Sunday, March 27, 2011

Short Story- Conventions

I sat my luggage down after a weekender in Caledon, seeing the sights and museums. The hotel life of strange remote controls and people allowed in my room provoked this story.
it is Adult, MC, TF, and possibly NSFW. If opposed to such stories or not old enough  for them then you should stop and find other fun venues, don't you think?
Kate exited the elevator on her floor, tired but pleased. It had been a good convention trip. Expensive heels sunk into the hallway carpet, and she sat her briefcase down for a moment, unbuttoning her blazer to pull the thin door key from its pocket.  Her eyes glanced at the door propped open, the sign on her doorknob that said "Excuse us, cleaning", and a thin smile played on her lips.
   The businesswoman stepped in her suite to find on her bed, what appeared to be a naked porn star writhing, letting light sighs escape to the air as she pleasured herself.
   "Well, what is this?" She sat her briefcase on the dresser and popped the two spring catches, loudly. The sweaty young woman looked up in a daze, speaking with a slight accent.
   "I,, sorry miss I,, was cleaning,,"
   The business woman tugged her blazer off and stuck the hanger into it, nodding.
   "And then you decided to watch a little television, didn't you?" Kate smirked.
   The young model wiped her matted hair from her face with a long fingernail, looking around. Spying the familiar black control, she quickly picked it up and pointed it at the television.
   "Yeah, I just,,," she pressed the green button where the "On" usually is. Her eyes rolled back, body trembling, as if having a small epileptic seizure.
   Kate laughed. She unzipped her skirt and hung it with the blazer, then removed her blouse and folded it, putting it gently in her luggage. In with it went the heels and stockings, the business suit zipped into the garment bag. By the time Kate had finished undressing and packing for her early checkout tomorrow, the glistening sex model laid spent and exhausted, smiling as if having endured hours of mind numbing orgasms.
   "You won't need this anymore." The ex-cleaning lady barely reflexed her hand as Kate took the strange control, pressing several buttons on it, then placing it into her briefcase with the other demonstration models she had taken to the Science Expo. She counted quickly.
   "Only four left, my, this was a very good convention." Kate returned to the bed, running a hand down the woman's sweaty neck, over her breast which seemed now even rounder than they had been a moment ago.
   "Listen to me,, how many times do you think you hit the button on that remote control?" Her finger played on the nipple of the dizzy woman, who's only reaction was to look up, smiling.
   "Fff, four? Mmm, that nice,, that feel good."
   Kate spoke like to a child, in a soft pleasant voice. "Four, well then you may not even remember your own name, do you? try hard for me baby."
   The transformed cleaning lady in the new pornstar body  looked up, almost thoughtful, but closed her eyes with a moan of pleasure as Kate lifted and rolled her large firm boob.
   "Name,,, Mmm,,,,"
   Kate noted the firmness, size, sensitivity responses. She did need another demonstrator for her tables at the sales shows...
   "Never mind baby,, we'll give you a much nicer name,, now you get to play with a few more toys of mine,, won't that be fun?" 
   The woman on the bed frowned with a look of worry, as if something far far down in her bimbotized mind was trying to warn her, but she forgot all worry, arching her back as Kate's hand caressed down her tummy.
   Kate smiled; it had been a very good convention trip.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The recent shortage of regular street urchins in New babbage streets worried a few citizens, who set out in a search party. Days later the search party was missing, and the Royal Caledonian Search and Rescue Squadron was notified by "D" himself!
   I confess I was excited as the Commander, Zoe Connolly read off our orders. Lt Commanders Crono Kreegan and Cornelius Fanshaw seemed seasoned to this sort of thing, but I admit my cogs ticked loud and my knees shook! The thought of a dozen Babbage Steamlanders missing, maybe hurt,, I simply had to help!

The RCAF Search and Rescue Team gathered at New Babbage cemetary

It was Cornelius that spotted it first. Puffing on his pipe, he pointed to a crypt in New Babbage cemetary as he called us around. the lid was slid ajar. It would have been shut except it was jammed open by a man's boot. I unscrewed my index finger to shine a light into the hollow- it was a tunnel! Stairs led into a dark stone passage,, the smell of dead animals, and smoke came from the hole.  Cdr. Connolly nodded silently, pulling her fancy pistol. Everyone nodded back, quietly readying themselves.

