Thursday, December 30, 2010

My End of Year Physical

A playful 3 headed Dragon

I was in the back yard of the shoppe yesterday, playing with a lively 3 headed dragon, when I got an Aether message from a friend- well, kind of a friend, well, I knew their name kinda, from heresay, but i was sure they were friendly!
"Congratulations on your first Rezzday- Please report to the following address for your routine end of year physical. Wear loose clothing and come alone."

   Why, the time alloted me was right that very minute! It was a milestone- called by my first doctor! Having never lived a whole year before, this human ritual completely escaped me! What a Ditz Doll I am sometimes!
   I quickly grabbed a handbag which matched my shoes perfectly, threw my usual things in it and ran up the steps to the Public Airship Transport platform. The wind was a bit stiff and chilly, and I regretted wearing the capri style pants, but the sweater was warm enough to protect my joints. Minutes later I was there, at my assigned clinic. The dark brick steps down into the sub-cellar facility had a wonderfully steampunk antique quality, and I may have been genuinely frightened by its "Hammer Horror" exterior, if I didn't know it was a perfectly harmless health clinic.

The large damp, cavernous room was lit by many blinking and beeping machines, and most of my fears were alleviated by their hospital sounds and the soothing trickle of water off the rough hewn granite walls.

"You may sit your things there. When ready, lie on the steel tray at the end of the machine."

   The familiar voice seemed impatient, so I set my bag down and leapt upon the exam table with a flawed, but technically correct Pas De Chat. I partially hoped my form and crisp execution would show the doctor my fine health and shorten my stay, but I guess humans do not benefit from such actions, and I comitted this knowledge to memory as the cold metal board pulled me into the vibrating machine. Areas of my body warmed as the intense light rays heated wherever the elusive physician directed. His words were a bit cryptic and I made mental note to study my medical journals harder, to better understand.

   "Ahh, your life support is operational"..., "Internal controls unlocked, adjusting internal fluid volume and PH balance"..., "Lactation potential far exceeds requirement,, perfect"..., Initiating the Pentathate gas"...

   I giggled to myself, well, not too loudly anyways, feeling quite pleased to be making the doctor happy. For the first time of many, I hope, I felt what 'Bios' must feel, when a doctor tells them they seem generally in good health! I giggled again, and then took a brief nap, as the man's deep sexy voice echoed in my head.

   "2, and 3. Wake  and obey. Let us continue your physical."

   I rubbed my eyes and yawned, hoping he didn't see my nipples poking up in my sweater. There's just something about doctors, policemen, the way they stand, their sexy outfits, the way they tell you to wake and obey, it really winds my key!

   I looked around for the doctor to see if he was anywhere near as sexy as his voice, but I guess I just missed him again. I have often heard humans say they had trouble seeing their doctors so this must be normal. I carried my small bundle of folded clothing, sweater and shoes, hose and undies into the next room and sat them on the rock at the entrance to the room. Hm,, when did I take my clothes off and fold them? Well, anyways, the grotto-shaped laboratory was steamy, dimly lit, I guess to relax people. It made me a bit on edge honestly but I felt compelled to do well at my first physical. I stepped in the center of the room and held my arms out, standing in a nearly perfect 'second position'.

A twinkle of vaporous green orbs materialized near me, swirling like a glowing mist until a thick muscular tendril gave me a careful, but firm serpentine hug. I laughed nervously as many identical appendages coalesced from the green hazy air. A droning sound filled the uneasy silence, making me pleasantly tingle and a bit numb in the head. However, I have also been known to feel that way after just one glass of Moscato D' Asti. I wished for such a glass just then, my mouth a bit dry from the ever-building worry I experienced.

 I was amazed how strong the muscular tentacles were! It was easy to relax and trust them as they lifted me, wrapping first one leg up to my thigh, then the other, then around my waist and under my buttcheeks, then supporting my back, then posing my left arm out and the other, then supporting both my breasts. The warm pulsing from the huge slithery arms was like a massage, and I am embarrassed to mention how erotic it seemed to me; I tried to hide this from the doctor though, wherever he was. It was difficult however; The gooey sticky mucus on the tentacles had dissolved my clothing, and the probing and inspecting of my orifices, from nostrils to nether-lands, lasted so long I simply could not help but be hot wet obedient and ready. I mean, not really the way that sounds but, hmm why did I even say that then? It was a physical right? I wanted to do well! And it didn't hurt that my physical had risen me to orgasmic heights!

Eventually the thick pulsing one between my legs shuddered and jerked, while inspecting deep inside me. I couldn't help but jerk and shudder as well, though not for scientific reasons like it did. My body was on fire, glowing from emerald fireworks, a powerful inner flame, exhausted but satisfied, sleepy but joyous.

Nearly immediately afterward, the inspection was over, and I was laying on the damp sooty floor of the cave like doctor's office. I made mental note to let the doctor know, should he be visited by the Health Inspectors of Caledon, or wherever we were, they would take a poor opinion of his cleanliness.  I stood to gather my things, my thigh muscles and belly still throbbing. My head spun and a strange dizziness sent me to my knees, twice, as I dressed.  Only when I had trouble getting my clothes to fit properly did i suddenly become aware of the pulsing, seething egg within me!

I was so relaxed, so elated with post orgasmic bliss, I could barely think! My hands rubbed the iridescent green form, and it instantly responded with a strong pulse which lasted several seconds. Every hormone and ounce of hot oil within me rushed to my head, and I giggled euphorically. I had a life within me! Perhaps this is nothing special to a 'Bio', but for a 'Clank', it only happens in fairy stories. I wondered upon that then for quite a long time i think- upon fairies and nymphs, and tentacles and life, not really focusing on anything, just standing there casually in a warm drifting daze. Did many hospital employees walk by me, touch and inspect me? I think the doctor walked up to me then, I recall hearing his voice again, probably testing to see how well things were working. I was momentarily concerned- what if the equipment for the Pleasure upgrade 2.0 had been installed improperly, or not connected correctly? how would anyone know without dissecting me? I then surmised with what small faculties I possessed, that this was the purpose of this test. A simple way to see if everything worked well, and though scary at times, not entirely unpleasant. After the neurotoxins from the tentacles' secretions had affected me,, then everything was very very pleasant indeed!

