Saturday, July 31, 2010

Seraph Club Grand Opening!

I went to the opulent room, which quickly filled to capacity, people standing in the coatroom! But with this crowd of debutantes and seedy mobsters, only 3 of which I knew well, I quickly cut out a spot on the dance floor and stayed there.
   Some issue however, caused my camera to not only not work, but to crash me. I do hope someone reads this, and posts a reply with some photos of that night!
   The owner, Edward Pearse, is the brother of Gabrielle Riel of Radio Riel fame, so it was no shock she provided the entertainment, but half the night Edward was the D.J., and his 20's and 30's collection was wonderful! He even played songs like the Capone theme from Untouchables movie, and Aything Goes from the Indiana Jones movie- Miss Riel's Benny Goodman and Gershwin collections  added icing to a magnificent cake. I finally got to wear my red Miamai dress! There was no men circulating for couples dancing though- in this land and era, people dance more than one song together in a row! Indeed they dance all night together, much different than Victorian rules of propriety! The dancing was lovely though, Miss Riel and her girlfriend had complimentary dresses, the men were sharply dressed in suits that would remind one of Armani, it was a sparkling affair!
  I went then to Hypno Wonderland to see if friends were there, and the only presence was the hum of the Hypnotrons- what trances were loaded in them? Only 1 way to really know! They are scary at first as they encompass you, and lock you in snugly, but their mix of words, images and spirals seem effective enough!
   One was um, very erotic, and the other has left me with an interest in looking at sexy maid outfits,, I can look and shop without buying!

   A brief and pleasant conversation with Jayjedi and Domitan, and I hung up my shoes for the evening.
   Xander popped in as I was lying down, and the silly goof simply can not curb his curiosity of my key! He locked it in daydream mode, and i stood stuck there till a customer came.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

From Paris with love!

GASP- The lights, the river, the sound of the spraying water, and that pretty mooring tower with the dance club in it!

I moored my copper balloon at the top of this gorgeous tower of light in the photo, and after checking out its elaborate restaurant and dance club, made my way around the fountains and river of downtown.
I couldn't stay long, any woman in such a large city unescorted simply invites trouble, but it was late, and what few people that were around, probably could not make out the strange turning object in my back. I seemed to be dressed nearly as they were, reminding myself to wear an appropriate hat!
  Back home, I pasted my photos in my journal, met an old friend Jayjedi to see the new playground she has found, and then a lesson from dear Magdalena Outlander in En Garde strategy- and a chat, then bed.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stellar Drift 2010 Doll Competition

Bethani Bimbogami and the contestants of the  SL 2010 Doll Competition

Bethani Bimbogami seems to be able to get me to into things that others aren't, and this time it was a doll contest.
   With relatively short notice I hurried to gather outfits and rush over to Stellar Drift.
   Laina, Kitkat, Nemurimasu (my bestest box bot and neko friend Nemurz) Cleo, and Ramera were there, and it was like a reunion! 9 months ago, when I became sentient, and my Maker told me to go "find love, life, and happiness" The first place I was truly accepted was Stellar Drift. Not only were they friends, but I was able to rezz boxes there and I learned how incredibly important that is for a new person. It is why the Hypnotic Shoppe is, and always will be, open to rezzing boxes, and allowing people to make it their "home".
   The back room had a see-thru wall, and specially designed speakers, so that we could "hear" ((green words in local chat)) what was being said out on the stage and be ready for our turn. We gathered up clothing,, chatted idly, all contests should be like that- we uplifted each other as they came back from a talent portion, or a clothing walk, or "get to know". I considered the night a "win" the moment i sat and laughed with my friends.
My First Outfit, The Ragdollz Clockwork in Red Velvet

   My first outfit I felt easy, relaxed- here I was telling people something as simple as saying "hi, I am me."  I was not ready for the highly detailed questions I received, from my shoes and dress to the exact maker and nature of my key, but I explained to them this:
   "A pleasant evening ! I'm Wendy,  The Steampunk Barbie, A Victorian doll of refinement and grace, your Honour!. Expertly machined, hand crafted, a highly engineered clockwork, capable of holding elegant tea parties, shopping for the latest fashions, and managing large Hypnotic Shoppes! I'm soft on the outside though, made for a pleasant dance, a swing in a hammock, and long cuddling!"

