Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dolls and warrior inclinations

waiting my "dead" time at the dungeon of the tentacle demon- nice free armor!

As I lay there on the dusty boards in the dark dungeon of the tentacle demon, (No, really that's the Sim's name) and thinking how easily I keep ending up this way, it is easy to say to ones self, "Dolls are not meant to be warriors". I do like the free armor they give you here, free HUDs, etc. But looking back to the Factory and all the others being placed on shelves, I recall, Those G.I. Joes and Battlebots had really nice big guns, and I have this rusty knife , , ,

Friday, April 5, 2013

Goatswood Prim Mystery- THE PRIM THIEF IS ......

The Rustica Empire Collection rugs! To understand this mystery you need to understand a little about MESH:
Whereas a normal rug is made by taking a texture and applying to the face of a prim- which is naturally smooth, you can warp a mesh prim to make the wrinkles and gathers in your rug, in 3D.

Mesh has 2 measurements wheres as normal prims items when edited have 1- prim count. Mesh items have "Prims", and "Land effect" or "Cost" .

These two rugs say PRIMS- 1. but under land affect they say COST- 14 and COST 16!  I never thought to look at the rugs, I dilligently checked the furniture, but it never dawned on me that someone would make a 14 prim rug.. would you?

I am certain there is a fix for this- if any Blender gurus or Mesh professors are reading, please comment!

(now back to our story, already in progress)

Goatswood Mystery day 1/2- Primcount Mystery

"Diary, Just finished with the few items I managed to load into the cart, feeling a bit lonely suddenly. Perhaps when I get my desk settled and can research these old tomes of Grandfather's, I can learn what was causing his change, his obsession,  and repair this family...  perhaps."

((The Rustica Empire Mesh furniture is very pretty, with several animations and texture changes, and so is my roll top desk, and paintings which cannot be set out! I've laid out about 32 prims of items and my tier box says I have reached my maximum of 60- 59 to be exact. Why is this? How can I fix that? What does this- any advice?))

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Goatswood Mystery Begins

"Dear Diary- Day 1

Put Away!? My mouth can scarcely say it, will never say it to these provencials. Lord Charisma has slowly been changing, the last year- his interest in Great Gradfather's collections, such strange paintings, wierd artifacts, the late night closed door rituals choked the manor home with incense- I could smell it and that pungent oil all the way to the back of the gardens!

But this?! Now to be told I am to take on a country home, 'for a while', finish writing that novel of mine,' he says. "make it a pretty home of your own". I made this one! All the parties, I planned them, My studies and Governesses have taught me the very best of talents and skills of the high society, of which I am not modest and certainly not ashamed. I can't even figure the clasp on this silly steamer trunk! Ohh, what is to become of me? Why did he do this?"

"Dear Diary, Day 3

I have had the good fortune to meet an artist named Cornelius, who showed me to a manor home with a room available. Not a summer cottage but one must start somewhere.

It is a sleepy town, with a quiet tavern, called the Roebuck, where I have had to take my meals. I understand the Manor home does serve food, but I have yet to meet the caretakers and Lady of the Manor- they keep odd hours, and there are some strange pictures on the walls, much like my Husband started collecting. though these tend to be pyramids, and his were more like tentacles."

Day 5- Diary, I did it!

I admit I boarded the train with the hope of reconciliation, but upon arrival and seeing his unkempt state, his manic obsession with the family artifacts, strange glowing drawings, and then the arrival of his bizarre though not unattractive friends, I knew my course! That evening they all went to the old sacrifice alter in our woods, I had my old nanny , and her daughter, now a pleasing maid in our employ, help me pack up everything! I do mean everything, all the bizarre artifacts and the books Great Grandfather brought back from his pilgrimages. Could it be he married me for more than just the sizable dowry- something about me that I do not know?

I must hide these things, and study them, so back to that sleepy village I go, I will need to keep low profile, and learn more of my husband and these family mysteries...