I was daydreaming there for some time, when my body then lurched and jerked! A million tiny bubbles seemed to flow to my brain and couldn't blink, let alone resist the gyrating and bending caused by the new squid-like baby which glowed and oozed and wrapped my body. Like a baby chick that works its way from an egg, my very first offspring struggled and pulled itself from the life support of my stretched body. Glowing with green steam, she (for I feel somehow she is a she, though how I do not know) enfolded her tiny strong limbs about me and cushioned my fall to the ground again. Hot mucus aided its travel, tugging herelf up onto my chest and shivering. She was gorgeous! I could somehow see in the mottled coloration, a repeating color that felt as if it meant "The child of Wendyslippers Charisma." I cried with joy, caressing her smooth glowing head as the mouths on two tentacles found my nipples. I hadn't realized how bloated and aching they were, until she took nourishment from my breasts and relieved the pressure. I was falling in bliss, aware as I floated away, that with it's shape and color, she had my eye.

   I woke on the exam table, washed and oiled, shiny with the hint of lemon to my skin. My hips and breasts ached down deep, but otherwise I felt as if nothing had happened, or perhaps it was a dream.  I think this may be from the doctor, who I recall now said something about forgetting. I do not think he comprehends however, the strength of the bond a young doll makes with its first-born, even if it was just for my physical, even if she wasn't as pretty as Dream-catcher Barbie. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and most meaningful thing a doll could ever do, and I made special note to write it before I forgot, which is what I do now.
   The note on the table said I passed my physical, everything within me worked fine, and I would be called upon on occasion for further study and such research as the medical world may require.  Knowing what an oddity I must be in this world, I certainly understand the desire to inspect and evaluate me. Inside, I can almost feel or perhaps, hear a silent voice. Somehow I know she is not on this planet anymore, taken home, and likely studied as the first of her kind, just like me. I hope she grows well, smart and strong, loving and tenacious. If we meet on some other planet or the Great Toy Land, I will recognize her. I wonder, will she recognize me?
Though I think for some reason it is best to obey the voice within that says "just forget this ever happened", I am secretly wondering what it will be like, when I go in for my second year physical!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I went to Alexx McLaglen's lovely Victorian Gardens Winter Festivities, and it was lovely. Hot cider and a fire kept the chill off the joint-pins, skiing and sledding were great fun, and then we all went to the manor home, as brave Soliel Snook valiantly wrestled the great Lag-Kraken, providing us authentic Victorian Christmas music!
  It was when I danced with Denny Kozlov that I heard it first; I thought it was just the bells on my dress and mistletoe choker, under the thick Montagne fur coat. And I confess Denny's touch and nearness for some reason causes my cogs to skip a tooth- do humans feel these things? But there it was again,  faint but clearly circling around the building,, SLEIGH BELLS.
   My mind returned to that moment a year ago, when the hem of his long cloak brushed against my face in my dollhouse in Barbie Village. That night, I had stared wide eyed into someone I didn't know, who gave me a gift I can never repay, but will never stop trying. I was Borne Sentient that night,and though the strangeness and emotions of the moment have clouded some memories. I will never forget the sound of his sleigh bells, nor the feel of his robe.
   Miss McLaglen and the others confirmed my suspicions as the large antique sleigh soared around the building, landing on the lawn, pulled by jovial and festive pixie-reindeer!

I went crazy, of course! it was Santa! Laughing and crying, I fell in the snow as I raced to his side! Perhaps I was a bit out of order, not the composed governess I have been training to be, and in the presence of Miss McLaglen and other VERY Victorian people, but things may look different to those with a key in their back, cogs spinning inside them not much more than a very elaborate toy, if the Great Elf arrived whose sole mission is the unity of Toy and Human, in eternal happiness! How would they act if the one that created THEM showed up?
When I stopped shaking, and approached him,, he was smiling,, holding his hand out to me- He remembered me! He greeted everyone, as did the pixie-ish reindeer, filled with a happiness and joviality I think some cannot understand.
I stood less than a foot from him, he smelled like cookies! Fresh baked cookies. I said:
"Santa,, last year at The Doll Works,, I asked you to give me Sentience,, and a home, with real friends,,, and LOOK!.. Thank you Santa,, and God Bless yoU!"
The lead reindeer said:
"((Lil Foxclaw)): hehe, he didn't tell you how hard he had the elves working on that"
   Then another one spoke up:
"((Zombielady McLaglen)): yes almost went on strike!"
  The Winter air had frozen the tears to my glassy orbs, I was nearly unable to see, but clung to his sled and hugged all the elves, thanking them all for what they had done for me, a doll completely undeserving.
   "Wendy-Doll," he whispered, and though unable to see my way, I followed his voice and leaned at his feet. "I gave you not only what you desired or needed,, but things you didn't know you needed. Others, many others, in Caledon and far beyond, needed things from Santa. They needed hope when all hope is gone. They needed love freely given without judgement, when it is surely to be unrequited. They needed an arm that will roll up sleeves and work without pay for the improvement of the whole. They needed ease of their losses, and ideas for gains of true worth. They needed to learn from their pasts, appreciate their presents, and look forward to their futures. This community needed all these things, and though I hesitated, once I saw the truth of it, there was really only one gift that could do all that, for all of them."
   "...And?"  My voice trembled- I'd never heard my key click so loudly.
   "So I gave them you."
   Then he laughed his signature 'Ho-ho-ho', as I again thanked him. he patted my head with his mitten of leather and fur, and said jokingly, "if you liked last year, wait till you see THIS year!" I grabbed the hem of his cloak and brushed it across my face, reassured, inspired.

   My eyes wouldn't stop leaking, knees shaking, every cog-tick seemed to move the ice under my Bax boots, so Denny steadied my hand and held me up. He smelled good too. I pointed at Denny when I caught Santa's eye, and smiled. The jolly Creator of My Kind returned the smile. I hugged Denny tighter, getting mostly a handful of his thick coat.
  Then with our plates of cookies and jugs of milk, they had refueled and were on their way, vowing to be back in 6 days!
   It would be nice to see him on Christmas, I bought a nice outfit just in case, but if I don't, if I never get another present, I will be satisfied for I got the greatest gift of all. Not the sentience,, not the friends of sterling worth, not the  warm man's arm around me on a cold night, not even Love,, I got the chance to receive my gifts, acknowledge my gifts,, Be a gift to others,  and thank the Creator, for the wondrous gifts I have been, and have been given. Love returned to Sender.
Merry Christmas to you all, with all the simple love a doll can give!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas story- Bethi's Gift