Commander Zoe Connolly, level headed, tenacious,, great strategic mind

me- Tommy Guns are such a good way to give a lead injection!

Commander Cornelius Fanshaw, So cool under duress, such a proper Victorian man!

At the bottom of the slippery mossy steps, we found one of the search crew. The poor person was already seriously rotted and decayed- what could advance the bio-rusting so quickly?

The rotted corpse has dirt over the decayed flesh on feet- how could the rotting dead walk?

The Commanders inspected the cave as I tried in vain to wind,, I mean revive,, the corpse
I got out a Stim-Pak which has been known to jump-start a human even after they've been unwound,, I mean dead,, for hours. But there was no hope for this poor woman. Her situation confuses me though. Her finger was still on the trigger of the shotgun- she had shot her own head. The blast broke the weapon free of her grip and it and finger were beside her. Her flesh was decayed, but there was dirt on her feet, over the flesh- so how did a decayed corpse walk on feet, and shoot herself? Even worse was the strange message in blood, smeared and written by her own left hand- "HELP ME",, The commanders signaled me to join them,, they had found the tunnel.
   Deep below I heard groans and sounds of pain! "We have to hurry! They are groaning and hurt!" I was held back though by the calm and collected Commander Fanshaw. "Those are moans, my Dear. Quite a different thing from groans."

The Commanders moved in formation, so well trained!

We neared the sounds of the people, when suddenly the Commanders erupted in gunfire! I rushed forth, kneeling to be careful of their own bullets, when I saw for my first time, ZOMBIES!

From in front, the side, behind,, The dead walk, and attack!
I crouched in shock, as bullets ricocheted off of stone walls, and moaning bloody corpses exploded! I was showered in decayed entrails, and when I had stopped shrieking and picking off the wet intestines, I saw Commander Connolly, held fast by a zombie chewing on her neck and shoulder! The others were shooting down other paths, literally blocking the passages with bullets, nobody could save her! She would be like that human squishy at the entrance!
   My gauntlet weapons were smoking, out of ammo. It seemed I had emptied all I had into the zombie, who now lay motionless. So did the Commander!  I pounced on her muscular frame, jabbing a Stim-Pak and Anti-Viral-Anti-Bacterial pak into her, at both sides of her neck. The syringes made a 'hisss' as they auto injected, and her eyes snapped open immediately!  I sighed. Before we could exchange a word though, she had reloaded her fancy pistol. I aim and hope to hit something with a clip full of bullets,, Zoe decides which eye she's going to take out- big difference! I was so glad she was still alive, and not one of those,,
I wondered now,, was this what I was, before I became sentient? I mean after all, are not they really just, Meat-Dolls?

The fighting lasted for hours,, down one corridor, into another,, sliding down wet landslides and holes in cavern floors,, When Commander Kreegan found a floor passage with light at the end! We landed in an enormous cavern. Black robed humans called Harvesters rushed us!
  I ran to them, First Aid bag in hand, and two of them grabbed me, chanting.
"NOW YOUR SOUL IS FORFEIT!"  Their magical circles played around my body, then dissipated. They looked at each other puzzled, then slumped into the dark pool of water around us. Crono and Zoe held smoking pistols, and laughed.
   "Guess they never tried to suck the soul of a Clank!"
   I laughed, the first time I have been happy to be called that word!
   Crono looked at me matronly, quite out of character for her. She and Zoe spoke to me while Cornelius inspected the dark water filled cave.
   "Wendy,, don't think of it as killing. These things are already dead. The only way to heal them, make them better,, is to blow them apart and set them to rest."
   Something in my brain clicked, like a cog shifting into another gear. "You mean,, lead medicine?"
   They smiled something of a knowing glance to each other, then reloaded their weapons. I was handed a weapon called a Tommy Gun, which since, I have found I like quite a bit, as it gives wonderfully accurate lead medicine. I healed many of the poor Meat-dolls, which had previously been street urchins, sewer dwellers, homeless, and the search party that had gone missing.

Cornelius found a huge obelisk, and statue! He was afraid to touch it though, perhaps because of the harvester looking spell around it. It did not bother me though, so Crono deciphered the words on the ancient scroll, while I took rubbings of the obelisk symbols, and a sample of the water and sand in the room.
Who knew Crono Could Read Cthulhu-ese?

