Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yachting on the SL Seas!

My friend Ty is a quiet man; he dresses well, and has a well rounded knowledge of the many worlds and Sims of the SLuniverse. When I told him I was a little run down, he suggested we go boating.
  "Boating? I have never been boating! I will be at the dock in an hour!"
   Truth be known, I just meant  I needed winding, but this worked out quite well!
Makers like this one (Cigar Yachts ) provide high quality amazing products

The deep throaty rumble of the motors growled  like some ancient beast in the deep, setting the water's surface to shimmering and my own softer parts vibrated too. If he noticed, he was too gentlemanly to mention it, but he did chuckle as I tried to find a way to climb up!

There was many places all over the boat for sitting, many options of sit or laying,  and that to me is the measure of quality, beyond the smooth realistic textures. This was clearly a high quality boat, and I wasted no time laying down on the front to deepen my Redgraves  Tan into a nice Deep Bronze.

WARNING- be "Sit"ted while moving, physical objects moving can leave you! and standing during Sim crossings,, BAD.

   Boating takes advantage of two things SL does well, it showcases the amazing realism and beauty of the sunsets and sunrises, and water.  It also gives us romantic time together, just enjoying talking, and watching the gorgeous scenery go by, slow or fast.

Homes on the seas  have boat launches even helicopter pads, see far right

After while I asked to see how much power it had, and I think he was a little put off by my climbing into the engine compartment and examining the compression ratio and displacement, but really if you were made of nearly the same materials, you would be so amazed at how well those materials can work!

Perhaps that is what the Olympics is all about?

When purchasing, look at number of poses, sit places, texture detail, etc

if you like the deck you should see the the lounge / bedroom!

breathtaking views were abundant
  The sun set, and we admired the waterfall island slowly, till it got dark, and we sped back to dock.

Ty asked to see me again some time, showing off by asking if I wanted to see one of his cars or ride in one of his planes! The nerve of some people! Thinking the sun and surf, the speed and sensual companionship would make me fall into the arms of some braggart?

. . . . . Um, did I mention we were going flying tomorrow?



Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beware Dance Contests and Clubs in Second Life

SS Naughty Ears and Tail, "Joan" dress by Icing, Je Suis necklace

For those that do not already know, Second Life is full of dance contests like the one i was at tonight- "Best in Neko". When money is up for winning, I try hard because i need the winnings to make my tier payment on my store. I show up when it starts, wear the best outfit i can, and talk to everyone, happy and energetic.
  Which is why my heart gets cut out when a club lets people teleport in at ten minutes left in the contest, which are always Alts of a contestant or the club owner; they win, they leave immediately. or a Domme will go to contests with her 8 subs  on leashes and win all the dance contests in SL that night. or worse- the club owner or DJ wins the contest.
   This is because inherently they are not dance contests, or costume contests, they are popularity contests.
Clubs should know these two points:
1- people really do this and they make good money at this form of legal cheating. Clubs need to set rules like, "nobody new after the 1 hour mark" or something.
2- Once those of us that try but adhere to basic honesty, realize a club  does not have these rules, we know why- they are TPing in their Alts to win their own prizes is the only logical reason, right?  and inscrupulous clubs get a name, and they are not in Sl very long, once the Abuse Reports start rolling in.
   So, Club Destruct, please change your ways. There was some nice people there tonight, the music was good too, and then it all revealed itself with ten minutes left. I advise everyone not to enter their contests until they post new contest rules.
   It could've been such a nice little place too.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Jazzbeau wows Caledon Glengarry!

Jazzygal said a live band was playing blues and jazz tunes in Glengarry- Caledon? I usually rush to the far end of Second Life to hear a live band that is any good at all,, and now one is in my homeland!

The Copper Dream made record time, sim-crashing only once

I landed outside the venue, which was 2300Meters in the air. Designed to look like an old quasi-Victorian space, with a bar in the far end, and lounge, I quickly perked to the sounds of "Take Five" , then Let it Be,, Santana and B.B. King and Clapton followed,, every song played  by the members  on Jazzy on drums, Kelly Keyhunter on bass, and an amazing lead guitar by Spike Luckstone.

The small crowd was a Who's Who of Caledon, Cronocloud Creegan, Samm Florian, Beth Pentewyn and her husband Deebee Cooper, and several others who I omit only because my head is a polymer material, not made to hold things like memories very well.

We swayed to "Always On My Mind", got funky to "Mustang Sally" and "Walk Don't Run". A karaoke type background  set the basics, and the musicians really decorated it well with their experience and subtle feel for the genres they played.

I bought new NCore shoes in champagne to go with my Utopia STL dress, and were it not for the superior craftsmanship and materials, they would surely have broken from the stomping and wriggling!

Even a doll knows a great night's entertainment, and I wished I could have stayed longer but it was quite late on a Thursday when they played, ending at 1 AM  Typist time. They ended with  Breezin by George Benson, encored to playing "Smile without a Face", one last chance to break my new heels but they withstood the jumping well.

Please do not take a doll's word for it- look them up in the EVENT search, and see them when you can!

*Rubs her tired but happy feet*