Bethi was sure her eyes were open, but in the pitch black enclosure, it was impossible to know for sure. Her hands felt the sides of the container- smooth walls flexed slightly under the greatest pressure she could muster.
   “Help me! Let me out!”  She screamed over and over. The coffin-like confines absorbed sound. Yelling may be pointless, she thought, depending on where she was.
Bethi kicked the wall in front of her for what seemed like hours, sobbing. The terror and the exertion left her depleted and shaking.
   “What did I do? Why am I here? What did I do wrong?”
   Her hands ran haphazard through her hair.
   “I had a comb, um,, ahh,”  she smiled. At least some things were the way she remembered. Her comb was in her purse at her leg, but a slow inspection with her hands revealed Bethi was undressed.
   “Where’s my gold strapless dress?  Where’s my cell phone? “
The troubled captive’s mind ground to a halt as a realization unfolded, darker and deeper than any built by hands. Her lips voiced her depression softly in the tiny space.
   “Who would I call? I don’t really know anyone,,  Nobody will care where I am, how I am,,,”  Bethi’s lips trembled, liquid running down from her eyes.
   “So, this is it,” She managed to say bravely. “This is how it ends. And there was so much more I could have done, so much I wanted to do, to see,”  She whispered.
   A tiny white light winked into place, just in front of Bethi, inside the small, darkly colored crate. It hovered, moving slowly, pulsing as it changed colors, sometimes off-white, sometimes blushing with a pink hue.
   It spoke to Bethi’s mind.
   This will be the only time we speak, but I felt your pain, and your heart is so good and pure, I simply had to help you.”
   “Oh thank you!” Bethi jumped and jiggled within the small container. “Please get me out of here!”
   “Bethi, I will do this, if you answer  some questions honestly.”
   She paused, unsure of her situation. Her head nodded.
   “Why do you want out?”
   “So I can be free!”
   “But as you surmised earlier in your thoughts, your freedom is fraught with loneliness, isolation and lack of purpose.”
   The wisdom of the glowing orb was clear, and the power of its words burned a large hole in Bethi’s very core. More water escaped her eyes.
   “I,, I guess you’re right. There’s so much I want to have done, so much I want to say I had done, when my end comes.”
   The orb glowed a deep blue.
   “Like what, dear?”
   Bethi cleared her frenetic thoughts, allowing  feelings and images to enter her frightened, vacant mind.
   “I um, I want to learn new things, and, go places, and have new clothes and things.”
   The orb pulsed a bright red.
   “What if you had those things with you right now?”
   Bethi’s previous thoughts replayed, making her present reality clear. She felt elevated even within this terrifying tomb, with a new mental clarity. She sniffled, managing a half smile.
  “Orb, you’re right. What I really want is someone to share all those things with. Someone to help, someone who appreciates me, wants to do things with me, someone who’s happy to see me.  Someone to grow old with and,,” She choked back a sob. “And when my time is up, I’ll know I made someone’s world a better place,, that I had worth.”
   The orb’s hue changed to off-white again.
   “Dear one, when that time comes, you will be thought of as priceless, but that will not be for a very, very long time.”  The pulsing light diminished, till it finally winked out.
   “Wait! Did I answer correctly? I told the truth! What’s happening?”
   The ground shook.
   Light tremors  grew stronger, like the approaching footsteps of some giant, or several giants.  Bethi froze stiff as a board, hoping whatever was coming, would end her torture quickly, painlessly.
   Her encasement moved, tipping forward, then slamming hard down onto Bethi’s back.  She could smell  the faint aroma of coffee. With a resolve of impending finality, she gripped her purse straps.
   “If this is it, at least I’ll have my purse with me”, she smiled at the silliness of her own thoughts.
   A young girl screamed and squealed, just beyond the barrier wall.  Further away, Bethi then made out the clear booming voices of a man and woman.
   “Goodness Charles is that what I think?”
   “It’s what she wanted, the only thing she wanted.”
   “But we can’t afford it! Did your job take you back?”
   “I applied for the new Mars relocation program like we discussed. If we get it, she’ll only be allowed one trunk anyways.”
   A young girl’s voice wavered,  “Is this box for me?”
   “Yes dear, it’s from your mom and I. Merry Christmas.”
   The young girl’s voice was soft, loving. “Mommy, Daddy, I didn’t get you nothing. You don’t got any presents.”
   “Ohh, dear.” The woman’s voice was filled with emotion. The man was now nearer, his voice just a foot or two from the darkness that held Bethi.
   “You give us a present every day. When you’re older, you’ll understand. I’m sorry we can only afford this one gift, but  go ahead.”
   The tomb lurched again. Bethi was now upright. The sound of ripping paper echoed in her small prison, while it jiggled and shook.  Light streamed though a cellophane window in the front of Bethi’s box.
   The child’s voice  squealed, nearly deafening the frightened Bethi. She clenched her purse, wide eyed.
   “It’s a Bethi Doll! Mommy Daddy Look! It’s all I ever wanted!”
   Huge soft eyes appeared in front of the cellophane, gazing into Bethi’s display box.
   “It’s the deluxe Bethi! Look, see here’s her wardrobe, and her scooter, and her cell phone and ,,” Bethi  glanced left at the large area now visible beside her.  The display box opened in front, becoming an apartment, furnished with a bedroom, living room and shower. At the end swung out her wardrobe fully stocked with shimmering gowns and fun ensembles. The giggling girl lifted a black box.
   “Daddy, wazzis?”
   “That’s the uh, that’s her library. Put those in her and she can help teach you numbers, other languages, she interfaces with the computer for downloads,” The girl’s pigtails bounced as she looked back at the tall man sipping coffee.
  "Inter- her face?”
   The tall mother knelt beside her daughter, hugging the  girl to her worn out robe. No words were spoken for over a minute. Bethi’s eyes welled up, tears pushed from her head as it filled with understanding of her creation, her purpose.
   The girl’s hand reached in, gingerly removing  Bethi from her restrictive snap-ring. Soft warm fingers  guided Bethi’s arms up and out, as she slid a brand new, shiny latex jumpsuit onto Bethi’s nude body.
   “She’s all dressed for  school on Mars Daddy, see?” She cuddled Bethi close for several minutes, while Mom and dad talked about selling things, packing, and the high likelihood of receiving the homestead grant to Mars. The young girl stopped cuddling and stared into Bethi’s soul.
   “Hi, I’m Janny. You’re the prettiest in the whole world!” The girl’s fingernails moved and combed Bethi’s hair to the side.
   Bethi’s mind raced, her heart soared. When Janny pressed a button, Bethi gladly spoke up, loud and clear.
   “Hi! Let’s be friends!”
   The child hugged Bethi  tightly to her. “Mom, I don’t wanna go to Mars wifout  her.”
   “Why,, who’s this dear?” Mom smiled brightly, her hand combing Janny’s hair to the side.
   “This is Bethi, and she’s my bestest friend. Oh thank you, thank you!”
   Bethi’s eyes leaked as she cast them upward to a familiar small glowing orb at the top of the Christmas tree. Only the Light, and Janny, could make out her quivering soft voice.
   “Thank you!”