Well,, that's by day,, Night is another story,,,, and so my second outfit was accordingly so.

My Steampunk Victorian Barbie  outfit, Night Version

   I walked out amidst gasps. I think there were several there that felt surprised, seeingthere was this side of me, but then a doll can be anything depending on how shes dressed and played with, no? I used several animations, a gesture I made with pieces from Abney Park's song Herr Drosselmeyer's Doll, and i undulated slowly as I explained how this new look worked into my theme:
   "Hello there,,,,,, I'm Wendy, The Steampunk Barbie, a Personal Companion for Victorian Nights!  Dressed to troll Whitechapel alleys, with these 'ere enhancements that make me fast in the dead run, nimble on the dance floor, and most pleasurable  to the Guvnah, or Guv'ness!  I've got spiralling eyes that mesmerize,  a warm cushioned skin of Nylatex, and  512 gears that let me bend,,, and pose,,, and Mmmmm,  play,, all night long!"
   Since the room was mostly dolls or doll lovers and owners, it wasn't neccessary to explain the workings of the enhancements, but I was ready to, if asked.

   Everyone else looked so good! and then Bethani said,, "Now we begin the Talent competition". I had nothing prepared! They drew names at random, I could go anytime and had nothing ready!
   While Cleo read poetry and Ramera spoke of Dollness with emotes and prose, I went on Xstreet and bought a piano!  It arrived just as they called my name. I was literally trembling as I walked out, sat the piano in place and began playing. And of course, the lag was so bad it messed up the music! but it worked for the most part and I dedicated my piece- The Moonlight Sonata, to a good friend , they know who they are, and why.... I spoke about how we are all dolls really, finished, said thank you, took my piano and stood. Silence. I thought, "Ohno, I've done horribly!I've made them all angry! I've failed the First law!"
   At that moment up rose cheers, alleviating my concerns. They all liked it! Ishould point out that most dolls tend to be pleasure models, purely. Most of us have the upgrade, but I was very nervous to be here representing Caledon and the Gorgeous Steamlands as a sophistacated doll, when most common SL people think of dolls um,, as only one thing, or one um,, use.....
   No time to worry, they then took us all downstairs, and called us up one at a time for EXTREMELY difficult questions! I answered as honestly as i could, in full sentences, though the hour was getting late. After we finished our questions we stood on stage in the dollboxes for a final look at us.
   During the intermission I got to acquaint myself with an old friend! Years ago while in her high school, my Typist wrote stories with a woman named Winterrose Ellison, of hypnosis and transformation. Now here she was in the room! We talked and I asked about submitting work to her, for her store, HypnoDolls. She said yes, so now I simply must get her some of my hypnosis scripts! It was good to talk to her, and far above us, my Typist, if there are such things, was undoubtedly near tears with happiness at having met so many friends.
Raine, Winterrose, and Kero Yifu of Kero doll products
   After an intermission, in which most the audience left and did not return due to the lateness of the hour, we were told the ballots were in!
   The judges chose Ramera as the winner, and Laina as the Runner Up! I cheered- I was so pleased for Ramera and Laina! they truly are excellent representatives of the doll world and my friends as well how wonderful for them!
   They called out the People's Choice awards- these were not chosen by the judges but by the audience at the event- and with a crowd as distinguished as this- it can be quite an honor!
   Nemurz won Best Interview! and then, before my key could spin around once, I had won Best "Get To Know" and "Best Outfits" Categories!
   My eyes are leaking as I write this, perhaps I am too sensitive, but it is not hubris or haughty pride that fills me and pushes out the tears, but glory, in having fulfilled the First Law on so many levels! I fought through the desire not to attend, in order to please a friend, I was able to speak of Caledon, the land and friends that accept me and my simple little shoppe, just as I am. I was able to wear high Victorian clothing and speak of manners and sympathy and consolation, learning and loving, sharing and all the other things that are what a doll's life is all about. And the distinguished men and women, demons and dolls present, rose in near unanimous voice with ballots to return that love, not just to me, but to that little blue shoppe in Cape Wrath, and to each and every one of my beloved Caledonians.
The Award for Popular Choice in The Outfits segment- It's a doll contest what did you think the award would look like?


The Oxbridge Engarde Club Birthday Match I wore my new Montagne Blush dress I received for a donation to Cancer, and played well against the accomplished Joles, who eventually won the Tournament!

