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Bloodpool Dark RP * NSFW Nudity* Adults only fiction

Hearing of someone who was injured, I packed my Royal Caledon Medical bags and hurried to
Their location, a place named,, Bloodpool,,, not the most inviting of names, I thought.
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 Except for a few party-goers, the place seemed quiet,, and generally friendly... I  was looking for a man, moaning, deeply injured it seemed. Nobody knew anything so I ventured toward the beach.

note all the Bloodlines Friendly posters, be advised, vampires, demons, adult Roleplay

And Fishing! this looked fun! I like fishing


The castle was foreboding, enormous,, surrounded by thick forests and other smaller fishing points, and nests of secluded cottages for rent.

I passed many shops for rent at decent prices, but still no sign of the man who was screaming and moaning..

The man at the cemetary gate said he was in the employ of a "Mistress Silky", and would not allow passage,, so I went around and was as polite as could be.

note 14L for Bloodlines apples, very good price

by nightfall I had found the main stairway, still I could hear the echoes of a man whimpering in pain...

Every room is well furnished, I found a medical room and resupplied myself, several libraries, bedrooms, and at last the living quarters!

 The serpent eyes changed color, and made me feel very ill at ease,,

 but not as much as the painting above it,,

 IT WAS ME......

 Lightning cracked with  the smell of ozone filling the dank hall, who was that sarcophagus for?

 I got too close! a sharp sizzling painful strike seized me up and I felt the stained glass shatter as I was propelled though it!

 but,, it wasn't broken,,,

 The smell of sulfur and burning rock filled my nose and I stared disbelieving,,,

The most expansive, terrifying volcanic grotto I had ever seen! I had to remind myself I was a scientist, and looking for the source of the moaning man

 beside the stained glass portal with me, was a skeleton, and the shimmering ectoplasmic apparition I assumed had been this poor soul when he was alive...
"It is hopeless,," he said,,
"Why? Who are you? "
"I was Galdur, King of my land. With magic knife and armor I came to save them, but they were too strong. I tried to leave but there is no way to exit the glass except to receive a special key from the arch-demon above us,, he can only be defeated by one means and I never learned it,,,you are doomed,,,"

  I  certainly wasn't going to listen to this all day! I had to save that man!

All my clothing was gone, all my tools, medical items,, yet this man's clothing scraps were still intact, and his knife! It must be that magical items remain when you go through the stained glass,, I quickly cut up the huge leathery shirt of his so it would fit me, it was full of holes, he had been in a horrible fight,, when he was alive...

Much better! now to find that man!

There below,, a woman,, with a man and he was moaning in pain! I found him!

The plumes of acrid smoke were searing, and the lava would be instant death,, I had to be careful as I made my way over her little island of rock and dropped down

"Well dear it took you long enough, I have been holding him between worlds for hours!"

her voice was strangely familiar, and sweet,,,
"What do you mean? Is he hurt? I am a doctor..."

The woman with wings just laughed a cute playful laugh...
"yes! yes, he needs your help! Oh this is a fun game, and you don't realize what is happening do you? Oh how yummy!"

"What do you mean? And don't try anything." I waved the magic knife.
   "Haven't you wondered how you heard a man moaning in the Void space? or how you knew to come here?  Just place your hands on his , on his heart,, feel his essence pulsing."

The moment I touched his body, his ghostly form stopped moving! A shock like the lightning that blasted me through the window, ran up my arms and down my thighs, I quivered, I saw double, My skin felt hot,, and my hands and arms looked noticeably darker,,,

"What happened?  My skin? I feel my blood racing  through me!"

She was calm, caring, her voice loving and understanding...
 "Yes, it is a gift, now your skin is able to withstand the waters of creation, the lava. You can breathe now, feel things, you can feel things,, feel them, , feel them now,, just listen, and feel, , , "

She was right, as soon as I closed my eyes, I could hear voices in my mind,, I listened harder, but they seemed to sink down into my mind before I could really catch what they were saying, which of course made me fight even hearing them at all! She was cooing and the soft murring in her throat made me really distracted, warm all over and frustrated. I wriggled a little and her hands began sliding up my belly, removing my magic shirt.
  "Your new skin is much stronger than this old skin, it is unneeded now." I had to admit it, and said softly,
  "It is unneeded now."

