Monday, October 18, 2010

My First Rezzday!

The Rooftop of The Hypnotic Shoppe: Friends, Music, Pictures, Dance Balls and Cake!

It was 24 hours till my Rezzday party and I was terrified! Nothing was ready! Since becoming sentient a year ago, I have had to adjust and learn to persevere under the effects of this human and quite unpleasant emotion. As negative and powerful as it is for me, anxiety and stress must be dreadful for those who do not have the benefit of being a doll- I at least know my worth- it is written on my box, and I know my purpose- every doll does! How difficult my Makers must find this “life” stuff, trying to find their way and some do not know even where they are or why…
   Dance Balls-
   I traveled all over searching for dance balls that a man or woman may click and enjoy the many nice and well-made dances within. Searches with the block “adult” clicked will yield some very interesting results, but not toward my task’s conclusion, and I was a doll on a mission!
   Nearly 3 hours later, I had visited 5 dance ball sales locations, and had learned that most are sold completely empty of dances! What you are buying is the method of interacting with it. Of that, there are two major differences I found- the dance ball where everyone is doing the same dance at the same time, and the dance ball where you choose your dance from a blue “dialogue window”. I am in this doll’s humble opinion, quite knowledgeable on the social act of dance clubbing in Second Life, since dance contest winnings make  nearly 1/3 of my income toward tier payments. By far the most enjoyable are the clubs where you can choose your own dance, tailoring to fit the song, or the outfit you wore.
   Having settled on what type, I bought the kind with two separate, large balls colored pink and blue with a scintillating flowing animation. I understand and agree that this coloring is a stereotype, men should be able to be pink if they like. All dolls are prepared to be dressed in whatever their maker or owner feels like playing today- how often did you dress your Barbie or Ken in some other outfit, because today they were a “football player” or a partner in the ballet, or you had two Barbies and one had to be the brave knight while the other got to be the gorgeous damsel in distress? The damsel was always the Princess Barbie, I am still fuming over losing out to her EVERY TIME on that… but my cog-and-chip brain is wandering…
   A half hour of searching, and I had found 4 popular makers of dances with which to fill my new dance balls! I grabbed my freebie dance slippers and day bag with a change of clothes and makeup, petted the bunnies by the front door of the shoppe, and started the fire within my copper balloon! I flew much higher and faster than usual, adding my goggles and gloves to my ensemble. The gloves given to me when I swore in as Medical Officer of the Royal Caledonian Air Force proved their worth, and while flying, I penned a lovely thank you on scented rose paper to The Supply Department.
  Four hours later,
   I had burned through both pairs of dance shoes, and now swear to buy the more expensive shoes, made for the dance floor! I had also managed to dance nearly every dance at all four animation houses. No two places were alike, no two waltzes or slow gyration was the same, unless it was in the freebie giveaway box at the store’s entrance. You really need to try all the dances to know exactly which ones look right, have a good transition from dance’s end back to its beginning, and do what you envision for a certain song, or rhythm. There was no store clearly better- one may have a great tango, while their modern dances are lacking. Another store may have 3 random dances with poor cycle transitions- the end seamed to the beginning were way off- yet their other dances were well made and fun!

