Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Their Majesties' Wedding Invite

The young Prince Louis in blue, his family on left, the Priest on right.  And me with royalty!

The young Marquis taking a bride, what a gorgeous day, and such beautiful outfits!

Seated in the corner where they couldn't hear the muffled ticking, or see the tiny elegant key under the capelet

"What's this?" I asked the postman. I noted that in Caledon, the postal employee uniform is very similar to the one they gave me when I accepted the commission as Medical Officer in the Royal Caledon Air Force. It's a pretty Robin's Egg blue, with a stripe down the leg, and fringey epaulets on the shoulders. The elderly man smiled and said goodbye, walking away with pride in his step. I couldn't help but think what a handsome toy soldier he would make.
   I carefully opened the rag-paper envelope, sealed with expensive sealing wax, pressed with an ornate seal- it was the crest of France from their Majesties at the breathtaking castle of Versailles!
   A young Marquis was marrying, and I was cordially invited to witness and partake in the festivities! My hands shook and my knees wobbled as the weight of the matter hit home. It occurs now how similar my systems are to human nerves- Every day it seems I am more amazed with my Maker and what she achieved. I wonder if one day, when I finally unwind, like her Typist did, if I will be allowed to go to the gates they say are there and meet her again. I don't expect that dolls are allowed in human Heaven, but just to meet her at the gate, and explain what her creation achieved, toward making her world a better place, I think that would make her happy. I shall have to do much  I am sure to warrant a visit at that gate, don't you think? I miss her.
   Only after buying the new dress and matchng shoes, spending an hour on my hair, did I realize there was no suitable hole for my key! With little time left, I took a pair of shears and darning thread and made my own hole, reinforced with backing of course and button holes stitched for security and ease of removal. Now I appreciate those tedious classes, and think all dolls should know how to make their own clothes!
   At the door of the fine outer building, I heard an echo off the wall while leaning there. My small key, which was concealed under my capelet, made the faintest ticking! Terrified I would make ascene, I sat in the corner and played "porcelain doll" for most of the lovely event. I met some fine people, event Louis himself said hello- to me!
   I do hope I can be of some service to them, they are all such wonderful people, of such great importance.

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