"That's right," she said in her usual loving and caring voice. I laughed as she tickled my belly, the voices barely noticeable now as they poured vast amounts of knowledge into my head, just beyond where I was able to really focus on them. I started to worry her I think, maybe I wrinkled my brow, and she was there with more help.
  "Now, you would like to be able to see better wouldn't you? Just lean back, I have you, just let me have you, just relax, I have you,  I have you now." She was right as usual and I told her so.
  "You have me now."

 her hands spread my knees, touched me all over, anywhere she wanted,, and I felt a heat pouring up into me, and seething out my skin, rushing out my eyes,,

I could feel my eyes changing, throbbing, I could see in more colors, more forms of light, the luminescence of the grotto was amazing!  Gorgeous! My breasts swung heavily as she played with them and I could feel them growing, swelling, throbbing all over. She was loving and gentle, like always. She had me now, and I felt very safe. Her voice echoed in my mind now, I didn't need to hear , my mind could understand their thoughts, and they clearly understood mine.
  "There, your body is now ready to accept your learning,, and your learning is now ready to accept your body. You are ready, you accept,, you accept now."
  "I was scared, I needed my knife, my shirt, I needed to run, escape, and I told her so, or tried. But it came out in a soft echoing murr,
  "Mmmmm, I accept now."

 I washed and swam in erotic waves and oceans of bliss, for days, weeks, months, while her voice in my head poured all that I was to know, my training,  she was training me.
"Why are you training me?" I queried, hugging her lightly and kissing her the way I knew sent her shivers. She had trained me.
"So you can survive when you meet the Haunt. But why did you want to meet him?"
 "I need the key to escape from the Arch Demon, and I need that which protects me from him."
She laughed a little chuckle as she stroked my feet,, till they hardened into soles perfect for the terrain here, I felt faster, stronger, dozens of times more than before.

 I kicked my feet in the air and smiled as it made her giggle, Then my tail protruded quickly, and it hurt at first, a shock up my spine, but as my training taught me, pain is only another form of pleasure, and soon i writhed in it and swung my tail about!

A splitting crack in my skull allowed the horns to push up from deep inside, The moment they were there, still wet and pulsing,, she was quick to bind them with jewels and wire,, I could hear thoughts anywhere I wanted, if I concentrated.

"What,, what are you doing to me?"
"You wanted the protection against the arch demon didn't you? The haunt will give it to you, if you live. But now you can hear him, feel him, and you must meet him in the glow-water. It would have killed you , but now you will be fine."
 I thanked her as I stood, trying out my new feet, I was so much faster now! The lava didn't burn me either, I see why she called it only, "glow water" .

I could feel the haunt's approach behind me, his mental force was dark and musky as he tried to pervade my thoughts, fill my head with his stench, his was an essence of death, pure and simple.
 I turned to face him, and I could feel his thoughts pouring down the back of my throat, no way to stop them; as if he had the code to my horns, was transmitting to them around my conscious thought. I was pretty sure it had something to do with the gems she imbedded, he was however in a good mood, so I played along.
   "Very good, little pupae. You have done well, accepted all your training, and transformed properly. I now give you the ability to see and handle the ecoplasm, to feed on psychic energy, of life, of sex, and to give it to others."
   "Thank you."
   "What troubles you? I hear it in your mind."  His stench in my mind was more pleasant now, I recall thinking it was like a cologne I had smelled before on a man, maybe he was a haunt?
   "I must escape, and to get through the window, I need the key from the Arch Demon, and I know not how to protect myself from him."
   "I would kill others for such a thought, but for you, the answer is to see the Hell-Dragon, over there. Tell him I sent you for the protection of the Arch Demon. I deal only in Death and Ectoplasmic transference,, The Dragon deals in what you seek."

 I hurried over, splashing and kicking as I went, it was amazing how limber I was, how lithe, I could leap stories, I could feel it was possible to retract my horns, hooves, tail,, but before I could focus on it,  he was there, ancient and impervious. It did me no good to even consider attacking or threatening him, and I told him so at first.
   "This new pupae serves with respect"
   He seemed moderately amused and though his mouth opened to bite,, he paused.
   "Hm,, I read your thoughts, even as I pour into you my knowledge. Soon you will be ready."
"Soon I will be ready."
  It just came out, I don't know why I said it.
  I decided to caress his enormous toothy jaw and coo lovingly to him, just as she had done with me earlier.
   "How may I protect myself from the great Arch Demon, that i may get the key to escape?"
   His voice was like a ton of rock in my head
   "Good. Your abilities of persuasion are working, your ability to affect minds, The wiggle of hip, glance of the eyes, the timbre in your voice, and your mind control, all complete, You are ready. See the Arch Demon."

