Sunday, March 27, 2011

Short Story- Conventions

I sat my luggage down after a weekender in Caledon, seeing the sights and museums. The hotel life of strange remote controls and people allowed in my room provoked this story.
it is Adult, MC, TF, and possibly NSFW. If opposed to such stories or not old enough  for them then you should stop and find other fun venues, don't you think?
Kate exited the elevator on her floor, tired but pleased. It had been a good convention trip. Expensive heels sunk into the hallway carpet, and she sat her briefcase down for a moment, unbuttoning her blazer to pull the thin door key from its pocket.  Her eyes glanced at the door propped open, the sign on her doorknob that said "Excuse us, cleaning", and a thin smile played on her lips.
   The businesswoman stepped in her suite to find on her bed, what appeared to be a naked porn star writhing, letting light sighs escape to the air as she pleasured herself.
   "Well, what is this?" She sat her briefcase on the dresser and popped the two spring catches, loudly. The sweaty young woman looked up in a daze, speaking with a slight accent.
   "I,, sorry miss I,, was cleaning,,"
   The business woman tugged her blazer off and stuck the hanger into it, nodding.
   "And then you decided to watch a little television, didn't you?" Kate smirked.
   The young model wiped her matted hair from her face with a long fingernail, looking around. Spying the familiar black control, she quickly picked it up and pointed it at the television.
   "Yeah, I just,,," she pressed the green button where the "On" usually is. Her eyes rolled back, body trembling, as if having a small epileptic seizure.
   Kate laughed. She unzipped her skirt and hung it with the blazer, then removed her blouse and folded it, putting it gently in her luggage. In with it went the heels and stockings, the business suit zipped into the garment bag. By the time Kate had finished undressing and packing for her early checkout tomorrow, the glistening sex model laid spent and exhausted, smiling as if having endured hours of mind numbing orgasms.
   "You won't need this anymore." The ex-cleaning lady barely reflexed her hand as Kate took the strange control, pressing several buttons on it, then placing it into her briefcase with the other demonstration models she had taken to the Science Expo. She counted quickly.
   "Only four left, my, this was a very good convention." Kate returned to the bed, running a hand down the woman's sweaty neck, over her breast which seemed now even rounder than they had been a moment ago.
   "Listen to me,, how many times do you think you hit the button on that remote control?" Her finger played on the nipple of the dizzy woman, who's only reaction was to look up, smiling.
   "Fff, four? Mmm, that nice,, that feel good."
   Kate spoke like to a child, in a soft pleasant voice. "Four, well then you may not even remember your own name, do you? try hard for me baby."
   The transformed cleaning lady in the new pornstar body  looked up, almost thoughtful, but closed her eyes with a moan of pleasure as Kate lifted and rolled her large firm boob.
   "Name,,, Mmm,,,,"
   Kate noted the firmness, size, sensitivity responses. She did need another demonstrator for her tables at the sales shows...
   "Never mind baby,, we'll give you a much nicer name,, now you get to play with a few more toys of mine,, won't that be fun?" 
   The woman on the bed frowned with a look of worry, as if something far far down in her bimbotized mind was trying to warn her, but she forgot all worry, arching her back as Kate's hand caressed down her tummy.
   Kate smiled; it had been a very good convention trip.


  1. Ooh! Lovely story, Wendy dear! And what lesson have we learned kiddies? Be careful what buttons you press.

  2. Yes it's a wonderfully comfortable and erotic tale. One which is stimulating without being frightening. An alternative lesson to the one above might be....push as many buttons as you may? Who can ever predict which ones you might miss? Who then would be the poorer for the loss of experience and sensation? Purrrrrs!