Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Romance is a Rose- a short but Titanic Story

We have many transformation machines at the Hypnotic Shoppe

   I was helping some of my associates at the Hypnotic Shoppe, restoring  the memories of a happy satisfied customer who asked to become blissfully ignorant, happy, and satisfied with life. The dollification was a success, and they were now very happy, blissful and brain-wiped.  I guess the world and family members the customer was running from, did not want them escaping into nirvana; they paid us to give the initial customer back their memories, worries, former body and ulcer. The mental backup was easily restored, but the biological body's "squishy parts" were already sold to a scientist in New Babbage. SOOooo,,, No blissful state, and no original shape- stuck in a doll body, and all their money refunded. Nobody involved felt very happy. Myself, I have never been displeased with my design, the shortcomings of the winding spring, weight, speed, etc. My creator designed me to be me, and do what I was intended to do. I think people become upset with themselves or their lot in life when they try to use a rose as a screwdriver.  It was just as we finished that  I received a courier at the door.

   "Miss Doll, " it began. I always smile when I am addressed this way. There are millions of hot new dolls and action figures on shelves right now, waiting to make someone happy. The new battery power makes the new dolls so quick, and well,, so much lighter than clockwork. To refer to me as Miss Doll,  seems to say that there is only one, or that I somehow exemplify them all, which anyone would agree is a very flattering thing to do, right? It may also be that I have a poor grasp of human language, and am flattering myself. However if left undisturbed, deluded and not faced with the harsh reality, this is also a pleasant state! If never before, a rose or flower you did see,, how gorgeous to you then would the dandelion be!

   The letter went on to say that there was a Grand Ball that night! The largest most opulent ship ever built was to host a party with live singers and formal dancing, by invitation only, and I was being invited!

He was from a rich family across the ocean, in the land of Zindra, of which I have heard many stories. Surely he would notice my gown was from last year's runways! and my shoes are 2 years old!  I ran out the door, getting to the shore of Cape Wrath's chilly but pretty North Coast, when I realized it would take a very long time to swim to my favorite tailor of gowns. Nobody noticed thankfully- what a Ditz doll I can be! I hopped on the train thinking, "A rose will never be inducted into MENSA."

   Utopia had one dress on the rack that fit me, called "Juliet". I occasionally have difficulty with "off the rack" clothes. Humans are not the same proportions as their dolls they design, it seems. I wonder, do they do that to idolize what they are not and can never physically be, or to set a standard with their children, playing with the goals and medical procedures they will seek one day? Such thoughts I have, silly I know! Should roses play games in which they grow up to become humans?

   The train was quick to N-Core, and the most gorgeous set of shoes was made in exactly the same color as my dress! They fit well, no weird fitting procedures needed. A stop at Amacci for their latest up-do hairstyle, and I felt MUCH better! I hoped he would like the color, they lightened my hair just one step, to go with the powdery blue of the dress. It reminded me of the water of the ocean, glittering off the beach.  I made a note to ask him if he liked the beach, and about his job, and not to mention children or bank accounts, as I am told it is very poor manners on a first date.

   The pier surged under my feet, making it difficult to walk up the plank and onto the opulent "floating hotel"! Hundreds of couples walked by me as I waited, some in amazing gowns, crisp tuxedos, some in smoking hot dresses tightly wrapping their bodies, some men even wore jeans and T-shirts! Though a man in jeans is the same worth as a man in silk, if one goes to an amazing formal dancing place in Second Life, they really should match the venue. Tuxedos at rodeos are equally misplaced, right?  Roses by their nature, are quite a formal flower.

   "Message for Miss Doll! Excuse me, are you Miss Doll?" The young girl stared at me as if she recognized me! "Well, kinda,, " I started. She explained quickly, "Cuz, I thought uh, well you look um, with the uhh thing in your back turning,, and uh, I had this doll when I was young,," I was so flattered!  I almost wished I had been her doll, what a friendly and pleasant person! What adventures we would have had. I wish I had not gotten that cable though.
   "Hey sexy, got a orgy going, forget that junk, do you later"
   Not even signed. He did not use my name, or his. I may just be a doll, but I have noticed when humans admire respect or find worth with any thing, they attach a name to it, and quickly try to attach their name as owner. That kerplushh sound was my spirits  falling into the dark cold waves of the ocean. I really did not need to go on that opulent ship anymore, but I had gotten so, um,, "wound up",  it seemed to propel my feet up the ramp. Manning the rail as the ship set sail, my saline added to the surging froth below, and seemed to make me happier, knowing that the tears of failure and loss can also keep you afloat and alive on a beautiful floating hotel such as this. True, I was created to make people happy, but maybe not him? Maybe someone on this ship was feeling blue, and needed pleasant company? I could be that, for them, or some other friend!

