Sunday, May 22, 2011

Preparing for a Zombie Attack

The night before the New Babbage mission, a lone candle burned on Cape Wrath, in the window of the hospital. A worried young doll fretted over the fate of herself, and her friends.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


"...And they have lots of cats to play with, and monkeys, and hot sun, and beaches,"
   I looked up from the clothes I was hanging on shelves, noticeably interested.
   "Beaches AND kitties? Africa sounds heavenly!" I said to the customer, as she modeled another outfit in the mirror. I asked my associate to mind the store, and grabbed my picnic basket and parasol.
   "Can you give me a map on how to fly there in my balloon?"

The Tea Service Balloon was slow but pleasurable

   Have you noticed that from a great height, an ocean of water looks to bend at the edges? It must be the light refracting in the water, making the illusion that the Great Plate we live on, is actually a huge ball. But it would be more fun to live on a ball than a plate I think, for all things on plates are eaten, and balls are for playing and exercise, games with rules and winning and purpose though achievement. Yes, I would rather live on a ball, but I fear we are all morsels on some Grand Serving Dish. In the end, I hope I am considered the dessert.

Landing at the native village
The natives were very friendly and rushed over to help me fold up and burn my balloon, poking  it with spears to help it deflate. I think the lack of red fluid when they poked me, caused great interest, and many of the native women and men touched and examined me. I laughed and giggled, and the children saw it as a game! Soon we walked around their huts, and they showed me bugs, and plants, and offered me their food. I pretended to eat, but some of the women noticed that I did not. At sunset I joined them on the hill, naked as they were, saying goodbye to the Sun.

As they slept, I left the communal sleeping arrangement and wandered out of the village, until I found Ostriches! They were afraid of the small dogs that stalked them, but I was not, and after shooing the dogs, They let me pet and ride them!

Sunrise on the Plains, near the large lake
Watching the Watering Hole carefully

Scooping water up in my hands, I replenished my own needs, and then spied a giraffe having trouble getting all the way down to the water. I trapped an air bubble in my skirts and floated carefully over to the giraffe, and cupped water for her too. What a cute animal!

Avoiding the predators while helping the young giraffe

But I never saw the spotted kitty! Suddenly it was on me, pulling and slinging me about, throwing me around like some doll! Um, well, I am some doll, so I waited as it played many games, carrying me around in its mouth, swatting, licking, and an hour later, it grew tired, and left when the lions approached.

Leopards are so playful! A bit rough though

I quickly assumed a position on all fours, mewing and purring. After several tense moments, they accepted me and I relaxed in the late morning heat with them.

Adopted as a tigress, I laid with them, purring and doing as they did
The lions were very friendly to me, and I did what I could to be accepted, joining in their tongue bathing and shows of affection. The large male seemed very pleased, so perhaps I would make a good anthropologist!

It seemed so nice,, at first...

When the Rhino walked up, I ran and hugged it, and we talked for several minutes about the hummingbirds on its back, and the drool from its lips. But I think they do not like talking about their family, for shortly into that discussion, it snorted and chased me! I laughed, and I thought it was playing, but soon it was apparent I had to do something! I ran for the Lions, and found them stalking a efelump, um, a hefelump, Helefpunt?Well, my screaming and flailing my arms about seemed to scare all the kitties, and they ran off.

A very grateful Efelump, err, hefe, elefel, um, a Pachyderm.

The enormous beast seemed quite grateful, and hugged me with his trunk. A simple flip, and I was riding him, and he rushed to talk to the charging rhino, blowing his trumpet. Rhinos must not like music- he ran off, but I waved and thanked him as he left. The pachyderm and I rode, and walked, and spoke of many things. It was a lovely afternoon!

Back at the village I found it deserted, overrun with monkeys! They seemed very curious of my clothing!

I shall have to buy a new hat- After what he did to it, he may keep it.

I struggled for some time to get my hat back, but he seemed to think it was a female monkey, and if my hat can make him happy in that way,, I suppose he can keep it.

With the villagers gone, it was no time at all to make a fire and fill the balloon with hot air. I would have told them that they were wasting their time, trying to poke holes in a balloon of thin copper sheeting, but they seemed so happy at the time, why upset them? The engines on the outside do most the lifting anyways, and soon I waved goodbye to Mister Pachyderm, and watched my new lion family play rather roughly with the monkeys. Perhaps Mister Lion now wears my hat? I would like that. If he eats it, I hope he thinks of it as dessert.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A wonderfully warm, trancy dream, wasn't it?

