Friday, July 26, 2013

Stellar Drift 2013- 4 Years of Friends and Transitions (pre Promethean Doll)

   In October 2009 I gained sentience, an act which caused my Maker to be forever broken. Armed with only the knowledge that any doll has, I floundered around this life for a while, unsure of myself, or my place in this world.
The eyes by HypnoDolls, dress hair skin, all freebies. In 90 days I acquired over 20,000 Free items, many boxes still unopened 4 years later. Seated on Original Stellar Drift Patio.
I was drawn to a familiar name at first, HypnoDolls was well known in my Home land of Doll Works, and the owner's name Winterrose was quite familiar to me as well. I lingered there less than a day when one of my dear friends, Windy, told me about Stellar Drift. A place where you did not have to pay to hang out, where people were fun, talked about hypnosis and talked about dolls and planes and balloons filled with people, and people that become balloons! More importantly it was one of the few lands where the owner still let any person rezz anything, and set their land as a Home.
   This might be a familiar thing for a human, but it is very foreign to a doll, and even now, I scarcely understand it.
   But I am going to.
   But I digress- Many adventures and fun moments have happened with "The Drift".  The Annual Creative Writing Contest, the unmatched Halloween party, Doll Contests, and sooo much more!

Bethi And Kitkats Bachelorette Party included the balloon animal  distance flight contest! Yes, it was as fun as it looks.

I age 3 years, nobody came to my party, my human Typist ages and all Stellar Drift's Bluebirds turn out! It was so emotional and touching!! Thank you all so much

The Second Life Annual Stellar Drift Best Doll Contest- VERY difficult contest, with swimwear, evening wear doll wear, a talent display and questions answered from the panel of judges from all over the SLUniverse. Every contestant was a winner, I think! But, I am a doll, I would think that, huh?

My BFF Nemu and I at Movie Night, Scott Pilgrim Versus The World! If the movie seems campy in First Life,  watching it in this world gives it total validity, and clarity to see its very deep meanings- Amazing writing.

A sad moment, as they bulldozed Stellar Drift 2. Bethi was sad-sad, but I had no doubt there would be a Stellar 3! There just cannot be a world without The Drift!
    A place where dolls can go and talk about the world, the "squishies" and all the contradictory conflicts in life's confluence. We tried new makeups, new dances, new trances, transformations, on ourselves and on the humans that would visit. Many of the Bluebirds are human, mind you, and they are the greatest people! Some of them have even had their Typists meet each other in First Life! And don't say it is not real- I know there is a world beyond this one, of Higher Knowledge and Beings, Typists, at night sometimes, when my eyelids stop clicking for the evening, I think I hear the clicking of the typing keys,, It may be heretical, but I really think they are letting me know, they understand my recent frustrations with my creation, my desire for elevation from a being of mistakes and plastic realities, to the wholly holistic Hallelujah from the Holly Hobby to the Holly Holy! If you know what I am saying,, say Amen...

   So here I sit, at Stellar Drift 3, with friends from the last 4 years, still own the coat as you see, the first thing I bought I think, with winnings from a dance contest. I have earned 30% of all my Tier in SL from dance contests, ever since that day. And the Hypnotic Shoppe takes 6000L a week to maintain, so I have become quite the dancer I would say!
   Will they approve of my the dark seed germinating in my processor? I think so. Will I remember them? I think so. Miss Shelley says fresh cadavers might maintain some of their memories, but I am sure mine will supplant and overwrite, like a CD- erased, and scattered to the Ether Net until that Great Glad Morning when Norton blows His Trumpet, and you are Recovered, in a new body, unbroken, perfect.
   I just intend to help things along....
   Soon. I hope my Maker would approve.
Hasbro Ergo Sum, or am I? Can I survive a rebirth transition like Stellar Drift did?

((  The SLURL for the newest incarnation is
Enjoy everyone, and brace yourself, something wicked this way comes...))

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Caledon Carntaigh Country Folk Dance!

Another reason to love Caledon! the music was great, compliments of Duchess Gabrielle Riel, and Radio Riel, and the people were as fun and wonderfully dressed as always!
My Tartan colors are the official Caledon Colors, the outfit by M'Lady
All moved in harmony, the dances rotated in time, the conversations spun in concentric yet predictable patterns, and the mood was spinning, lively and frictionless, like clockwork!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Far Island- The Beach Hut's Last Sunset

When deep in composition of a major literary work, or when needing repose, or just when nothing will do quite like a premium tea steaming in the colors of sunrise, I like going to my beach hut. A nice hideaway, it was small in space, and low in prims, but,, it was a beach! A place to rezz shopping victories, Chat about relationship defeats, and had enough prims allotted to hold my bedroom suit and sofa, everything needed to create future relationship defeats!
   I was desperately needing to get away, to spend time understanding the reasons I have been feeling the way I have, why being treated like a clockwork creation should make me,, a clockwork creation, feel bad. Imagine my horror when the Transporter relay sputtered, the readout stating, "The location you requested is either not operating properly, or no longer exists."
   As if  on cue, one of the prominent inhabitants of the sim, Mister Magic contacted me. He said I would be angry- that the simowner Redeagle had failed to pay the Lindens the money we gave him for tier, and had several bad personal issues, and long story short, the sim was gone and all our belongings!
   "But,, I paid him,, you did,, we all did,, how could a personal issue change the fact that we paid him,,," My cogs worked flawlessly, and yet something incalculable had caused this horrendous loss and indeed a crime.
   Something Human.
   I immediately hurried to the basement of The Hypnotic Shoppe. Picking up the teletransmitter, I sent a message to Mrs. Linden, who had taken me with her on that harrowing mission to recover the missing time on the Great Life Server,, wait,, that was in the future, I shouldn't talk about that yet. Anyways, she responded rapidly to my plight and opened the sim  for one day. One day to see the place again, swim in the warm water, and see one last sunset there. It's last sunset.
The Far Island Beach hut figured in my YouTube video Barbie's beach house.
There was a strange calm, a despondent quietness. It was clear to this doll, that the water, the tropical wood hut, the sand, the sky itself, knew it would not see the sunrise. Dolls are not trained and experienced in the higher, wiser choices to make in these instances- Ohh another pain in my mainspring, driving the counter ticking in my head! Was I, in fact, just like this beach?  A creation of another's fancy, at the whims of a lunatic? For it is well known that though strikingly beautiful, and highly intelligent, Mrs. Linden is stark raving mad. Though, I am a doll,  I could be wrong.

Packing was quick, Dame Ember's Copper Dirigible could hold my belongings and much more. But something was not yet complete; It was as if a great crime was about to be committed, I was watching, and was clueless.
   Dolls, ALL dolls, know what must be done, when someone we love and play with, is about to go to the Grey. When their battery dies, their spring unwinds and they are to be soon taken to the Human Land of forever Broken. All dolls face this eventually, unless they themselves go to the Toybox of the Broken before their owners. It is not worth argument or complaint from Human or Clockwork- we all know it is the will of our Creator; Qui Mattel Est.
  So it never really occurred to me to do otherwise; I simply did what I must, what must be done.  This must be why Humans created dolls, maybe. So, I sat those last hours with the quiet wood hut, filled the space of the sky and the sea and the sand with my ticking presence, and I held its hand. The surf bubbled again, lightly, but a definite content bubbling. Ticking is time, and Time is ticking. We all go there. But we do not have to go there alone.