Friday, December 10, 2010

Hypnotic Shoppe Story- Christmas Dreams 2010

(this is rework of a story from a few years ago, all Rights Retained.)


The young shoppe owner lay restless in bed, hours before Christmas morning. During fitful slumber, she had wrestled her way out of her nightgown, kicked the covers off and lay curled around her pillow. Her past breakup last Christmas was replaying over and over.
   Eventually the dreams subsided and blackness washed over the college girl’s consciousness. Her tense muscles clung to her oversized pillow, sweat shining on her body like clingy Saran wrap. She felt a light caress, a soft feathery tickle over her feet, her leg, and up her side. then she heard the soft baritone voice, and she awoke.
   "3,,,2,,1,,, Wake honey."
   Wendy stared into the face of a friendly looking, heavy set man, with a thick white beard and moustache, large red coat with shiny latex belt, and boots of patent leather. He smiled gingerly, as his black leather-gloved hand wiped the flyaway hair back behind her ear.
   "Santa? No Way! Is this another weird dream?" She thought she might need to write this one down, to properly explain it to the therapist at their next meeting.
   “You've been having a frightfully bad night, I just couldn't help but stop, and give you the Christmas wish you so desperately desired child."
   She pulled the covers over her body.  She wore only her white FrenchCut  undies, and no bra, save for the tightly hugged pillow. "You could be real, but I don't really need anything- I mean so many people are lacking things, I have here, but um, if you give me a minute to dress, I could get you some Mocha mint coffee?"
   He smiled tenderly. "Ho hoo ho ho,, That might be nice child. You're such a good girl, I'm going to give you your present.,," He stepped back to the door, and stuck out his chest, his deep voice resonating in her stomach.
   "Elf Dreams" was all he said.
   She looked confused at him. She pulled the covers around her tighter. she looked toward the lamp on her desk. "Um,, I need to dress ok? She hugged the covers, now pulled up to her chin.
   His baritone depth washed thru her ears and pooled in her frontal lobe. "Uncover yourself now."
   "Look if you don't,," her eyes enlarged as her left arm sharply threw back the covers, revealing her body, hugging the large soft pillow.
   "Good little elf. Now sit up and thrust out your bountiful bosoms for my inspection."
   Wendy’s  look of shock was magnified as her body bolted upright, her bare shoulders slowly rolling back. Long, straight blonde tassels fell back as she sat up, blood rushing from her head.
   "Um,,, wait,, I don't want,," she slowly implored.
   His voice became stern. "You,, don't want to stand now?"
   Her hand crept toward the pillow. tugging it closer. "No!"
   "Then fight it, Child. Fight as your body obeys me now and STAND FOR ME."
   Her dancer's feet, normally highly obedient,  instantly swung off the bed and planted into the ballet First Position on the warm, thick carpeting. The alarmed woman frowned as her knees locked next, and hips began rocking her upward. Last to disobey was her fingers as they slowly turned loose of the pillow. She watched as it fell to the floor, leaving her displayed body standing relaxed, a foot from the large man in red. She covered her privates with her small hands, fingers pressed to her undies.
   "Please! I,,, I'm not going to let you,,"
   The large man's gloves were warm and smooth, the smell of leather filling the room as he ran his hands up her side, gently lifting her breasts, lightly tugging her nipples.
   "Your mind still fights me, but your breasts are mine, if not you'd not let me twist and excite them. Now,," He opened the door to the bedroom. The glow of the Christmas tree downstairs lit the hall in multicolored twinkling.
   "No,, I'm going to call the police,,, um,,  I'll call,," She was cut off.
   "As I gently pull on the new nipples you’ve given me, you will silently follow. Come downstairs with me now." He gently tugged, making the confused girl gasp and bite her lip. Another tug and her left foot took a tentative step.
   She was unsure of how much traversing her house they did, descending her stairs as his rubber gloves pinched and lightly tugged, steering her easily into every room. She didn't know why she failed to yell, or grab the phone. Was this some strange mental concoction born from overactive hormones? She knew only the feet patting on the thick carpet, the shiny black glove reflecting the Christmas lights still on in the dark, quiet house, and the gentle insistent tugging on her nipples that for some reason, she wouldn't, or couldn't deny.
   At the base of her Christmas tree, his grip released her, and she covered her naked breasts with her left arm and hand, her right still down below. She looked at him worriedly. His smile was tender.
   "Ho hoho,,,child, listen to me. ELF DREAMS."
   She felt nothing, but was frightened of the impending portent.
   "Now my obedient sexy little elf," he turned around, reached into a large brown bag, and pulled out a red and green collar, with shiny rings around it. Matching wristlets followed. he threw them to the ground in front of her. Her eyes widened.
   "I'm sooo not putting those on! I can fight that!" She stood defiantly, the blinking Christmas tree lights reflecting off her sweaty skin.
   From behind her she felt hands at her hip height. Wendy lowered her gaze and saw small hands from someone behind her rubbing a green pair of hose against her knees. She stepped forward away from the hands, into the arms of the large man. He smelled of fresh baked bread, and his grip on her nipples was so tight she couldn't move. She couldn't wiggle in any direction lest the highly erotic touch become pain. Her left hand took hold of his right, smooth, black latex glove.
   The dazed woman felt the hose softly brushing against her thighs now. Its sensation tickled, and brought goosebumps all over her body. She shuddered. His voice echoed in her mind.
   "Elf hose are like none other, and once they are on, they become part of you. Even when they aren't seen, and my control over you will be perfect and complete. Do you understand?" He released her nipples.