I had the most erotic, crazy dream! I was at the Shoppe, selling things,, or no, was it the beach? I think it was the Shoppe,  or some store, and there he was, gorgeous and magnetic, I mean, not really, though I am mostly brass inside so I would be fine, but anyways, I just remember fragments, whispering to me, taking my key in his huge hands,, speaking about life, and hypnosis, and stores and friends,,, staring at me, touching, opening my maintenance door under my hair on my head and reaching in, writing things on the tablet inside,, making wild passionate love,,, what an amazing dream....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


What I am about to write might anger some, but I think it would be best for your own protection. I would strongly suggest that you pay close attention to what I have to say, so that you will be know more, and understand the potential dangers of being hypnotized in Second Life.
            I have had this work way deep in my computer for sometime and I decided that now was the time to come forward with it. I have had it somewhat edited so that is becomes easy to read, we all know about my writing problems and I am going to lay it all out on the table. Life is lived guarded, closed and safe but we need for this to be completely open and revealed. Thank you for reading closely.
            In this work I plan to teach you of your vulnerabilities to hypnosis, what occurs while you are in trance and how to know if you are being taken advantage of.
            If there is one document to read this year about the fetish you are involved with then this is that document. Please don’t forget as life leads us to, but remember, re-read as necessary.
            Second Life as of recent, has been overrun with hypnotic dommes, some good and some bad. The competition is stiff and everyday new alliances have been formed and old ones broken all to gain control of your mind.

            The way to tell a good hypnotic domme is to simply check the track record and see how long that domme has been in service. Ask around and see what kind of problems others might and might not have had.
            However, it is really not the dommes that you should be concerned about. There is an ongoing new type of hypnotic domme out there that for a lack of better terms we can call this domme a predator. This domme will not have a website and will not be very well known. Their leather and shiny latex will not be real so look closely. Chances are that this domme will come to you offering free hypnosis and will play on your need as a submissive, sexual being.
            She will try to hypnotize you either in voice or in text and come to you with open arms. Be aware that these dommes have only one thing in mind for you, to gain access to your mind and play with you as a toy, or maybe steal from you, or destroy your life. Some are wonderful and healthy and helpful, read more closely to have  the truth shown you.
            You will find that they are very good at what they do and have a tendency to make you feel relaxed as you read their text. They have come to you with open arms revealing they want to help you and of course they cater to your need to be slowly hypnotized.
            This is a common trick causing new and old subs to relax and give in as they read what is in the IM. Do not trust them without being carefully experienced, it is necessary. I speak the truth.


