Friday, December 10, 2010

Hypnotic Shoppe Story- Christmas Dreams 2010

(this is rework of a story from a few years ago, all Rights Retained.)


The young shoppe owner lay restless in bed, hours before Christmas morning. During fitful slumber, she had wrestled her way out of her nightgown, kicked the covers off and lay curled around her pillow. Her past breakup last Christmas was replaying over and over.
   Eventually the dreams subsided and blackness washed over the college girl’s consciousness. Her tense muscles clung to her oversized pillow, sweat shining on her body like clingy Saran wrap. She felt a light caress, a soft feathery tickle over her feet, her leg, and up her side. then she heard the soft baritone voice, and she awoke.
   "3,,,2,,1,,, Wake honey."
   Wendy stared into the face of a friendly looking, heavy set man, with a thick white beard and moustache, large red coat with shiny latex belt, and boots of patent leather. He smiled gingerly, as his black leather-gloved hand wiped the flyaway hair back behind her ear.
   "Santa? No Way! Is this another weird dream?" She thought she might need to write this one down, to properly explain it to the therapist at their next meeting.
   “You've been having a frightfully bad night, I just couldn't help but stop, and give you the Christmas wish you so desperately desired child."
   She pulled the covers over her body.  She wore only her white FrenchCut  undies, and no bra, save for the tightly hugged pillow. "You could be real, but I don't really need anything- I mean so many people are lacking things, I have here, but um, if you give me a minute to dress, I could get you some Mocha mint coffee?"
   He smiled tenderly. "Ho hoo ho ho,, That might be nice child. You're such a good girl, I'm going to give you your present.,," He stepped back to the door, and stuck out his chest, his deep voice resonating in her stomach.
   "Elf Dreams" was all he said.
   She looked confused at him. She pulled the covers around her tighter. she looked toward the lamp on her desk. "Um,, I need to dress ok? She hugged the covers, now pulled up to her chin.
   His baritone depth washed thru her ears and pooled in her frontal lobe. "Uncover yourself now."
   "Look if you don't,," her eyes enlarged as her left arm sharply threw back the covers, revealing her body, hugging the large soft pillow.
   "Good little elf. Now sit up and thrust out your bountiful bosoms for my inspection."
   Wendy’s  look of shock was magnified as her body bolted upright, her bare shoulders slowly rolling back. Long, straight blonde tassels fell back as she sat up, blood rushing from her head.
   "Um,,, wait,, I don't want,," she slowly implored.
   His voice became stern. "You,, don't want to stand now?"
   Her hand crept toward the pillow. tugging it closer. "No!"
   "Then fight it, Child. Fight as your body obeys me now and STAND FOR ME."
   Her dancer's feet, normally highly obedient,  instantly swung off the bed and planted into the ballet First Position on the warm, thick carpeting. The alarmed woman frowned as her knees locked next, and hips began rocking her upward. Last to disobey was her fingers as they slowly turned loose of the pillow. She watched as it fell to the floor, leaving her displayed body standing relaxed, a foot from the large man in red. She covered her privates with her small hands, fingers pressed to her undies.
   "Please! I,,, I'm not going to let you,,"
   The large man's gloves were warm and smooth, the smell of leather filling the room as he ran his hands up her side, gently lifting her breasts, lightly tugging her nipples.
   "Your mind still fights me, but your breasts are mine, if not you'd not let me twist and excite them. Now,," He opened the door to the bedroom. The glow of the Christmas tree downstairs lit the hall in multicolored twinkling.
   "No,, I'm going to call the police,,, um,,  I'll call,," She was cut off.
   "As I gently pull on the new nipples you’ve given me, you will silently follow. Come downstairs with me now." He gently tugged, making the confused girl gasp and bite her lip. Another tug and her left foot took a tentative step.
   She was unsure of how much traversing her house they did, descending her stairs as his rubber gloves pinched and lightly tugged, steering her easily into every room. She didn't know why she failed to yell, or grab the phone. Was this some strange mental concoction born from overactive hormones? She knew only the feet patting on the thick carpet, the shiny black glove reflecting the Christmas lights still on in the dark, quiet house, and the gentle insistent tugging on her nipples that for some reason, she wouldn't, or couldn't deny.
   At the base of her Christmas tree, his grip released her, and she covered her naked breasts with her left arm and hand, her right still down below. She looked at him worriedly. His smile was tender.
   "Ho hoho,,,child, listen to me. ELF DREAMS."
   She felt nothing, but was frightened of the impending portent.
   "Now my obedient sexy little elf," he turned around, reached into a large brown bag, and pulled out a red and green collar, with shiny rings around it. Matching wristlets followed. he threw them to the ground in front of her. Her eyes widened.
   "I'm sooo not putting those on! I can fight that!" She stood defiantly, the blinking Christmas tree lights reflecting off her sweaty skin.
   From behind her she felt hands at her hip height. Wendy lowered her gaze and saw small hands from someone behind her rubbing a green pair of hose against her knees. She stepped forward away from the hands, into the arms of the large man. He smelled of fresh baked bread, and his grip on her nipples was so tight she couldn't move. She couldn't wiggle in any direction lest the highly erotic touch become pain. Her left hand took hold of his right, smooth, black latex glove.
   The dazed woman felt the hose softly brushing against her thighs now. Its sensation tickled, and brought goosebumps all over her body. She shuddered. His voice echoed in her mind.
   "Elf hose are like none other, and once they are on, they become part of you. Even when they aren't seen, and my control over you will be perfect and complete. Do you understand?" He released her nipples.
