Thursday, December 30, 2010

My End of Year Physical

A playful 3 headed Dragon

I was in the back yard of the shoppe yesterday, playing with a lively 3 headed dragon, when I got an Aether message from a friend- well, kind of a friend, well, I knew their name kinda, from heresay, but i was sure they were friendly!
"Congratulations on your first Rezzday- Please report to the following address for your routine end of year physical. Wear loose clothing and come alone."

   Why, the time alloted me was right that very minute! It was a milestone- called by my first doctor! Having never lived a whole year before, this human ritual completely escaped me! What a Ditz Doll I am sometimes!
   I quickly grabbed a handbag which matched my shoes perfectly, threw my usual things in it and ran up the steps to the Public Airship Transport platform. The wind was a bit stiff and chilly, and I regretted wearing the capri style pants, but the sweater was warm enough to protect my joints. Minutes later I was there, at my assigned clinic. The dark brick steps down into the sub-cellar facility had a wonderfully steampunk antique quality, and I may have been genuinely frightened by its "Hammer Horror" exterior, if I didn't know it was a perfectly harmless health clinic.

The large damp, cavernous room was lit by many blinking and beeping machines, and most of my fears were alleviated by their hospital sounds and the soothing trickle of water off the rough hewn granite walls.

"You may sit your things there. When ready, lie on the steel tray at the end of the machine."

   The familiar voice seemed impatient, so I set my bag down and leapt upon the exam table with a flawed, but technically correct Pas De Chat. I partially hoped my form and crisp execution would show the doctor my fine health and shorten my stay, but I guess humans do not benefit from such actions, and I comitted this knowledge to memory as the cold metal board pulled me into the vibrating machine. Areas of my body warmed as the intense light rays heated wherever the elusive physician directed. His words were a bit cryptic and I made mental note to study my medical journals harder, to better understand.

   "Ahh, your life support is operational"..., "Internal controls unlocked, adjusting internal fluid volume and PH balance"..., "Lactation potential far exceeds requirement,, perfect"..., Initiating the Pentathate gas"...

   I giggled to myself, well, not too loudly anyways, feeling quite pleased to be making the doctor happy. For the first time of many, I hope, I felt what 'Bios' must feel, when a doctor tells them they seem generally in good health! I giggled again, and then took a brief nap, as the man's deep sexy voice echoed in my head.

   "2, and 3. Wake  and obey. Let us continue your physical."

   I rubbed my eyes and yawned, hoping he didn't see my nipples poking up in my sweater. There's just something about doctors, policemen, the way they stand, their sexy outfits, the way they tell you to wake and obey, it really winds my key!

   I looked around for the doctor to see if he was anywhere near as sexy as his voice, but I guess I just missed him again. I have often heard humans say they had trouble seeing their doctors so this must be normal. I carried my small bundle of folded clothing, sweater and shoes, hose and undies into the next room and sat them on the rock at the entrance to the room. Hm,, when did I take my clothes off and fold them? Well, anyways, the grotto-shaped laboratory was steamy, dimly lit, I guess to relax people. It made me a bit on edge honestly but I felt compelled to do well at my first physical. I stepped in the center of the room and held my arms out, standing in a nearly perfect 'second position'.

A twinkle of vaporous green orbs materialized near me, swirling like a glowing mist until a thick muscular tendril gave me a careful, but firm serpentine hug. I laughed nervously as many identical appendages coalesced from the green hazy air. A droning sound filled the uneasy silence, making me pleasantly tingle and a bit numb in the head. However, I have also been known to feel that way after just one glass of Moscato D' Asti. I wished for such a glass just then, my mouth a bit dry from the ever-building worry I experienced.

 I was amazed how strong the muscular tentacles were! It was easy to relax and trust them as they lifted me, wrapping first one leg up to my thigh, then the other, then around my waist and under my buttcheeks, then supporting my back, then posing my left arm out and the other, then supporting both my breasts. The warm pulsing from the huge slithery arms was like a massage, and I am embarrassed to mention how erotic it seemed to me; I tried to hide this from the doctor though, wherever he was. It was difficult however; The gooey sticky mucus on the tentacles had dissolved my clothing, and the probing and inspecting of my orifices, from nostrils to nether-lands, lasted so long I simply could not help but be hot wet obedient and ready. I mean, not really the way that sounds but, hmm why did I even say that then? It was a physical right? I wanted to do well! And it didn't hurt that my physical had risen me to orgasmic heights!