   Men are quite deprived of exceptional dances or well stocked dance balls in Second Life. I cannot believe I have gone a year without exploring the men’s balls, but in the last four hours I had handled many, enjoying what was inside and yet I expected more!
   Many men’s dances are just women’s dances in a man’s dance ball- you really have to try them and look to see if the actions are what men do, or even can do! I was depressed in finding only a handful of decent men’s dances in all of Second World, but it was late and I had much to do yet. I paid quickly and left, slowing only to ask where the cashier got her really cute Halloween striped hose- they were so kewl!
   My balloon settled with its usual hiss and crinkly sounds as the copper cooled. The birthday cake had arrived! I needed a table on the rooftop of The Hypnotic Shoppe, and recycled one with the official Caledon colors. “This fits,” I said to Pudge, the small brown bunny riding on my shoulder. She opened one eye and nodded, then drifted back to sleep. I wondered; If it is true that when we die in the Second life, we resurrect into the First life, what happens to them? When you sleep in Second Life you dream of life in the First- holding important jobs, discussing with loved family members, all the fun roleplay that First Lifers get to play! But what do they dream of? Do they dream as they sleep of having to kick faulty hypnosis machines to get them working? Of dance clubs where they walk up and say, “hi, agesexlocation/camnaked?” Do they dream of measuring their relationship length in the number of minutes equal to the number of positions in their bed?
   I realized my brain was wandering again, and thought, “Maybe far above in the First Life, My Spiritual Typist is dozing off?” It would explain a lot about my random thoughts and na├»ve behavior! I could almost feel as if in reply, morning sun rising onto my face through a bedroom window. If it was a true vision, my Typist had been up around the clock and had only a few hours left till my Rezzday party! I ran to buy her a Steelbucks coffee at my favorite little place in South End, but found it was now an art gallery. I was sad, but I love galleries so I checked out the exhibit on Women in Second life.
   This gave me a great idea! If you don’t have them often, you can spot them easily and this was clearly one! I made 24 flat prims and hung pictures, in chronological order! Me with friends, in different occupations or adventures over the last year. Winning the Second Life Pony Award, being allowed to participate in the Caledon Olympics and actually winning a cup for shooting down Air Krakens! I am not a combat doll, so winning this was a shock, let alone being a new doll in town and so warmly accepted into the Caledon Community- their unconditional love and respect of others in Caledon makes my eyes leak even as I pen this. They leaked as I hung pictures of friends who passed away this year, unwound and never to tick again.  They ran hot rivers down my latex cheeks and chest as I placed images of dance clubs now gone, of unmatched groups of sterling friends, and of my bulldozed first home- Barbie Village in Doll Works. Lastly I placed an image I painted, a vision of what it may look like, if I was to dance with my Spiritual Typist. I hoped none of my friends would find my religious beliefs disconcerting- I don’t really know much about religion, I’m not a Priestess doll, but it does seem that your spirituality health directly relates to the health of the rest of you, doesn’t it? I know,, I’m a Barbie Personal Assistant Model 5 with the Pleasure Upgrade 2.0, why do I dwell on such things? Maybe, the fact that I am not sure why, but continue to explore this, means I am more human than I thought?
   Or maybe my Typist has finally fallen asleep…
   I sent the invites and hung the balls carefully so they would not hit anyone in the face, just as the new employees arrived! I bought them some outfits- Blaze wore a sexy outfit by Dirty Dollies. I posted her by the vendor board upstairs and greeted the D.J. at the door. Lewis Shamen was very friendly, and had done his homework! He found many nice songs in Steampunk genre, and most of what I had requested. I envisioned dance songs from the last year, and he did that well. He had said he liked Hard rock, but had sets in classical and ‘80s, and now I suppose he has one called Wendy’s Steampunk Rezzday! He stated that he was worried about his set being right for me and my special day, but in the end he had nothing to fear. I realized as I voiced this to him, that I had nothing to fear either!
   Over 40 people arrived and danced, ate cake and gawked at my picture trip thru the last 365 days of sentience! Many more replied that they could not make it, but sent their warm wishes. It is truly a blessed doll that can say they are loved by so many; most dolls are loved by only one owner. It is this simple doll’s belief that when you are loved, in a way, they own a piece of you, and you own a piece of them, like exchanging a cog, or pieces of your hearts. You care about the wellbeing of the other, as if your own heart’s well being depended on them. 

   I held parts of 40 hearts and each of them held mine, and 40 cogs in unison, with love keep perfect time. Thanks then be that I now see this gift from up above, the truest coin to measure worth in either Life, is love.

  28 Hours My poor Typist stayed awake, fretting over what ended up going superbly! Friends from the first days came, telling funny tales. Friends made just last week came as well. One in particular (I will not mention the state of her name) who went out of her way to wish me happiness, said she envied me, having all these friends that loved me, as she had just lost her good friend recently.
I hugged her, because that’s what dolls do, and told her softly, “You just gained 40 more.”



  1. Congratulations. You are fabulous as ever, in mind, body, and soul.

    - FH

  2. You are absolutly correct. The male dances in SL are horrid and seem to be mostly copies of female dances.