Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Run in with a demoness at Sanctuary (NSFW Nudity)

Humans taste good to Vampires and Demons.
I learned after reviving the body of my human friend  who had become forever broken, that she met her end by a vampire.
  I have had many friends that were vampires and in fact, still do.  We talk for hours, play Greedy, they watch me swim in the ocean, (they don't like moving water I think) and they occasionally ask me to take them in their stylish carrying boxes  on vacations or to new homes, and stuff.

   I was not prepared for the feelings they can twist and arouse, excite and compel. And I had no idea how selfish it can seem, their only concern being a few more drops of life,  which is in fact the exact same as a few more windings of the key, or a human's few more breaths of air.really.
   Are not we all, just clockwork dolls?

One issue I am having, is, like Doctor Jekyll, Whichever body I am inhabiting, believes it is the "true" being, that the other has been assisting or worse, is just a vehicle  for amusement. Enlightened, I now recant having ever given that impression, and see that in whichever form, life is precious and individual and special.

  This particular night I was working for a few hours in the infirmary at Sanctuary, where I put my medical knowledge to good use, healing werewolf wounds, treating Mercury poisoning and  such. Kheira said she was in the area and said hi,, inviting me back to "her cave",, where she had books. How could I refuse, I didn't want to seem impolite, and she was the most normal thing I had met there!

Dressed well, smelled nice, in Sanctuary that is in rare supply. Plus owns books on healing?, Of course I went!
Demon skin is smoother and more oily, like a sweet heady lotion.  I suspect the oil has properties that affect mental faculties. in my normal clockwork perfection, I have no strange urges or deleriums, but in my human vehicle, I mean, form,, it was difficult to breathe, or speak.

And then,, I had hooves,, and horns,,  and a tail.  I copped around for several minutes, adjusting to the feel of hooves, yelling,, I remember being very angry,,,,

Then she said something in the guttural language, that demon tongue, and my horns moved for her,, hooves walked for her,, tail swayed and went where she wanted,, I was trapped in my own body, my will was only to escape!
...Then she touched me,, and my wings and horns and tail and hooves were on fire, and laying with her.. I do recall saying "no" at least once,,,

I don't remember much after that,,,
I do recall cuddling,, but,,  I do not remember what she said,, maybe it was a dream. I keep thinking it might have been a dream.

The fire was warm,, the air was cool in the night forest,, and she was gone. I tapped my hoof on the rock, moving it left and right,, listening to the insects and woosh of the moon as it roared thru the Heavens.

The fire crackled and its warmth was mesmerizing,  its dance. had I danced tonight with fire? had I been permanently burned? Was this what it meant, to be human?

No time passed, and I was in the infirmary. It smelled like alcohol and bleach, but it felt good to be back. I was dressed somehow in my nightgown. This is another reason I suspect this had all been a dream. But what did it mean?
I woke of course like normal except for this strange tale,, and no other "tail"!
   After cleaning the  office and penning half of this,, word reached me that on Yavin4 a man I knew was wanting to become a Jedi padawan! I ran for an hour till I got to the transport site out of the city. By that I mean, Ran ten minutes,, rested ten. Blood - oxygen transfer issues,, emotional and mental and religious issues,,  Must learn these drawbacks to the human form...