Thursday, May 19, 2011


"...And they have lots of cats to play with, and monkeys, and hot sun, and beaches,"
   I looked up from the clothes I was hanging on shelves, noticeably interested.
   "Beaches AND kitties? Africa sounds heavenly!" I said to the customer, as she modeled another outfit in the mirror. I asked my associate to mind the store, and grabbed my picnic basket and parasol.
   "Can you give me a map on how to fly there in my balloon?"

The Tea Service Balloon was slow but pleasurable

   Have you noticed that from a great height, an ocean of water looks to bend at the edges? It must be the light refracting in the water, making the illusion that the Great Plate we live on, is actually a huge ball. But it would be more fun to live on a ball than a plate I think, for all things on plates are eaten, and balls are for playing and exercise, games with rules and winning and purpose though achievement. Yes, I would rather live on a ball, but I fear we are all morsels on some Grand Serving Dish. In the end, I hope I am considered the dessert.

Landing at the native village
The natives were very friendly and rushed over to help me fold up and burn my balloon, poking  it with spears to help it deflate. I think the lack of red fluid when they poked me, caused great interest, and many of the native women and men touched and examined me. I laughed and giggled, and the children saw it as a game! Soon we walked around their huts, and they showed me bugs, and plants, and offered me their food. I pretended to eat, but some of the women noticed that I did not. At sunset I joined them on the hill, naked as they were, saying goodbye to the Sun.

As they slept, I left the communal sleeping arrangement and wandered out of the village, until I found Ostriches! They were afraid of the small dogs that stalked them, but I was not, and after shooing the dogs, They let me pet and ride them!

Sunrise on the Plains, near the large lake
Watching the Watering Hole carefully

Scooping water up in my hands, I replenished my own needs, and then spied a giraffe having trouble getting all the way down to the water. I trapped an air bubble in my skirts and floated carefully over to the giraffe, and cupped water for her too. What a cute animal!

Avoiding the predators while helping the young giraffe

But I never saw the spotted kitty! Suddenly it was on me, pulling and slinging me about, throwing me around like some doll! Um, well, I am some doll, so I waited as it played many games, carrying me around in its mouth, swatting, licking, and an hour later, it grew tired, and left when the lions approached.

Leopards are so playful! A bit rough though

I quickly assumed a position on all fours, mewing and purring. After several tense moments, they accepted me and I relaxed in the late morning heat with them.

Adopted as a tigress, I laid with them, purring and doing as they did
The lions were very friendly to me, and I did what I could to be accepted, joining in their tongue bathing and shows of affection. The large male seemed very pleased, so perhaps I would make a good anthropologist!

It seemed so nice,, at first...

When the Rhino walked up, I ran and hugged it, and we talked for several minutes about the hummingbirds on its back, and the drool from its lips. But I think they do not like talking about their family, for shortly into that discussion, it snorted and chased me! I laughed, and I thought it was playing, but soon it was apparent I had to do something! I ran for the Lions, and found them stalking a efelump, um, a hefelump, Helefpunt?Well, my screaming and flailing my arms about seemed to scare all the kitties, and they ran off.

A very grateful Efelump, err, hefe, elefel, um, a Pachyderm.

The enormous beast seemed quite grateful, and hugged me with his trunk. A simple flip, and I was riding him, and he rushed to talk to the charging rhino, blowing his trumpet. Rhinos must not like music- he ran off, but I waved and thanked him as he left. The pachyderm and I rode, and walked, and spoke of many things. It was a lovely afternoon!

Back at the village I found it deserted, overrun with monkeys! They seemed very curious of my clothing!

I shall have to buy a new hat- After what he did to it, he may keep it.

I struggled for some time to get my hat back, but he seemed to think it was a female monkey, and if my hat can make him happy in that way,, I suppose he can keep it.

With the villagers gone, it was no time at all to make a fire and fill the balloon with hot air. I would have told them that they were wasting their time, trying to poke holes in a balloon of thin copper sheeting, but they seemed so happy at the time, why upset them? The engines on the outside do most the lifting anyways, and soon I waved goodbye to Mister Pachyderm, and watched my new lion family play rather roughly with the monkeys. Perhaps Mister Lion now wears my hat? I would like that. If he eats it, I hope he thinks of it as dessert.

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  1. I love this post. What a wonderful adventure.