Monday, June 18, 2012

At the SL9B Exhibit; for the Second Life 9th AnniversaryBeth's picture of her and I prominently displayed for all, as a representation of Caledon. I am SOO PROUD my eyes are leaking!

Foreman buys a Haru

I know, it sounds like a great new book by Theodore Geisel! but it was in fact a wonderful trip on which my friend Foreman took me. I learned a lot about cars in Second Life, and I saw some gorgeous ones!
He called me to meet him, and my little balloon takes its own sweet time, but when I got there, I was in awe at the large mall of auto accessories, clothing (yes, I will own some race car clothing!) and then motorcycles and cars at the Haru store!

I did my best not to seem to much like the Stepford doll, acting occasionally like I understood what he was saying, but if I puzzled it together properly, he said that all parts can be chosen separately or as packages,  so pick your rims, etc. He also mentioned that Haru has a way with its scripting that makes it quite fast.
How exciting it must be to see the delivery truck pull up with your new car!

They make so many different types of car they have two enormous floors filled, and I was certain they would not have anything I liked,, not the right style,

OK, they had style,, and detail. Every major sports car design was there, from the old Ferrari two-seaters to the brand new Hayate,  but probably not my favorite color!

The Hayate, in dusty rose,,,ohmycog,,,,,

The detail was so amazing close up it changed my mind about cars in SL

The FAM- cute and sporty with numerous animations spots  on the car

This pose spot rezzes a water ring for you! Comes with matching luggage!
At 2500L, I guess it is not too expensive, considering the cars have numerous pose spots on them, multiple sounds, animations for entering and exiting, and several sitting animations,  but I was still not sure about driving them...
   Then,, he saw it,, and fell in love, , , , ,
Haru has its own racetracks above the ground level

The poses were fun!

ladies, buy him one. It did things for him the purple pill never could...

Driving it was a little tricky- at least 8 gears, you use the pgUp and Dn keys, WSAD or your mouse for steering. at 8 it was so fast I was playing bumper cars, but Foreman was quite accomplished!

The cost for me is a little prohibitive, at 100L for a 30 minute relaxation trance, i have to perform 25 of them to own one, on top of paying rent on the shoppe, but mmmm, they are nice! and Haru is by no means the only quality designer of autos! Shop! Compare! Haru allows you to rezz a temporary car which disappears  when you exit, which allows you to get the feel of it while driving. I am certain the others do as well.
   There are numerous driving clubs, just like bike gangs, they get together and drive together, and race on tracks all over the Metaverse!
   So instead of getting that freebie car, save a little, and get ready to be busy on those sleepy afternoons, and get a driving experience that looks, sounds, drives, the way you really want!