Thursday, March 3, 2011


Kelsea came running into the shoppe, out of breath and excited. Usually this means she's just trapped someone in the transformation machine, but not this time.
   "Oxbridge University is under attack!"
   My gears stopped for a moment, pressure dropping, and I steadied myself on the front desk. "What's happened, Kelserz?"
   Some psycho named Shooter or something is shooting people there! We need to help them!"
   I took a deep breath and nodded, stepping over to the trick wall.
   "Wendy, how can two dolls save humans?"
   "Dolls can't of course. But Superdolls can!"
   Minutes later in the basement, we donned our metallic outfits, hers merely a foot tall, mine with rockets and a utility belt with LOTS of abilities, like cage rezzing and parcel ejecting, and movelock, and much more. We flew through the air quickly, descending on the university and immediately surrounding the four helpless citizens there.
   OK, they were professors and Deans.
   OK, they had already banned and ejected the criminal.
   CLEARLY, they needed reassuring and calming, so with clockwork precision we showed off our outfits and chatted about the recent dances and parties.
   Minutes later, with everything well in hand, and the land restored to normal, we said goodbye and flew off, rocket boosters leaving a darkened spot on the cobblestones that I will have to scrub tomorrow,,,
   We hid the outfits and wigs, powered down the basement secret lair and sat in the Shoppe lounge, sipping tea with customers. We shared a secret proud smile, for the guests in the store had no idea, they were sitting and chatting with mechanical superheroes, that almost saved Oxbridge!

the Steampunk Superdolly outfit by Mecha, sold at The Hypnotic Shoppe, with some modifications. . . . .

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