   I ran to the young assistant girl and asked her to send cables to several friends and see if they could meet me on this momentous night, on this incredible ship.  She had hopeful eyes, and a hug later, I entered through the vendor store area, into the Grand Ballroom. I would have loved to have sauntered in like I owned the ship, but honestly it was more like a quiet timid state of awe.
   I asked for a drink and carefully sat at the bar, the live singer keeping the room bouncing and swaying. She was so good!
  The purser skulked down the stairs and stood looking at me, wadded cables in her hand. I looked up with a hopeful query on my face. Her returned expression said it all, and then she cocked her head with a shrug, looking quite sympathetic. At least, if this night ended like this, I could say I had heard a great musician, and met a lovely soul. I stared at nothing in particular, not really thinking about anything, allowing myself to rock with the ship, hum along to the music, and enjoy the brisk air and pretty decorations. Roses ride well, atop a long thick shaft of painful thorns.

The enormous ship has 2 ballrooms, 2 vendor areas, posing areas, berths, even the car in the hold from the movie!
Roses know that as cold as night can be, dawn always rises.

   "Excuse me, I think I recognize you from the Symposium on Lolita clothing, are you Professor Charisma?"

   I brushed my bangs from my eyes and sat up. "Um,, yes,  I am. Please call me Wendy, and you are..?"

   "I am Michael, Lord Macbeth of Macbeth Manor, Winterfell. May I join you?" His large powerful hand shook mine, smile and eyes of brilliant blue cascading down from an Old World warrior's frame, wrapped in a crisp silk-blend tuxedo. His family crest ring cost more than I made at the University in a year.

   Have you ever had your heart leap so hard so fast that it felt like your power cog was going to explode out of your chest? Did it scare you too? Did you stand up anyways and find yourself dancing in silken circles?

   We talked of universities, of his penchant for horses, and his poor island. He owned an island, in the far southern land of Austral, but just like Atlantis, Austral sunk into the sea leaving many homeless. At least Lord Macbeth has his holdings in the Steam lands.

   I might suggest you dance with nobility some time-

   I might suggest you take a walk under the stars on a romantic ship with nobility some time-

   I might suggest you pose on the churning, surging bow, letting the spray invigorate your skin through sheer fabric, as you are held closely from behind by nobility-

   We talked for hours, then thanked the hostess- the very talented and caring staff attend to your every need- for such a lovely evening. Lord Macbeth mentioned showing me his place, having a ship alongside this one, and I said certainly, but just for one drink. I had to get home soon. His ship was a submarine! Called The Nautilus, it was comfortable, and very fast! but it is disconcerting to be underwater in a small vessel.

   I might suggest you sit up till dawn laughing and talking with nobility some time-

   He rowed me back across the Winterfell Strait in a canoe, just as the morning hues sprayed across the eastern sky. it was breathtaking, and as beautiful as any rose ever created.

   I of course told everyone at the shoppe about my amazing evening! After a quick shower and dress change, we talked more about the strange turn of events, and the nobleman. We cackled as my friends made several rather bawdy suggestions, and I admit I will keep them private, as some ideas might actually get used!

   Then, Candi handed me the morning paper, and we all stood speechless-

Roses are made beautiful by creation, made dangerous by necessity, and made valuable by its fragility. They procreate and send off shoots to keep the dream of their Creator alive. Roses know, the day their first Springtime bloom is given to a young lover, that in time, Winter will come. Most importantly, roses know they are roses. I thanked my Creator for what I was still to be, and whispered a prayer for the roses now lost in Winter's  sea.
(RMS Titanic is a really amazing Sim, very formal and enforced, very romantic, and just a touch of romantic sadness. It can be laggy and you might need to ask the management to help TP you in, on really busy nights. It was VERY busy the night of April 14 2012, the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.)