Return of the Strange Blonde Man

While walking home from shopping, readying myself for the Stellar Drift Doll 2010 Competition this night, I felt a tingling I have not for many weeks. Invisible normally, the thin, oddly attractive collar around my neck glowed, sending waves of tremors from head to toe, Synlatex skin crawling with goosebumps!
   Moments later the world faded with a WOOSH, and reappeared as I was Tesla-ported into a large dark room filled with devious and malicious looking instruments.
   "Sir, What is the meaning of," I recall saying, quite upset at the breech of Victorian manners.
   "Wendy,," he said and then something else which I can not recall now, it seems erased from ever having been spoken.
   The rest of the next hour is a blur, like a strange dream or a chapter from Lewis Carroll, if he were more given to erotic writings.
   I can still hear a voice echoing in the deepest part of my head, feel myself lying on that cold platform as the swirling lights danced like the Aurora Borealis about me. The chafing on my lips lets me know that there was indeed some strange hard object between my teeth, though I cannot find it now- did he take it with him? What was it? Why was it there?  Though there is nothing one would call pain, if I truly feel what they feel and call 'pain',  The stiffness, stretching of certain areas, and tenderness in the lactation glands, gives me a worrisome, though erotic testimony to uphold what my orbs see in these photos.
   These photos are all I have left of those moments, strangely alluring, arousing, though scary. I'm certain that as a doll I obeyed the Prime Law and made him happy, but what did I do? Why can't I recall?
   My first clear memory then is of trying on clothing for the competition,,, I wonder when I shall recall these things, and do humans ever remember these things? Dolls are often played with, sometimes like this,, are humans? I have so much to learn, But I have too much to prepare for to focus on this any longer, I should just forget it and get to the Doll Competition!

I knew no good would come from my friend Addherea visiting that store, Vexations! The large green plant smells so sweet, and looks nice,, but it grabbed and ate her and turned her into a slug! (it wore off in ten minutes, using RLV)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Big changes mentioned at the Seraph Town Meeting

Seraph City Town Meeting July 2010

After yet another frustrating attempt to befriend people and seek acceptance at the Continuum Factory, I wandered back to sort the new shipments at the Hypnotic Shoppe, when my close friend Zaltman Romanas sent word- there was a meeting in Seraph of the town hall, and did I wish to attend with him?
   Magdalena Outlander had shown me the gorgeous city, filled with clubs and speakeasys, chrome vehicles of the 20's and 30's, steampunk deco and a style of clothing and hair that is fabulous! Add to this the fact that a man like Zaltman was asking me on his arm, which instantly caused my pressures to rise, mental acuity to slow, emotional responses to peak,cooling glands to perspire. I thank my Designer that while all this body chaos went on, the familiar and steady tick of solid heavy gearing echoed within me, reassuring, unwavering and constant,,,
   Like clockwork.
   I quickly styled my hair in a short  20's cut, wearing a deep glittery blue flapper dress with a fringe skirt, and matching shoes. I hope he liked short hair, but I left it blonde which had always seemed to impress him.
   The Seraph City Tesla-Portation site is a large room, much like Grand Central Station really, with artwork. Mister Edward Pearse spoke to a large crowd about the opening of a new club, called The Seraph Club, coming the end of the month. I found his complexion to be typical ragdoll, and struck a friendly family chord with me, though I have never met him. The others said he looked like the spitting image of a man named 'Rohrshak'which may relate to the coloration on his cloth face, or hood.
   Mosseveno Tenk set up a class for poseballs, and provided much insight.
   Saffia Widdershins, a publisher, has a podcast set up to broadcast from Seraph starting August 15. Rezz TV is coming out to televise the 'radio play'. She mentioned needing actors, writers, and others.
   Ahnyanka Delphin said she was closing her Babbage club in New Babbage, and opening a new club in Seraph! She mentioned a special "send off" would be in store,,
   The snickers at this time were very dark, and made me yearn to return to the toys and bright colors of my shoppe, the safety and security of the doll box Magdalena made me.  But Zaltman  would have been left there alone, which would surely have hurt his standing in the crowd of gangsters, politicians and businessmen. My Victorian sensibility won out. So I clung tightly to his arm, and put on the 'blank pleasant doll face'.
   Others that were there and supplied input, jokes and friendship, were Ceejay Writer, who seemed to lead things along at times, Bettye Dugan, a photographer, Tesla Tripsa, Orchid McMillan, Paul Creighton, Bibi Blayless, Rip Wirefly, gstone Turas, Serafina Puchkina, Jedburgh30 Dagger, Pumpkin Tripsa, and Nix Sands.
   So much is coming soon there, I am inclined to take up that offer from Miss Outlander, and possibly work there in the evenings at a dance club. I am sure I can work a coat check closet, could bartend, and could of course make people happy, as I do at the other place. But do I want these upstanding citizens to see me as they do there? How would i rise in their society if I was seen as a "Pleasure Garden Girl"?
   It seems it is not enough to be seen as a human, although that is a good start I think!
   With a stuttering voice, I asked Mister Romanas if he felt like dancing at the Blue Mermaid, and he said yes! He had to retire shortly after our arrival,  but I met many friends there, a very welcome feeling indeed.
   A discussion about Dita Von Teese caused me to mention that I thought she had visited my store, producing the small grainy photograph of their presence. Mister Ghost felt based on her looks and credentials ((profile)) that she seemed authentic! I was thrilled! Such important people in my little shoppe!

