Sunday, November 7, 2010

Carntaigh hosts Roberto Viking's Fabulous 4th Rezzday

It was worth ripping the crinoline on my favorite dress, and falling into the stream behind the opulent meeting hall, with famous artworks and detailed gilded corner molding. Why couldn't my maker have taught me to sew?
Miss Gabrielle Riel, of Riel Radio fame, hosted and provided the music. The crowd was charming, and well behaved, in their steam punk Victorian finery. It is not every day that someone turns 4- in Second Life years, that would equate in First Life to about 60 years so I am told, and few people lie to dolls, we are the ones you tell your secrets!

Did I mention the most amazing fireworks display ever?

I write this having just laid the dress I wore into the cedar trunk, properly preserved. I shall never wear this dress again unless of course it is for another rezzday for Roberto! Where would the Great States of Caledon be had he not been here to guide and build and befriend and support others? I am grateful for the few times he has helped me or said a kind word-( humans don't HAVE to be overtly kind to dolls, we love you anyways, so when you are we REALLY notice, just thought you should know!) thank you Mister Viking and here is to 4 more!

A bonfire, fireworks display, great music and dance, and great friends!

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