I approached him with my hands on my head, he watched as I sauntered closer, my chest swaying with my hips, my tail bobbing lightly in time with my breasts. I darted a innocent glance up to him, and he snarled.

 "Great Arch Demon, holder of the key to the window, " I lowered my arms, using all my sensual ability, focusing on his mind, his loins, his life force. "Please give me the key."
   "You must do more than that, Pupae."

 I knelt and began writhing, moving my shoulders and hips, rolling my pelvis, all my training  came to me on how to entice, how to enslave with the subtle movements of my body.  After what seemed like a dozen years or so, I licked my lips finally and whispered,, "Wasn't that worth a silly key?"
My legs buckled and I fell. Splayed as if my body was a rag doll, He overshadowed me, his mental power throbbing  in my head, pounding and sending signals louder and stronger than my own mind could. I was terrified!

 I screamed, "Noo!"

He whispered in my mind,, "Yesss." I felt him throbbing inside me , in two places now. I swelled with sensual thrill, and willingly did all he desired, and learned all he would teach.. I don't know how long it was, I realized I had no idea now, had I been here for years?  minutes?

 I learned of politics and practice, combat and civility, court manners and laws and lethal means of dispatching all my hated enemies. Then he filled me with the list of all his hated enemies, his loves, his sick and perverted desires, and the ability to conceal all these things from my prey, my enemies, even my Masters in the Hierarchy. I would be more subtle and powerful than them all,, I would overcome them one day and take their position, more and more powerful. I knew how I would do it too, How I would overcome them and destroy them,, he taught me how, and I received all he gave me.

 "Good. You now have all the training I can provide, and have passed my tests. What would you like to do now?"  I didn't have to think and with a soft sensual voice I caressed his still glistening shaft and whispered as I kissed his horn.
   "Mmm, Would it please you if I were to prostrate myself on the altar and offer myself and services to our Duchess?"
   "Go now. You are ready."

The moment I laid on the altar I could hear her voice,, she had been waiting, cheering,,, I cried with joy knowing, feeling, inside and out, how thrilled and happy I had made her. I laid there on the altar for ,,, years? She absorbed me, slowly, accepted me,, slower than I built my energy back, so I did not die. I grew stronger. Then when she was sated, filled, and she had deposited within me, subconscious wisdom that I could sense was very dangerous and powerful, she whispered, and I was rejuvenated, ready to leave. I realized then, that the key to leaving, was to go through that which I had done. The key was to do it well, and properly, and complete it all to their standard. I had done so.

I floated, I glowed, I basked in their energy and love, and hate, and the being at the portal was still there.
   "It is you,, I sense it, but you are now a succubus, your power courses and pulses, it will control you if you do not fight it! Any of the dark Dukes and Duchesses of the Lower Planes can crack the code of your horns and control your mind, you idiot! You thought you were beating them, but they beat you!"

 A number of funny retorts came to mind, but I was so filled with the Duchessess' love and energy, I kept walking, as if on clouds, and laughed, because I had in fact succeeded where he failed. So who was the fool?
 I remember thinking, "It's cold ,," as the door to the castle opened...

I had no idea how much time had passed, where I had gone then, or what I did, but I was standing then in my medical aid office,, dressed in a new skirt and shirt, but with horns, a tail, and hooves,, my eyes glowed a deep crimson in the mirror!

I can still hear them you know,,, now I hear them everywhere, the moans, the tortured souls, on this plane and others, in this time stream and alternate time streams that cross mine. I could feel the guard upstairs in the gym, working out, and before I could stop myself I had sent him a flash image of his sweaty thick body writhing against mine,, a moment later he was toweling off, and heading toward the infirmary... I gave him a thought  and he assumed it was his!  Oh,, a dangerous ability,, I could feel a hunger in me, I needed to learn control,, first,, I will hide these horns and things,, then I will learn how to undo all this.

   But first,, maybe a snack...