Sunday, October 31, 2010

halloween parties in second life rawk!

I've run now to 7 different dances in Second Life, and I can tell you they rival the First Life party attended by My Typist, for creative outfits, party theme, professional music and fun people and conversation! I would like to thank  (ok yes) The Hypnotic Shoppe party and DJ Lewis Shamen, and those responsible for the parties at Tara Hotel, Caledon, Rubber Room, Club Myst, Toontopia, Versailles, Stellar Drift, Ragdollz, Toxia, and others actually I just saw on radar and walked into! Everyone was so nice and I met tons of new friends!
Provided here now is the 2010 Stellar Drift Coordinated Thriller Dance- you may recognize the doll with the bunny head, , , Those of you in the movie, please reply back and tell everyone which one is you! I know Bethani Bimbogami is Harley Quinn, The tree is Nemurz, (Nemurimsu Neiro), Can't recall the others, (my Typist had a couple drinks at the First Life Party and she's not a very large person) so please reply with names!


  1. Wheeeee I'm the one in the blue outfit and pink shorts going as Ramona flowers :p

  2. Bloody Angel with large wings is me, Domitan Redenblack.