Friday, March 11, 2011

OOC-If you reported me to Google or might

((If anything i do offends you, PLEASE tell me before reporting me- wouldn't you want the same courtesy? Google sent this today:
Please be advised that we have recently received reports that inappropriate content has been posted to your Picasa Web Albums account. One or more photos displayed in your gallery violates our Program Policies and has been removed.
   So I have no idea how many photos of mine were permanently erased (though it looks like over 50),which ones, or what was offensive, so that I may avoid that in the future. Seeing what was NOT deleted makes me even more confused as to why any was deleted at all.
Though I detest having to change my art or my writing because it may offend someone, I would rather do that personally notified, than be reported, things deleted without knowing what or why, or my account deleted.

This is an adult blog, fantasy, no real people, all the fictitious blobs of digital ink are over legal age *laughs* no pixels were harmed in the making of this work of fiction, and it is NSFW, adult subject matter.

Nobody under legal age or offended by sexual, mature, violent and/or fetish subject matter should read this blog.

Sorry for the downer, kinda bummed by this and trying to protect my art, my story. Imagine writing a book and someone being upset by some things you wrote, and having 50 pages deleted, and not even knowing what they were or what was offensive... Thank you for consideration in the future. ))

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