Friday, January 13, 2012

Hypnosis- New Item Release! and negative press

After a brisk swim in the waters north of Cape Wrath, and a full wind-up, I sat at my desk with the newspaper, talking to the occasional customer over the new items and news of interest. There are two items to report:

The magicians at Mecha and Rygel&Lustbaby have made a fun new hypnosis item, it is a model of a 1980's arcade game cabinet, that actually plays, and of course, plays with your mind as well! Offering many on board trances, and access to the hundreds of trances thru the Rygel&Lustbaby website, it is great fun, offered now at my store, The Hypnotic Shoppe!

An article in the paper today raised my eyebrow, I am sure many in the community will have an opinion on this, and feel free to discuss it here!
NORTH PORT, Florida (AP) — A Florida high school principal accused of using hypnosis on students entered a written plea of not guilty to two misdemeanor charges on Thursday.
George Kenney, 52, was charged earlier this week with two counts of unlawful practice of hypnosis.
Officials say George Kenney hypnotized two North Port High students before the two, independently of one another, committed suicide last year. Officials say Kenney had been warned by his boss to stop using such one-on-one hypnosis with students.
But Kenney's attorney, Mark Zimmerman, said that the principal's supervisor only expressed concern and never gave him a written directive to stop the hypnosis. Kenney, who currently is on administrative duty not at the school, plans to retire from the school district at the end of the school year, Zimmerman said.
Kenney is not guilty because the law requires proof that the hypnosis was for therapeutic purposes and that wasn't the reason for the hypnosis, Zimmerman said.
"The purpose always was to either boost athletic performance or academic performance," Zimmerman said. "My interpretation of therapeutic is that implies a form of treatment. He wasn't treating anybody."
Prosecutors decided not to file felony charges of unlicensed practice of health care. The misdemeanor charges of unlicensed practice of hypnosis carry a maximum of up to a year in jail.
A state attorney's investigation included interviews with hundreds of people.
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