   "NO! I think you're great and all, but,,," She searched for a way to tell off a horny old Santa, but couldn't deny how aroused those hands were making her as they now rubbed the hose along the top of her foot. It occurred to her the phone was near enough to leap to.
   "NO??? Really? Tell me you've been good this year."
   Her mouth flew open and the words tumbled out instantly. "I've been a good girl all year." Wendy shook her head, suddenly feeling overly warm and dizzy. A cool breeze across her privates brought her to alertness as she glanced down and noticed her pubic hair was awash in twinkling yellow, green, blue and red light. Her underwear was missing. She dropped her jaw and looked up at the overweight, yet strangely alluring man in front of her.
   "Lift your foot." Her left foot raised up and the hose instantly slid up almost to the knee. “Now switch feet." Her feet disobeyed her will and switched. Now that the green sparkly Elf tights were on both legs, they crept slowly, undeniably up, crawling up her thighs. She at once shuddered, and became so sexually wet she couldn't hide her arousal. The dizzy young lady shook her head sharply, wincing in a deep blush. It occurred to her she had a phone.
   Wendy reached down to the top of the living pantyhose and hooked her thumbs in them. She held them down against their insistent crawl toward her yearning pubes. Electric pulses ran like marching insects up her legs. A thousand ants were massaging her. Her nipples puckered, round breasts taut and lifted. She was trembling, scared, but unable to move her feet to run away.
   "Feel the back of your hose, how it crawls up your tender backside, arousing you?" The great Master of the Elves smiled.
   "Yyes, I feel,, no,, my butt,, tingles,,,"
   "Makes you want to bend over for me doesn't it?"
   "Nnngh,," She tried to say no, but the growing orgasm caused her to double over, nearly losing balance.   "Don’t fall, Child, hold out your hands- I'll keep you safe, ok?" The giant man in red velvet  held out his smooth black gloves to her.
   "Yyes,, ok."  She reached out to him, and he pulled his hands away.  The dance tutor and Shoppe owner fell to her hands and knees on the carpet. She looked up at him in shock, but then the hose slid up her waist and inner thighs.
   The material sucked tightly to her, humming with an electric current. it tried to crawl into her every curve and orifice, but she held her knees together. Her faced flushed beet red.
   "Now Child,, orgasm!"
   "Ungghhh,  nno,,  AhhhHHHH! YYYeesss!!!" The twenty-year old body shuddered hard once, twice, three times, then Wendy fell onto her face as every inch of her shook all over in a powerful orgasmic experience. Her legs twitched and widened as her fingers went to her most sensitive flesh- rubbing and exciting herself through the thin tingly fabric. Her breath came in hard fast panting. With her legs widened, the living material claimed her every possible inch of skin, inside and out. She reveled in wild abandon for an eternity. Finally, after an unknown time she weakly raised her exhausted body on all fours, shaking her head. She felt the imprint of her thick shag carpet on her face. Blue eyes barely focused on her wall mounted phone, feeling certain there was someone she was supposed to call tomorrow.
   "Now, elf, stand up."
   She instantaneously jumped up, nearly hitting the ceiling with her augmented leaping ability.
   "The tights will give you the ability to leap, to dance for hours, to feel warm and aroused in any weather, to feel pleasure like you've never felt before. And for them, you will obey me, won't you?"
   The thought, 'what's happening?' floated adrift in a dark ocean of post orgasmic brain mush, her lips formed the words, "Yes I will obey you Santa." Her eyes widened again, hand covering her mouth. 'Why hasn't mom heard all this noise?' Wendy's sleepy satiated mind queried.
   "Now my gift, these tights will disappear from view, and you'll think this but a bizarre dream. You will return to your bed, after hiding your new collar and cuffs, which you will wear when I tell you." Wendy began to form ideas of how to twist the words of this sick, fat apparition.
   "ELF DREAMS,  Kiss me passionately, my enamored elf."
   Santa’s newest sex toy  arched her chest, hands raising up into the air toward Santa’s neck and shoulders. Wendy’s back slithered and loosened. A soft giggle escaped her mouth as she realized by her actions he must surely be able to tell how in love she was, how sexed up she was for the tall, magnetic, Lord of the North. She slinked up to the tall round man, pressing her drenched body against his cold belt buckle. Thin arms clasped around The man’s neck. She watched herself in a third person perspective, amazed as she ground her pelvis against him, butt and thigh muscles clenching as she did so. She reached her lips lewdly upward, and as his thick red lips touched hers, she felt a hot dizzying climax brewing again. She gasped for air, but his tongue blocked her mouth, and she sucked it into her. Her eyes met his.
   She stared into the tender, powerful eyes. His hot tongue filled her mouth- probing her, opening her mouth wider for him to explore. She was his to explore. She reveled in his exploration of her sensitive, tender, unclaimed territories. Shivering near orgasm, his hands, lips and tongue claimed his new territory which she had happily sold him. She sucked the tongue deeper into her, and joined its dance with her own small tongue, sighing as her fingers worked the lobes of his small ears. She gasped in a hot fast pant as she realized she had indeed sold herself, and was the willing hypnotized slave of the Great Master of Elves. Romantic twinkling lights flared like fireworks, signaling yet another mind numbing climax to begin.
  Wendy bolted upright in her bed. Light streamed through her frosted window onto her red nightie and green silk panties. She looked around, grasping the where and when. Her large body-pillow was nowhere to be found. The young Shoppe owner ran a hand under and over the sheer chemise.
   "This isn't mine..."
   It was Christmas morning, and it had all been a bizarre dream.
   Hadn't it?