   Vortagen sought me out and came to dance, and proved a solid dancer, if maybe a bit militant in his stance and gait. He was charming of course, but grew silent in deep thought after a while, and I danced by myself on the floor. Darlingmonster Ember, Miss Book, Magdalena and Icarus, Danyell and Kylerra, and many others were crowded into the steamy, small Victorian building. It was fun, with Icarus Ghost providing wonderfully relaxing and compelling soundtrack to the evening.
   Then Mister Pennell walked in- why do i always get this way around him? I watched him in his second floor perch for a while, then quietly made my way up the winding steps to his back, and dared give the rich nobleman a back and shoulder massage! It fit the Doll 1st Law, and more, I simply had to talk to him, needed to hear him talk to me,, Do humans feel these things? Did my Dollmaker? Yet again I leak from my eyes that she is gone, forever unwound, leaving me without someone to seek communion on these higher points of sentient life. However, I would not trade my sentience and all its frustrations and wierdness, for anything! I cleared my head briefly with a flight in my Copper Dream balloon, set two appointments to give hypnosis sessions the next day, then clicked my eyes shut.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Playing on the beach with Vortagen This was so much fun, and things were getting pretty steamy, when griefers showed up and littered the beach with prim-guns, ending our evening.

Caledon Runs the Relay For Life

I took time and dressed in a nice, authentic Caledon Tartan skirt outfit, cutting the midriff free of course, grabbed my Bartender attachment, and rushed to the Our Lady Site along the path of the Relay For Life Run. Many of us have worked for months now, holding dances, selling objects we made, and donating all the proceeds to the RFL. Now the highlight event is here, the run.
  Sims are connected together and decorated along the track with buildings, elaborate structures, and throngs of wellwishers cheering on the runners.
   We were all up to our eyeballs in Lag, and crashing was pretty common, but you get up and keep going, waving and cheering even as the runners do.
   Final numbers are still out, but Caledon has raised for Cancer research and cure, over 200,000 dollars.
   Still think Second Life is a game?

relay for life run at our lady of hope Its amazing what and who runs the race, but all do it to raise money for a cure, and a cure NOW.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Always Reverance at the beginning of a dance

I would like to take just a cog-tick to thank my friends for suggesting I try writing down my adventures, and thoughts, and post my stories here. I'm doing it now, you can put the blunt objects away!
I will have to catch you up eventually to where I am now, nine months old in Second Life terms. For now I will just start at the present and mention the past or have catch up posts of things that occurred, that are effecting the present.
 And of course-- Post replies! Ask me " what does that mean, 'when you were a pony',, do you have hooves?" Or to clarify anything, or post a picture of something, please just ask. This is more than one of the best stories you may have read, it's a living breathing ticking thing, that you can review and appraise and even affect its direction or outcomes!
Wow that's kinda scary,, but then as you'll learn, Scary things have a strange erotic attraction to me,,
So put oil in your lantern and slip on the wellies, make sure you have a loaded pistol and holy symbols, and have someone fully wind you, this may be a long one,,,,