Friday, April 5, 2013

Goatswood Prim Mystery- THE PRIM THIEF IS ......

The Rustica Empire Collection rugs! To understand this mystery you need to understand a little about MESH:
Whereas a normal rug is made by taking a texture and applying to the face of a prim- which is naturally smooth, you can warp a mesh prim to make the wrinkles and gathers in your rug, in 3D.

Mesh has 2 measurements wheres as normal prims items when edited have 1- prim count. Mesh items have "Prims", and "Land effect" or "Cost" .

These two rugs say PRIMS- 1. but under land affect they say COST- 14 and COST 16!  I never thought to look at the rugs, I dilligently checked the furniture, but it never dawned on me that someone would make a 14 prim rug.. would you?

I am certain there is a fix for this- if any Blender gurus or Mesh professors are reading, please comment!

(now back to our story, already in progress)

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  1. I have learned with MESH that resizes, the prim load is exponential- a 1 prim rug, made 4 times larger, is now 16 prims!