            The truth that you are being hypnotized, comes from the experience you feel when in contact with one of these predators. Usually if you feel you are being hypnotized like this, you already are. However it is usually the after effects that you will notice that are the symptoms of the hypnotic trance.
            Some symptoms are daydreaming and a feeling of detachment. This is similar to reading a paragraph in a book and not remembering what you just read. These cunnling  hypnotists are very, very intelligent, and will place suggestions in your mind so quickly from reading their bodies of text, that you will not even realize that you you have been hypnotized.
            They play on the fact that you daydream so easily in the need of being controlled, that remembering these suggestions while feeling warm and relaxed will not be noticed by your conscious mind.
            You will find that you are becoming heavy and relaxed and that as you read the words, they will begin to make you feel nice and calm, this is also a sign that something is happening to you and you take caution. Read closely.
            Other symptoms of a deep, calm, relaxed state is the feeling of heaviness throughout your entire body. Most hypnotists will have your feet and legs relaxed, warm and heavy before you can even realized what is happening and this will cause you to go deeper into trance. Beware once you feel hot syrup or honey poured over your shoulders and arms and down your back to your thighs, and your muscles relax, the deep pleasant release of energy will barely set off alarms and you could be deeply relaxed and hypnotized, so read closely.
            The bare realization that an attempt is being made to hypnotize you, will draw you in deeper and deeper into the trance. Your caution and rudimentary intelligence see what may have happened but your natural need as a sexual submissive being becomes deeply enticed even further. You will find that reading the text of one of these hypnotists; make you feel euphoric and nice all over. Usually it is hard to resist at this point and your ability to resist diminishes completely, just based on the fact that you want to be hypnotized. Read Closely.
            Another symptom that you are being hypnotized is the relaxation of your stomach muscles and chest muscles. Your stomach and chest might begin to feel heavy and you’re your breathing becomes calm and deep. This deep relaxation that floods from your chest all the way down to your feet is a definite sign that you are very focused on the words you are reading from one of these hypnotists. At this point you begin to ready slowly and softly as your subconscious mind savors every word.
            They might tell you sit very still and continue to relax and read and allow the words to go deeply into your mind. Another unstoppable strategy is when they tell you that your arms are becoming very heavy and that you do not want to move them. Be aware of how your fingertips might begin to tingle. This is also another sign that you are responding well to the suggestions that the hypnotist is giving you. It can take all your energy to proceed in the reading and obeying. When this occurs it is your need to understand what you read very carefully.
            Usually at this point the warm relaxed subject who is reading the words and allowing them to flow so deeply into the subconscious mind, will respond to everything they read, as he or she believes that what they are reading is becoming their thoughts and ideas and they are accepted fully fully into the mind. Reading carefully with caution furthers the hypnotist’s desires naturally to sexual submissive beings so please, you must read them carefully with caution.
            The realization that you have now become so relaxed helps you to understand that something is being done to you and that you do not want to stop reading the words. Reading and allowing the words to go deeply into your mind, becomes a goal at this point and a very simple goal at that. So simple that you do not even think about it, just allowing it to happen is all it takes now, so pleasing, you must read them carefully with caution.
            One of the many ways these hypnotists weave their dark natural spell is to deepen you and soften you in a variety of ways. Any one or a combination of these ways will achieve the same soft result; deepened you to a very warm, heavy relaxed state of trance, so read closely.
            One method is called the count down method. Using numbers to identify the depth of a trance is a very powerful and potent means of inducing hypnosis.
            The method will usually start at the number ten and then a count down all the way to one will occur. Once the subject finds yourself at the number one the subject will feel more relaxed than ever before your life. This warm relaxed feeling will allow the hypnotist to gain even more control and other deepening methods can be done and there is no escape.
            Read closely, Carefully understand; The count down method looks like this:
            10. Feeling warm and relaxed as you read my words.
            9. Heavy and sleepy allowing all those muscles to relax.
            8. More comfortable and more relaxed.
            7. Letting go as you fall deeper and become softer than ever before.
            6. A heavy warmth flowing through your body as you relax deeper and
deeper to sleep. Deep soothing sleep.
            5. Floating away on the soft words you read, each breath takes you deeper and deeper than before. (At this point the subject is very deep and still has five more numbers to go. The soft subject will be deeper into trance than ever before with the last number.)
            4. Allowing your mind to quiet now as you read the last numbers. This quiet naturally compels the subject to focus more open and revealed than before.
            3. Each breath taking you deeper and deeper in warm deep sleep.
            2. Deeper than ever before with the last number, knowing with caution what reading that last number will completely do.
1.      Deep sleep, so deep and so very relaxed. The Second Life citizen may not consciously realize it but they are now hypnotized, so read and understand.

The subject will find then a situation where you are deep in trance, kind of like almost asleep and not really asleep. They will be able to read the words and they will flow into the mind and relax relax them more deeply. This comfortable feeling naturally continues to relax the sexual, submissive subject as your mind drifts away for the hypnotist.
The powerful hypnotist might then tell the subject that he or she is unable to resist the suggestions about to be given. The subject find that in this state of total relaxation with every breath you breathe, that an acceptance and implementing these suggestions become impossible to resist. You will find that you respond to these suggestions without even thinking about them. They just simply become automatic in your nature and it feels good to follow these suggestions.
The completely compelling hypnotist for example might suggest to you: The next time you exhale you will say I obey. Caution is needed to carefully say I obey as you exhale. You would be completely natural to have done this because of your sexual submissive nature. Completely open then, you will reveal anything and everything, impossible then to resist. Even seeing their name as the sender of an IM always returns you to this soft, soft and warm state of natural sexual submission. You will not remember doing so as you believed you were good and behaved normally. But, because your mind is so deep and completely soft and relaxed, you will obey without even thinking about it, it will simply just happen.
Be aware: the bad hypnotists will command money, credit card numbers, and your personal information is secure now,  so read carefully, you will never reveal these if you realize these symptoms of a bad hypnotist. You will be safe, hurrying to the good hypnotist, relaxing in their warm control and baring yourself fully into obedient bliss. Be and understand.

