I enrolled as Master Zen's padawan's apprentice on the Jedi planet of Yavin4!
Jedi Master Catherine, Healer, removes a strange imbedded chip in my neck, inoperative,, what did it do?

Meeting the Troopers, skilled, funny, rugged and polite, for the most part...

Me! Dee'La Sesk'Suri. note the braid of the apprentice on my lekku
Lekku, or head tails, have been a fascination for me. Their weight is only a bit less than breasts, and nearly as dense, and extremely sensitive, though their exterior nerves are about the same as any nerves along your scalp. The Lekku are filled with glands, and special receptors and psycho-neuro transmitters. They work in tandem (the reason you have two ) like a tuning fork, or perhaps a radar, receiving and sending physical, emotional and mental images and feelings to other Twi'Leks, on a soft, very low level of perception. Imagine how humans respond to each other's pheromones and magnify this perhaps a thousand times,, my lekku send information of my youth, my studiousness but not what i am studying,, my fitness as a healthy and sensual female of the believers of the Goddess Kika Lekki, and many other bits of data which other twi'leks may be able to pick up,, or not if they are unattentive, or might not even notice they are picking it up!
   What I know, is with practice in the Force, I can eventually send whole messages,, speak to others and who knows what other mind effects will be possible . . .

We studied on Ossus one of the many Star Wars Role Play Sims, (SWRP) Apprentices study A LOT, and often. It is not a fast RP from apprentice to Jedi, but it is worth it, I learned SOOO MUCH!

We helped Ziva, when searching on a distant planet for a peculiar signal we met up with her grandmother, a long deceased Jedi named Laeli- "there is not death,, there is only The Force,,,"

Final stage of studies!and Family day- my parents visit!

I was a mess as my parents arrived- but the Grandmaster Iria Tuqiri was her typically wonderful self, Catherine and Zen and the others were helpful and pleased to meet them- here is tmy Bio* mixed in with pictures of my parents visit. Mom is Hirani Sesk'Suri, you know,, the famous holovid actress? She really does all those amazing stunts herself! And father owns the HoloVid Company, Sesk'Suri Production Company- they just finished making Star Huntress 4!

DEE'LA'S BIO, with OOC information:
   Dee’La’s choice in her Disipline is deeply rooted in her background.
   She grew up with the markings of the Plains Clan, with the smooth, light color and markings that are considered sensual and endear the clan more easily to most other Twi’leks. Her father Dinek is a very successful businessman, owner and President of the largest Holo-Video Studio on Ryloth. Her mother, Hirani, is a well known actress of stage and holo-vid, famous for playing roles where strong singing, dancing and acting was required. She grew up taking classes in performance, and excelled. It was fairly clear she would be a successful performer one day, like her mother. Though members of the Sesk’osima, or artist caste, are often poor and subjugated, the thriving Holo-vid business offers performers a chance at wealth, fame, and some sway over public opinion. Dinek works this like a skilled surgeon, Hirani’s fame used effectively in the political “Game of Clans”.

Grand Master Iria, Knight Atlantis (Twi-sister!) and Master Zen , greeting Hirani and me

   Her father often took her to museums, graveyards, training academies, seemingly to provide depth to a young ‘Lek who was immersed in a world of art and fantasy. She accepted the lessons, grateful for those heroes who had gone before to make a life of luxury even possible on her planet. Dinek had noticed Dee’La ‘s empathy with all things, and an ability to affect people and animals, even objects, with her performances. She could focus on audience, and drive them into a frenzy, or  even speed the healing of broken plants, or tame wild animals. He took her on occasion to special workshops, supposedly about famous Jedi , showed her how their talents were used to protect all Ryloth. Testing was done, and her parents consulted on Dee’La’s considerable Midichlorian count. She decided that at the end of her High School studies, she would go to the Academy on Yavin4.

Mom bestows strange amulets to Iria Zen and me, ancient Twi'lek artifacts? hmmm

   UNKNOWN TO DEE’LA- Her father is one of the 5 Patriarchs of the Sesk’nabsilai , the Twilek Protectorate Order, similar to the Jedi. The Sith hunted them into hiding, just like the Jedi but they survive as an underground order, focused on protecting all the Children of  , Kika’lekki, Twi’Lek Goddess, using their blend of Force and Lekki empathy, barely perceptible communication of thoughts images and emotions  thru the lekku. The  Council of Patriarchs answer to the Sou’Kiva, ArchBishop, of the Primary Practice of “Spirit”. It was she who helped set up Dee’La’s schooling on Yavin4. Dee’La’s father  Dinek had been planting the seeds that he hoped would one day see his daughter as a powerful Alema, or Protector on Ryloth.

In route to Yavin4, her ship was taken by the Red Pirates. She and her 5 friends were used as slave labor and pleasure for the pirates, while the other less fortunate  were suspended and sold off at various ports. She used her abilities to endear herself to the pirates, who began trusting her, teaching her to cover them while boarding with the deck guns, fly the ship out of range while the others boarded vessels, shoot at ships, and use the teleporters to recover the crew and their spoils. She learned in those two years how to be a decent pirate and how to seem like one, understanding their dogma and doctrine.

   When she noticed the ship nearing Yavin4, she masked the true identity of a deep space Republic Colonization fleet, appearing to be an unguarded merchant convoy. The Pirates set up a doomed attack and during the counter-boarding by the Republic Troopers, Dee’La escaped in a pod to the planet Yavin4.
Her considerable talents in public performance, focuses in Force studies affecting sway in opinion, and training in pirate skills, come together in her desire to help all people, to keep the great Balance of Good, as Goddess Kika’Lekki instructs. She might have bias toward her own people, but this is justified in her realization of “The Great Balance” being heavily skewed against Twi’leks.

Daddy! Dinek is galactic businessman, Envoy to the 'Sou of Spirit, and, secretly more, , , ,

Roguish Dad, flirting with Iria and Catherine!

She seeks a Discipline as Sentinel, able to be combative, or academic, when required. She seeks to use her acting talents to infiltrate, pirate skills to garner information and her Jedi training to “Bring the balance”, as an Investigator.

I had come as a high school graduate toward Yavin, when our ship was grabbed by the Pirate League. Two years later, I was the only member of that crew still alive, and not sold as a slave- they kept me, preferred me,, taught me, accepted me as a pirate.  I jumped ship during a fight with Republic Corsairs, near Yavin4.  Will they still be looking for me? as friend, or turncoat? Will I join this mysterious organization on Ryloth? Will I even graduate as a Jedi? So close,, so far,, so many adventures!