Eventually the thick pulsing one between my legs shuddered and jerked, while inspecting deep inside me. I couldn't help but jerk and shudder as well, though not for scientific reasons like it did. My body was on fire, glowing from emerald fireworks, a powerful inner flame, exhausted but satisfied, sleepy but joyous.

Nearly immediately afterward, the inspection was over, and I was laying on the damp sooty floor of the cave like doctor's office. I made mental note to let the doctor know, should he be visited by the Health Inspectors of Caledon, or wherever we were, they would take a poor opinion of his cleanliness.  I stood to gather my things, my thigh muscles and belly still throbbing. My head spun and a strange dizziness sent me to my knees, twice, as I dressed.  Only when I had trouble getting my clothes to fit properly did i suddenly become aware of the pulsing, seething egg within me!

I was so relaxed, so elated with post orgasmic bliss, I could barely think! My hands rubbed the iridescent green form, and it instantly responded with a strong pulse which lasted several seconds. Every hormone and ounce of hot oil within me rushed to my head, and I giggled euphorically. I had a life within me! Perhaps this is nothing special to a 'Bio', but for a 'Clank', it only happens in fairy stories. I wondered upon that then for quite a long time i think- upon fairies and nymphs, and tentacles and life, not really focusing on anything, just standing there casually in a warm drifting daze. Did many hospital employees walk by me, touch and inspect me? I think the doctor walked up to me then, I recall hearing his voice again, probably testing to see how well things were working. I was momentarily concerned- what if the equipment for the Pleasure upgrade 2.0 had been installed improperly, or not connected correctly? how would anyone know without dissecting me? I then surmised with what small faculties I possessed, that this was the purpose of this test. A simple way to see if everything worked well, and though scary at times, not entirely unpleasant. After the neurotoxins from the tentacles' secretions had affected me,, then everything was very very pleasant indeed!

I was daydreaming there for some time, when my body then lurched and jerked! A million tiny bubbles seemed to flow to my brain and couldn't blink, let alone resist the gyrating and bending caused by the new squid-like baby which glowed and oozed and wrapped my body. Like a baby chick that works its way from an egg, my very first offspring struggled and pulled itself from the life support of my stretched body. Glowing with green steam, she (for I feel somehow she is a she, though how I do not know) enfolded her tiny strong limbs about me and cushioned my fall to the ground again. Hot mucus aided its travel, tugging herelf up onto my chest and shivering. She was gorgeous! I could somehow see in the mottled coloration, a repeating color that felt as if it meant "The child of Wendyslippers Charisma." I cried with joy, caressing her smooth glowing head as the mouths on two tentacles found my nipples. I hadn't realized how bloated and aching they were, until she took nourishment from my breasts and relieved the pressure. I was falling in bliss, aware as I floated away, that with it's shape and color, she had my eye.

   I woke on the exam table, washed and oiled, shiny with the hint of lemon to my skin. My hips and breasts ached down deep, but otherwise I felt as if nothing had happened, or perhaps it was a dream.  I think this may be from the doctor, who I recall now said something about forgetting. I do not think he comprehends however, the strength of the bond a young doll makes with its first-born, even if it was just for my physical, even if she wasn't as pretty as Dream-catcher Barbie. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and most meaningful thing a doll could ever do, and I made special note to write it before I forgot, which is what I do now.
   The note on the table said I passed my physical, everything within me worked fine, and I would be called upon on occasion for further study and such research as the medical world may require.  Knowing what an oddity I must be in this world, I certainly understand the desire to inspect and evaluate me. Inside, I can almost feel or perhaps, hear a silent voice. Somehow I know she is not on this planet anymore, taken home, and likely studied as the first of her kind, just like me. I hope she grows well, smart and strong, loving and tenacious. If we meet on some other planet or the Great Toy Land, I will recognize her. I wonder, will she recognize me?
Though I think for some reason it is best to obey the voice within that says "just forget this ever happened", I am secretly wondering what it will be like, when I go in for my second year physical!


  1. fun! you did a wonderful job describing one of the great traps in SL but also created a sexy backstory to go with it. thanks!

  2. The thing is, I write about the things i actually do, I mean the writing is from her perspective so she says she doesn't recall things, when this typist actually does, but it wasnt purely fabricated fiction writing, it was (and all my blogs are) from actual events or roleplays done in Second Life. Basically I actually lived out, in an RP, what you are reading. Thankfully Wendy is a naive doll with a skewed perspective of things or wendy's Typist would have been freaking out about a alien impregnation!