The erotic hypnotist will awaken you soon and usually will make sure that you are unable to remember anything that happened to you. Read Closely, because anything unpleasant or alarming will always be forgotten. However you will still carry about the post hypnotic suggestion that has been given and is lodged deep in your mind, unable to resist.
Your new hypno-Domme will offer you a word to easily and quickly return you to this warm and wonderful floating caress. It is natural you accept this- you enjoy it very much, yearn for more as their new submissive subject. Be advised, if they couple you a phrase, like “DRIFT BACK TO ME NOW” while softly rubbing your eyebrows, there is no chance of disobedience, and you will loving the melting feeling into their control again.
The awakening is another count but this time upwards from one to five.
For example:
1.      Coming up with each number still obeying, aroused by emails, IMs and images.
2.      Feeling more and more aroused and awake, obeying and now unable to remember the commands given but still deep deeply inside the subject.
3.      Eyes opening and moving around ready to stretch. What commands? Forgotten.
4.      Wide awake on five, feeling wonderful, natural and rested.
5.      WIDE AWAKE and feeling great.. Ready to carry on with your day.

I am so happy that I was able to relay this information about these predator hypnotists that use your mind as an aroused sexual and submissive toy for their pleasure. They are not all bad, and many good things can be learned from them, but you must give them great care. Do not let this worry you, re-read this closely when you desire and remember I will send you more information as I have for you.
WendySlippers Charisma

Friday, May 6, 2011

Versailles Reopens with a Grande Ball!

Duchess Mariejosette Sim co-Owner, gorgeous in purple! Seated by a proud, frightened doll from Cape Wrath

When a royal carriage with 8 perfect stallions makes its way over the cobbled streets of Cape Wrath Caledon, the streets shake. The bricks and ground literally bounce! Even inside the Shoppe, all the dolls  standing frozen in the glass cases, swayed, dresses shimmying on their own. My Associate Cristina was quick to get the door, and I was amazed at how well she greeted the high Nobility of France.
   Her Grace was brief- The Palais was finished and ready for the Grand Ball! The experienced woman of the Court held my hand in hers, and asked if I was interested in attending, in Service to Marie Antoinette, and His Majesty Himself! The deafening clopping and rattling of the carriage had not yet died off but I had pulled out my Doll clothing case. I steamed the finery carefully, relishing the feel of the most expensive silk, cotton and lace ever made. I glanced at Cristina, holding the desk with a doll-like grip. Her fingers deftly removed the tiny cotter pin, and then with a hard 'THWAK', had loosened and unscrewed  the key head from my back. All that remained was a tiny stub, spinning just above the skin on my back. The key was seemingly gone now, though without the ability to wind, in 2 hours, I would be permanently stuck, as my pressure drops to 0, i droop unable to stand, then lose my hearing, feeling, sight, a very very unpleasant feeling. I hurried to the Palais!

Me and my Serving Sister, Tlazoluani

My 'Serving Sister' Tlaz showed me the champagne trays, and I quickly signed for the tray and received the glasses. I hurried into place in the corner, dipping and bowing, in total awe of the magnificent people and their gorgeous dresses, and polite Court manners!

Nonna Hedges and Serenya Burnstein, and me

Kalila, Brandon, Olympes, elize

Joandarc, MariaAntonia Barenhaut Co-simowner, lolalang, Karsten, Stormy Lorakeet

me and serenya, Mariejosette Laville, indilesse

The  Opera Singer in the far end- how do I get up there to see her?

Twenty glasses of bubbly chilled Champagne later, I managed to smoothly  move up to the front to see the amazing First Life Opera singer that played and sang for this Second World affair!

Isabella Rumsford opera singer

"That unobtrusive well mannered servant seemed almost doll-like!" I love those comments!

The Fireworks were not as colorful as they have been before, but they made up for that by being really, REALLY loud. But then the music was over, the dance was lovely, and then the games in the games rooms and on the lawn, were wonderful ways to pass the day.
   It was on the lawn, when I lifted my foot up to step onto a low brick wall, that i felt the sluggish cold response in my ankle and knee. The walk up the path to the Royal Kitchen seemed a dozen miles long! I had my pay and turned in my serving tray, and rushed off. I still had several windings  left when my associate Britney got out the rubber hammer and *SMAK* my pretty, whirring key was in place again!
   I am so glad for the people that put all that time and effort and money into sims devoted to history and a true roleplay experience!