I did rubbings, Crono translated the scroll, Zoe and Cornelius interrogated a Priest
I finished the sigil rubbings in my sketch book, filling every page with the rubbed symbols, bottom to top, left to right, NESW sides in that order. The Commanders caught and interrogated a Cthulhu priest who was quite arrogant and said very impolite things which I am sure are untrue, since he could not possibly know Zoe, or her parents or their marital status upon conception.
   In the end, he did say things we needed to know, but the sad, sick meat-dolls flooded the room, and we  climbed Commander Fanshaw's rope and ran back up and out that hideous, horrible subterranean lair. This time, I was part of their formation, and though I would never wish to do such a thing again, if needed, I am much less afraid, and think this time, I may not even faint. I surely would not want my fellow members of the Search and Rescue Squadron going into such a place without my medical aid, or my immunity to Harvester soul spells. More and more, I am finding my true light and worth, and a place for me in this world. It just took going somewhere horribly dark to see it's illumination.


Friday, March 11, 2011

OOC-If you reported me to Google or might

((If anything i do offends you, PLEASE tell me before reporting me- wouldn't you want the same courtesy? Google sent this today:
Please be advised that we have recently received reports that inappropriate content has been posted to your Picasa Web Albums account. One or more photos displayed in your gallery violates our Program Policies and has been removed.
   So I have no idea how many photos of mine were permanently erased (though it looks like over 50),which ones, or what was offensive, so that I may avoid that in the future. Seeing what was NOT deleted makes me even more confused as to why any was deleted at all.
Though I detest having to change my art or my writing because it may offend someone, I would rather do that personally notified, than be reported, things deleted without knowing what or why, or my account deleted.

This is an adult blog, fantasy, no real people, all the fictitious blobs of digital ink are over legal age *laughs* no pixels were harmed in the making of this work of fiction, and it is NSFW, adult subject matter.

Nobody under legal age or offended by sexual, mature, violent and/or fetish subject matter should read this blog.

Sorry for the downer, kinda bummed by this and trying to protect my art, my story. Imagine writing a book and someone being upset by some things you wrote, and having 50 pages deleted, and not even knowing what they were or what was offensive... Thank you for consideration in the future. ))

Monday, March 7, 2011

I was asked, "What happened to that boy that came in the Hypnotic Shoppe with the Redzone HUD?" 

WATCH AND UNDERSTAND   *eerie doll laughter*

(the Hypnotic Shoppe short film you see here is actually  a Creepy short film from Pixar's Rodrigo Blaas. Truly amazing and talented!)

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Kelsea came running into the shoppe, out of breath and excited. Usually this means she's just trapped someone in the transformation machine, but not this time.
   "Oxbridge University is under attack!"
   My gears stopped for a moment, pressure dropping, and I steadied myself on the front desk. "What's happened, Kelserz?"
   Some psycho named Shooter or something is shooting people there! We need to help them!"
   I took a deep breath and nodded, stepping over to the trick wall.
   "Wendy, how can two dolls save humans?"
   "Dolls can't of course. But Superdolls can!"
   Minutes later in the basement, we donned our metallic outfits, hers merely a foot tall, mine with rockets and a utility belt with LOTS of abilities, like cage rezzing and parcel ejecting, and movelock, and much more. We flew through the air quickly, descending on the university and immediately surrounding the four helpless citizens there.
   OK, they were professors and Deans.
   OK, they had already banned and ejected the criminal.
   CLEARLY, they needed reassuring and calming, so with clockwork precision we showed off our outfits and chatted about the recent dances and parties.
   Minutes later, with everything well in hand, and the land restored to normal, we said goodbye and flew off, rocket boosters leaving a darkened spot on the cobblestones that I will have to scrub tomorrow,,,
   We hid the outfits and wigs, powered down the basement secret lair and sat in the Shoppe lounge, sipping tea with customers. We shared a secret proud smile, for the guests in the store had no idea, they were sitting and chatting with mechanical superheroes, that almost saved Oxbridge!

the Steampunk Superdolly outfit by Mecha, sold at The Hypnotic Shoppe, with some modifications. . . . .

I finished my training and started my first job as a midwife / healer / OB/GYN! working for Astra at the Rose Clinics!