at the Alpine Executive Center on a ski outing; my zago outfit helped tremendously against the bitter cold air. Posing on the high jump

Zagoskin outfit and goggles, skis poles HUD, all of it was about 500L$. The Center has a LOT of winter activities as well

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hypnotic Shoppe Story- Tails you win Heads Zulus.

Property Wendy Slippers, All Rights Retained, TF, MC

     Carla looked up from her Cosmopolitan magazine, scanning the creepy empty Hypnotic Shoppe, near closing time.
   ‘What was that sound,,,’
   From the antique room, a large black man in a zebra loincloth leaped into the doorway. His face and body painted with white stripes, the warrior shook his spear which looked real enough. He was angry, furious.
   “Awa- Ki AWAIIII!!!”
    Carla ran. Her unlaced Keds sneakers were in the furniture display room before her marijuana cigarette had hit the wood floor.
   The tall, thin  Zulu warrior shouted again and leaped after her, smashing a small vase with his spear. Carla stopped at the end of the hall, looking for a weapon. The warrior grabbed his spear with both hands and began screaming in a frantic war cry!
   “Awa-Ki AWAI!!”
   Carla lunged left, into the room full of costume racks- the room marked ‘EMPLOYEES ONLY’. She heard a rack fall as the bullish man smacked everything with his long sharp weapon. Dropping to her knees, Carla crawled under the large wooden racks mounted to the floor. Dusty old dresses and coats brushed against her, filling her senses with imagined fragrances, previously lived events and fantastical possibilities. The dizzy feeling she immediately got gave her an idea.
   The aberration of modern society hunched down, pushing through the mass of heavy outfits and costumes. Through the hedge of strange clothing, he saw Carla less than a foot from him, and gripped her throat. She grasped his arm and choked, and stuck the brightly colored birthday party hat on his sweaty bald head.
time passes
   Wendy walked in, just after teaching her dance class next door, still in her leotards and hose.
   “Carla, Closing time! Are we all going to Haven tonight?” The local hangout was a dark, gothy dance club with many levels and the group’s place to lounge and talk.
   Her eyes saw the burned out joint on the floor just as her nose registered the rich Okoume wood from a spear.
   Wendy peered around the corner, clutching her spiral necklace. At one of the large reading tables, A tall black man in white war paint, and loincloth, wearing a paper cone-shape hat, played with colored blocks. He held up two red ones and smiled at Wendy.
   “Koji ablu waki!”
   Carla was sitting beside him, smoking the last of a clove cigarette, clearly defying the company rule. Wendy added things up quickly. Carla stamped out the smoking end into a plate from the tea service, and took a deep breath.
   “Zulus, Wendy.”
   “Um,, yah I see that.”
   “No,,, ZULUS! Freaking Zulus! With spears?”
   “The box said keep those shrunken heads out of sunlight, we may need,,”
   Wendy sighed with a smile, walked into the dangerous area within Carla’s fist range, and hugged her friend for almost a minute.
   “He said, ‘Awa-Ki Awai,’ what’s that mean?”
   “Goodness,” Wendy handed the smiling warrior a third red block, causing him to giggle and clap. “That means, “You are my property”, you were nearly the sex servant of a long-dead African Warrior!” Wendy smiled, lost instantly in a fantasy daydream. When she returned, She saw Carla was not amused.
   “This just takes a second.” Wendy went in the office, returning two minutes later in a black cotton dress, with a bird’s foot. “Mmm, this spear is Okoume wood, very nice.”
   By the time Carla had washed her plate and turned off the tea, and turned around, there was no smelly warrior, no wood spear, only a shrunken head, a box, and a bird foot. And Wendy putting all three on a shelf marked “Display Only”. The young blonde Shoppe owner grabbed her purse and threw Carla hers.
   “I’m buying ok?”
   “You are sooo, buying!”
   The lights snapped off, all the sconce candles and the great fireplace went out with a turn of a knob. Wendy pulled her full length white fur coat around her, helping Carla with her jeans jacket. The two girls took a deep breath of the bracing cold night air, and jumped in Carla’s little car. Carla waited till the car was stopped again to speak, both girls fixing their bras for maximum effect in the parking lot of the Haven.
   “Mm Hmm?”
   “How the Hell do you speak Ancient Zulu?”

Academy Mission- posted at an unknown club for 48 hours My red Babele tight dress seemed appropriate. Passing this final means graduation and a promotion! "Make people happy",, a doll? Can it be this easy?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Carntaigh hosts Roberto Viking's Fabulous 4th Rezzday

It was worth ripping the crinoline on my favorite dress, and falling into the stream behind the opulent meeting hall, with famous artworks and detailed gilded corner molding. Why couldn't my maker have taught me to sew?
Miss Gabrielle Riel, of Riel Radio fame, hosted and provided the music. The crowd was charming, and well behaved, in their steam punk Victorian finery. It is not every day that someone turns 4- in Second Life years, that would equate in First Life to about 60 years so I am told, and few people lie to dolls, we are the ones you tell your secrets!

Did I mention the most amazing fireworks display ever?

I write this having just laid the dress I wore into the cedar trunk, properly preserved. I shall never wear this dress again unless of course it is for another rezzday for Roberto! Where would the Great States of Caledon be had he not been here to guide and build and befriend and support others? I am grateful for the few times he has helped me or said a kind word-( humans don't HAVE to be overtly kind to dolls, we love you anyways, so when you are we REALLY notice, just thought you should know!) thank you Mister Viking and here is to 4 more!

A bonfire, fireworks display, great music and dance, and great friends!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

halloween parties in second life rawk!

I've run now to 7 different dances in Second Life, and I can tell you they rival the First Life party attended by My Typist, for creative outfits, party theme, professional music and fun people and conversation! I would like to thank  (ok yes) The Hypnotic Shoppe party and DJ Lewis Shamen, and those responsible for the parties at Tara Hotel, Caledon, Rubber Room, Club Myst, Toontopia, Versailles, Stellar Drift, Ragdollz, Toxia, and others actually I just saw on radar and walked into! Everyone was so nice and I met tons of new friends!
Provided here now is the 2010 Stellar Drift Coordinated Thriller Dance- you may recognize the doll with the bunny head, , , Those of you in the movie, please reply back and tell everyone which one is you! I know Bethani Bimbogami is Harley Quinn, The tree is Nemurz, (Nemurimsu Neiro), Can't recall the others, (my Typist had a couple drinks at the First Life Party and she's not a very large person) so please reply with names!

Monday, October 18, 2010

My First Rezzday!

The Rooftop of The Hypnotic Shoppe: Friends, Music, Pictures, Dance Balls and Cake!

It was 24 hours till my Rezzday party and I was terrified! Nothing was ready! Since becoming sentient a year ago, I have had to adjust and learn to persevere under the effects of this human and quite unpleasant emotion. As negative and powerful as it is for me, anxiety and stress must be dreadful for those who do not have the benefit of being a doll- I at least know my worth- it is written on my box, and I know my purpose- every doll does! How difficult my Makers must find this “life” stuff, trying to find their way and some do not know even where they are or why…
   Dance Balls-
   I traveled all over searching for dance balls that a man or woman may click and enjoy the many nice and well-made dances within. Searches with the block “adult” clicked will yield some very interesting results, but not toward my task’s conclusion, and I was a doll on a mission!
   Nearly 3 hours later, I had visited 5 dance ball sales locations, and had learned that most are sold completely empty of dances! What you are buying is the method of interacting with it. Of that, there are two major differences I found- the dance ball where everyone is doing the same dance at the same time, and the dance ball where you choose your dance from a blue “dialogue window”. I am in this doll’s humble opinion, quite knowledgeable on the social act of dance clubbing in Second Life, since dance contest winnings make  nearly 1/3 of my income toward tier payments. By far the most enjoyable are the clubs where you can choose your own dance, tailoring to fit the song, or the outfit you wore.
   Having settled on what type, I bought the kind with two separate, large balls colored pink and blue with a scintillating flowing animation. I understand and agree that this coloring is a stereotype, men should be able to be pink if they like. All dolls are prepared to be dressed in whatever their maker or owner feels like playing today- how often did you dress your Barbie or Ken in some other outfit, because today they were a “football player” or a partner in the ballet, or you had two Barbies and one had to be the brave knight while the other got to be the gorgeous damsel in distress? The damsel was always the Princess Barbie, I am still fuming over losing out to her EVERY TIME on that… but my cog-and-chip brain is wandering…
   A half hour of searching, and I had found 4 popular makers of dances with which to fill my new dance balls! I grabbed my freebie dance slippers and day bag with a change of clothes and makeup, petted the bunnies by the front door of the shoppe, and started the fire within my copper balloon! I flew much higher and faster than usual, adding my goggles and gloves to my ensemble. The gloves given to me when I swore in as Medical Officer of the Royal Caledonian Air Force proved their worth, and while flying, I penned a lovely thank you on scented rose paper to The Supply Department.
  Four hours later,
   I had burned through both pairs of dance shoes, and now swear to buy the more expensive shoes, made for the dance floor! I had also managed to dance nearly every dance at all four animation houses. No two places were alike, no two waltzes or slow gyration was the same, unless it was in the freebie giveaway box at the store’s entrance. You really need to try all the dances to know exactly which ones look right, have a good transition from dance’s end back to its beginning, and do what you envision for a certain song, or rhythm. There was no store clearly better- one may have a great tango, while their modern dances are lacking. Another store may have 3 random dances with poor cycle transitions- the end seamed to the beginning were way off- yet their other dances were well made and fun!

