Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wellsian Volcano! RCAF mobilizes for Caledon

I piloted The Nightingale over dangerous air currents, note lava heading to the Sea, Cavorite in green
It is well known that every business and home in  the Independent States of Caledon gets an EmergencyPhono-system. The large brass trumpet looking horn sits inconspicuously against an inside wall with a lovely cabinet door hiding it. It is quite loud, it turns out! I was reorganizing the shoppe, and had just put together the new Hypno-lounge on the second floor, when a piercing blare from the cabinet shook the walls! I pulled the escape strap on my High heel Ballet boots and ran barefoot down the steps into the basement. The voice was tinny, thin and soft, but the voice and words were unmistakable:
   "This is Guvnah Desmond Shang- Wellsian is on fire, a volcano has appeared in Wellsian, take precautions!"
 How often I have wished to hear his voice call me , dreaming of opulent dances at the Great Court House in Victoria City, floating to the floor on his arm,,,
   ...But I am just a doll.  He is the Guvnah of the largest, most successful, inspired and intellectual , and wealthy land in this Second Life, He is Victorian culture personified, all rigor and vigor and refined, and my shoppe, well,  I digress.
   I alerted the Royal Caledon Air Force and pressed the steam skyroof  button, rolling back the dancefloor / roof and raising the landing pad. Wiping off cobwebs took a few moments, for I am rather terrified of spiders, but by the time I had my uniform on, the Nightingale was ready for flight.
Solace, Erewhon, Callidus and Glorf, as I land on mountains nearby
  The winds above the spewing, molten rock made flight treacherous, but a few passes revealed only one building was in immediate danger. The Bashful Peacock Club now had lava flowing in its back yard! I reported my findings and landed nearby, on a plateau in the mountain range.
Erewhon, Glorf, me and Solace watch the horror
      "No cause for alarm," Professor Glorf Bulmer said, over and over. She is an amazing inventor, wonderful professor, and I stongly doubt most the stories of her being a mad scientist. We measured the speed of flow, whose properties were in danger, and compared new clothing and swapped store addresses.
Glorf's complexion, and smell, quite different than normal- Cavorite Poisoning? Or something diabolical?
      Professor Bulmer passed out! Her complexion was more pale, skin shrunk and peeled, quite a ghastly appearance, and her scent matched. She usually has the nicest scent, smelling like her workshop- metal oils, sawed wood, ozone from electrical Tesla Coil sparks, heavenly! Well, perhaps to some humans it is not as attractive, but it reminds me of my youth in the Factory- I had such a crush on Assembly Robot 6! My affections I feel may have been rewarded in a way, with his providing me all four packages available! Late one night we tried out the Superhero and Cheerleader packages, till the pressure in the Great Tank caused him to,, But, I digress.
The Nightingale, RCAF's mobile hospital platform
     Erewhon began hooking up the Cardio Graphing Machine and Steam powered Breathing Apparatus, While Solace untied the moorings. Soon we were all in flight at the best speed I have ever made in The Nightingale, east to the land of Brigadoon, then north, to Cape Wrath, and the RCAF Hospital!

Solace, Erewhon, and myself, versus the mystery illness of Glorf Bulmer!
   The obstinate elevator once again threw its own fit, but we made it in no time to the ward. I attached the gas mask to the patient, as Solace and Erewhon readied her a hideous hospital gown, which they found amusing.
   Once in place, I realized the gas given was actually Truth Gas!
   "Glorf, What is the secret reason behind the volcano and Cavorite rising from the ground?" I asked and we were all shocked as

    Once they left, and we signed the sworn affidavits, I cleaned up the mess in the hospital, put away the Nightingale, and managed to make it in time for Britney's hypno trance. Poor girl thinks she is a vampire, and I am hopeful through hypnosis and dental work we can cure her delusions.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hypnosis- New Item Release! and negative press

After a brisk swim in the waters north of Cape Wrath, and a full wind-up, I sat at my desk with the newspaper, talking to the occasional customer over the new items and news of interest. There are two items to report:

The magicians at Mecha and Rygel&Lustbaby have made a fun new hypnosis item, it is a model of a 1980's arcade game cabinet, that actually plays, and of course, plays with your mind as well! Offering many on board trances, and access to the hundreds of trances thru the Rygel&Lustbaby website, it is great fun, offered now at my store, The Hypnotic Shoppe!

An article in the paper today raised my eyebrow, I am sure many in the community will have an opinion on this, and feel free to discuss it here!
NORTH PORT, Florida (AP) — A Florida high school principal accused of using hypnosis on students entered a written plea of not guilty to two misdemeanor charges on Thursday.
George Kenney, 52, was charged earlier this week with two counts of unlawful practice of hypnosis.
Officials say George Kenney hypnotized two North Port High students before the two, independently of one another, committed suicide last year. Officials say Kenney had been warned by his boss to stop using such one-on-one hypnosis with students.
But Kenney's attorney, Mark Zimmerman, said that the principal's supervisor only expressed concern and never gave him a written directive to stop the hypnosis. Kenney, who currently is on administrative duty not at the school, plans to retire from the school district at the end of the school year, Zimmerman said.
Kenney is not guilty because the law requires proof that the hypnosis was for therapeutic purposes and that wasn't the reason for the hypnosis, Zimmerman said.
"The purpose always was to either boost athletic performance or academic performance," Zimmerman said. "My interpretation of therapeutic is that implies a form of treatment. He wasn't treating anybody."
Prosecutors decided not to file felony charges of unlicensed practice of health care. The misdemeanor charges of unlicensed practice of hypnosis carry a maximum of up to a year in jail.
A state attorney's investigation included interviews with hundreds of people.
bdsm and slave exploration and training- the most requested trance packages of 2011 by far