   "NO! I think you're great and all, but,,," She searched for a way to tell off a horny old Santa, but couldn't deny how aroused those hands were making her as they now rubbed the hose along the top of her foot. It occurred to her the phone was near enough to leap to.
   "NO??? Really? Tell me you've been good this year."
   Her mouth flew open and the words tumbled out instantly. "I've been a good girl all year." Wendy shook her head, suddenly feeling overly warm and dizzy. A cool breeze across her privates brought her to alertness as she glanced down and noticed her pubic hair was awash in twinkling yellow, green, blue and red light. Her underwear was missing. She dropped her jaw and looked up at the overweight, yet strangely alluring man in front of her.
   "Lift your foot." Her left foot raised up and the hose instantly slid up almost to the knee. “Now switch feet." Her feet disobeyed her will and switched. Now that the green sparkly Elf tights were on both legs, they crept slowly, undeniably up, crawling up her thighs. She at once shuddered, and became so sexually wet she couldn't hide her arousal. The dizzy young lady shook her head sharply, wincing in a deep blush. It occurred to her she had a phone.
   Wendy reached down to the top of the living pantyhose and hooked her thumbs in them. She held them down against their insistent crawl toward her yearning pubes. Electric pulses ran like marching insects up her legs. A thousand ants were massaging her. Her nipples puckered, round breasts taut and lifted. She was trembling, scared, but unable to move her feet to run away.
   "Feel the back of your hose, how it crawls up your tender backside, arousing you?" The great Master of the Elves smiled.
   "Yyes, I feel,, no,, my butt,, tingles,,,"
   "Makes you want to bend over for me doesn't it?"
   "Nnngh,," She tried to say no, but the growing orgasm caused her to double over, nearly losing balance.   "Don’t fall, Child, hold out your hands- I'll keep you safe, ok?" The giant man in red velvet  held out his smooth black gloves to her.
   "Yyes,, ok."  She reached out to him, and he pulled his hands away.  The dance tutor and Shoppe owner fell to her hands and knees on the carpet. She looked up at him in shock, but then the hose slid up her waist and inner thighs.
   The material sucked tightly to her, humming with an electric current. it tried to crawl into her every curve and orifice, but she held her knees together. Her faced flushed beet red.
   "Now Child,, orgasm!"
   "Ungghhh,  nno,,  AhhhHHHH! YYYeesss!!!" The twenty-year old body shuddered hard once, twice, three times, then Wendy fell onto her face as every inch of her shook all over in a powerful orgasmic experience. Her legs twitched and widened as her fingers went to her most sensitive flesh- rubbing and exciting herself through the thin tingly fabric. Her breath came in hard fast panting. With her legs widened, the living material claimed her every possible inch of skin, inside and out. She reveled in wild abandon for an eternity. Finally, after an unknown time she weakly raised her exhausted body on all fours, shaking her head. She felt the imprint of her thick shag carpet on her face. Blue eyes barely focused on her wall mounted phone, feeling certain there was someone she was supposed to call tomorrow.
   "Now, elf, stand up."
   She instantaneously jumped up, nearly hitting the ceiling with her augmented leaping ability.
   "The tights will give you the ability to leap, to dance for hours, to feel warm and aroused in any weather, to feel pleasure like you've never felt before. And for them, you will obey me, won't you?"
   The thought, 'what's happening?' floated adrift in a dark ocean of post orgasmic brain mush, her lips formed the words, "Yes I will obey you Santa." Her eyes widened again, hand covering her mouth. 'Why hasn't mom heard all this noise?' Wendy's sleepy satiated mind queried.
   "Now my gift, these tights will disappear from view, and you'll think this but a bizarre dream. You will return to your bed, after hiding your new collar and cuffs, which you will wear when I tell you." Wendy began to form ideas of how to twist the words of this sick, fat apparition.
   "ELF DREAMS,  Kiss me passionately, my enamored elf."
   Santa’s newest sex toy  arched her chest, hands raising up into the air toward Santa’s neck and shoulders. Wendy’s back slithered and loosened. A soft giggle escaped her mouth as she realized by her actions he must surely be able to tell how in love she was, how sexed up she was for the tall, magnetic, Lord of the North. She slinked up to the tall round man, pressing her drenched body against his cold belt buckle. Thin arms clasped around The man’s neck. She watched herself in a third person perspective, amazed as she ground her pelvis against him, butt and thigh muscles clenching as she did so. She reached her lips lewdly upward, and as his thick red lips touched hers, she felt a hot dizzying climax brewing again. She gasped for air, but his tongue blocked her mouth, and she sucked it into her. Her eyes met his.
   She stared into the tender, powerful eyes. His hot tongue filled her mouth- probing her, opening her mouth wider for him to explore. She was his to explore. She reveled in his exploration of her sensitive, tender, unclaimed territories. Shivering near orgasm, his hands, lips and tongue claimed his new territory which she had happily sold him. She sucked the tongue deeper into her, and joined its dance with her own small tongue, sighing as her fingers worked the lobes of his small ears. She gasped in a hot fast pant as she realized she had indeed sold herself, and was the willing hypnotized slave of the Great Master of Elves. Romantic twinkling lights flared like fireworks, signaling yet another mind numbing climax to begin.
  Wendy bolted upright in her bed. Light streamed through her frosted window onto her red nightie and green silk panties. She looked around, grasping the where and when. Her large body-pillow was nowhere to be found. The young Shoppe owner ran a hand under and over the sheer chemise.
   "This isn't mine..."
   It was Christmas morning, and it had all been a bizarre dream.
   Hadn't it?


  1. Truly hot, wet and wonderful, delicious Wendyslippers Charisma! Love you being led around by your nipples, helpless and obedient.

  2. Thanks for the chance to read it...Richard