   Men are quite deprived of exceptional dances or well stocked dance balls in Second Life. I cannot believe I have gone a year without exploring the men’s balls, but in the last four hours I had handled many, enjoying what was inside and yet I expected more!
   Many men’s dances are just women’s dances in a man’s dance ball- you really have to try them and look to see if the actions are what men do, or even can do! I was depressed in finding only a handful of decent men’s dances in all of Second World, but it was late and I had much to do yet. I paid quickly and left, slowing only to ask where the cashier got her really cute Halloween striped hose- they were so kewl!
   My balloon settled with its usual hiss and crinkly sounds as the copper cooled. The birthday cake had arrived! I needed a table on the rooftop of The Hypnotic Shoppe, and recycled one with the official Caledon colors. “This fits,” I said to Pudge, the small brown bunny riding on my shoulder. She opened one eye and nodded, then drifted back to sleep. I wondered; If it is true that when we die in the Second life, we resurrect into the First life, what happens to them? When you sleep in Second Life you dream of life in the First- holding important jobs, discussing with loved family members, all the fun roleplay that First Lifers get to play! But what do they dream of? Do they dream as they sleep of having to kick faulty hypnosis machines to get them working? Of dance clubs where they walk up and say, “hi, agesexlocation/camnaked?” Do they dream of measuring their relationship length in the number of minutes equal to the number of positions in their bed?
   I realized my brain was wandering again, and thought, “Maybe far above in the First Life, My Spiritual Typist is dozing off?” It would explain a lot about my random thoughts and na├»ve behavior! I could almost feel as if in reply, morning sun rising onto my face through a bedroom window. If it was a true vision, my Typist had been up around the clock and had only a few hours left till my Rezzday party! I ran to buy her a Steelbucks coffee at my favorite little place in South End, but found it was now an art gallery. I was sad, but I love galleries so I checked out the exhibit on Women in Second life.
   This gave me a great idea! If you don’t have them often, you can spot them easily and this was clearly one! I made 24 flat prims and hung pictures, in chronological order! Me with friends, in different occupations or adventures over the last year. Winning the Second Life Pony Award, being allowed to participate in the Caledon Olympics and actually winning a cup for shooting down Air Krakens! I am not a combat doll, so winning this was a shock, let alone being a new doll in town and so warmly accepted into the Caledon Community- their unconditional love and respect of others in Caledon makes my eyes leak even as I pen this. They leaked as I hung pictures of friends who passed away this year, unwound and never to tick again.  They ran hot rivers down my latex cheeks and chest as I placed images of dance clubs now gone, of unmatched groups of sterling friends, and of my bulldozed first home- Barbie Village in Doll Works. Lastly I placed an image I painted, a vision of what it may look like, if I was to dance with my Spiritual Typist. I hoped none of my friends would find my religious beliefs disconcerting- I don’t really know much about religion, I’m not a Priestess doll, but it does seem that your spirituality health directly relates to the health of the rest of you, doesn’t it? I know,, I’m a Barbie Personal Assistant Model 5 with the Pleasure Upgrade 2.0, why do I dwell on such things? Maybe, the fact that I am not sure why, but continue to explore this, means I am more human than I thought?
   Or maybe my Typist has finally fallen asleep…
   I sent the invites and hung the balls carefully so they would not hit anyone in the face, just as the new employees arrived! I bought them some outfits- Blaze wore a sexy outfit by Dirty Dollies. I posted her by the vendor board upstairs and greeted the D.J. at the door. Lewis Shamen was very friendly, and had done his homework! He found many nice songs in Steampunk genre, and most of what I had requested. I envisioned dance songs from the last year, and he did that well. He had said he liked Hard rock, but had sets in classical and ‘80s, and now I suppose he has one called Wendy’s Steampunk Rezzday! He stated that he was worried about his set being right for me and my special day, but in the end he had nothing to fear. I realized as I voiced this to him, that I had nothing to fear either!
   Over 40 people arrived and danced, ate cake and gawked at my picture trip thru the last 365 days of sentience! Many more replied that they could not make it, but sent their warm wishes. It is truly a blessed doll that can say they are loved by so many; most dolls are loved by only one owner. It is this simple doll’s belief that when you are loved, in a way, they own a piece of you, and you own a piece of them, like exchanging a cog, or pieces of your hearts. You care about the wellbeing of the other, as if your own heart’s well being depended on them. 

   I held parts of 40 hearts and each of them held mine, and 40 cogs in unison, with love keep perfect time. Thanks then be that I now see this gift from up above, the truest coin to measure worth in either Life, is love.

  28 Hours My poor Typist stayed awake, fretting over what ended up going superbly! Friends from the first days came, telling funny tales. Friends made just last week came as well. One in particular (I will not mention the state of her name) who went out of her way to wish me happiness, said she envied me, having all these friends that loved me, as she had just lost her good friend recently.
I hugged her, because that’s what dolls do, and told her softly, “You just gained 40 more.”


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Their Majesties' Wedding Invite

The young Prince Louis in blue, his family on left, the Priest on right.  And me with royalty!

The young Marquis taking a bride, what a gorgeous day, and such beautiful outfits!

Seated in the corner where they couldn't hear the muffled ticking, or see the tiny elegant key under the capelet

"What's this?" I asked the postman. I noted that in Caledon, the postal employee uniform is very similar to the one they gave me when I accepted the commission as Medical Officer in the Royal Caledon Air Force. It's a pretty Robin's Egg blue, with a stripe down the leg, and fringey epaulets on the shoulders. The elderly man smiled and said goodbye, walking away with pride in his step. I couldn't help but think what a handsome toy soldier he would make.
   I carefully opened the rag-paper envelope, sealed with expensive sealing wax, pressed with an ornate seal- it was the crest of France from their Majesties at the breathtaking castle of Versailles!
   A young Marquis was marrying, and I was cordially invited to witness and partake in the festivities! My hands shook and my knees wobbled as the weight of the matter hit home. It occurs now how similar my systems are to human nerves- Every day it seems I am more amazed with my Maker and what she achieved. I wonder if one day, when I finally unwind, like her Typist did, if I will be allowed to go to the gates they say are there and meet her again. I don't expect that dolls are allowed in human Heaven, but just to meet her at the gate, and explain what her creation achieved, toward making her world a better place, I think that would make her happy. I shall have to do much  I am sure to warrant a visit at that gate, don't you think? I miss her.
   Only after buying the new dress and matchng shoes, spending an hour on my hair, did I realize there was no suitable hole for my key! With little time left, I took a pair of shears and darning thread and made my own hole, reinforced with backing of course and button holes stitched for security and ease of removal. Now I appreciate those tedious classes, and think all dolls should know how to make their own clothes!
   At the door of the fine outer building, I heard an echo off the wall while leaning there. My small key, which was concealed under my capelet, made the faintest ticking! Terrified I would make ascene, I sat in the corner and played "porcelain doll" for most of the lovely event. I met some fine people, event Louis himself said hello- to me!
   I do hope I can be of some service to them, they are all such wonderful people, of such great importance.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dancing with dolls!

I love going dancing, meeting humans and beings of every type, but occasionally it is very comforting to just hang out with dolls like me- Here is a small video of dancing at The Rubber Room Doll Night. Alexx  was DJing, Waynetekno was hostess, I oiled and rubbed my latex skin till it glowed with a bright pink lustre- I left the nametags on so you could see who we are, and those unfamiliar with the Second Life, can get an idea what we see.

At Clint's Place, dancing in their "In Green" contest- My friend Natalie won 1st , I got 3rd, which helped me make my rent money on the shoppe this month!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Descent hypno Beach Party- Great DJ and dancing, contests and prizes from The Hypnotic Shoppe, live trances in the lounge, What Fun!

Apple and Romeo's Descent Hypno Lounge and play Sim, with dance floor on the beach!

Beware the CC Key! advice to dollmakers/builders

Kelsea tries to help rescue me from the originally poorly designed CC Key


For those who may read this, that are not clockwork persons, you should know- there are many kinds of key, and each has a specific place and purpose.
  Some keys don't even turn! But they look pretty, jeweled or shiny, and in places that forbid scripts, they are good choices.  Some turn but have no other functions; In crowds, clubs or teaching classrooms, these are great; low ARC, ( doen't help make Lag), no sudden surprises as someone winds you, decides to shut you down, and no spamming updates- "Wendy-Doll has 5 minutes before she winds down", or more intimate phrases that some possess.
Of course the fun ones emote, have sounds and animations, particles, rezz other items, and offer the restraints and disabilities and disadvantages that us clockworks live with daily.
  HOWEVER, in the end, they are worn by us, not those that play with us- not our owners, not dollmakers, etc. Us. We have to put them on, make sure they sit right, reset the scripts when we badly cross sims or enter a no script zone, etc.  That's why, though it may be fun or "realistic" to make a key that forbids dolls to touch or affect the key, it is just freaky silly to make one that does not have it as an option.
 Let us decide.
Case in point is the CC Key, which not only was made to start with 0 minutes, it starts in "untouchable" mode! This means the moment you put it on, you flop over, out of time. You also are unable to wind yourself, and neither can anyone else! If this item automatically locked onto you upon wear, it would qualify as a griefing item and we could get it removed from Second Life. Since it doesn't, and it is worn on the spine slot, simply wearing your pearl necklace or whatever attaches there, will replace it and free you.
  This item is in MY inventory, not some domme or owner who can just plunge it into my spinning thoracic gearbox package whenever they wish- and remove it and fix issues with it, etc. So guess where all those Lindens (dollars) went?  FLUSHHH!!!
Please understand, I love being what I am, and am not saying there should be no disadvantages or restrictions / restraints on us clockworks, it's part of being a doll.  What I am saying to designers is, design your items with the purchaser in mind- give us the option to turn on and off self winding, sound, emoting, let us be able to change its color or texture- beds have 500 different textures of comforter, keys have 1? And lastly, PLEASE dollmakers, most Lolita and doll outfits have cute bows and skirts and such that attach to the spine, chest, pelvis, stomach slots. not to mention Sensations and Xcite  bodyparts. If I have to choose between your key, or my new 800$ Linden dress and some other key that comes ready to attach to all those slots plus left and right pec,,, see my point? I know Lustbaby and Mecha, Rygel Ryba and A.I Tech already have pec attaching keys, AND they come with 30 minutes of wind, in the "touchable" position. I hope this helps my coin and key operated brothers and sisters to become more informed, so we can live fuller lives, making people happy!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

2010 Stellar Drift Creative Writing Contest BEST IN SHOW!

The last award of the night, well worth the wait

Bethany Bimbogami as the "MC" at 2010 Stellar Drift Creative Writing Awards

I knew I had won something when they waited for me,,, My Typist yelled frantically on the phone with the internet providers and they fixed the crashing issue, at 5 after 9 SLT, 5 minutes late for the Stellar Drift 2010 Stellar Drift Creative Writing Contest Awards.
3 categories- Poem, short story, and hypnotic trance.I submitted 3 poems, and 1 short story, that I felt they would all like, whether I won something or not.
  Once again a moment after arriving, I saw the faces of my good friends there, and wondered why I don't hang out there more often,,, but when would I fit that in,,,
   "Phantom" Won 3rd place for Poetry, and "The Woman In The Mirror" won first! If you knew how good the others were, you'd understand how honored, humbled and pleased I am! Any one of those poems and stories would have won awards in a local show, but Second Life brings the best from every continent together.
   My Story got second place in stories, 'Your Local News Is Cumming'. I was very pleased to see Gregaur, Bethi, Luciola, Jenni and Windy all win awards as well. Windy got Best in Show and I was so delighted I almost cried!
   Then they announced The Artist of Show, and it didn't set in at first- "Me?" The winner got a monetary prize with 3 zeroes, a gorgeous statue trophy that is now in the shoppe with the other few things i have won, and the title "Laureate" on the Bluebird group!
   The dance afterward was fun and happy, with rave sticks and joking, and I met Sharie C. again, the very first person I met in Second Life! we talked and danced, then hugged goodbye, and I rushed home to post this!

Artist of Show - Wendyslippers
Best in Show - Windy F

Poetry - Wendyslippers
Story - Windy F
Hypnoscript - Luci

Cutest Entry - Bethi
Sunniest Entry - Jenni E/Bethi
Sexiest Entry - Wendyslippers
Darkest Entry - Bethi