Friday, May 6, 2011

Versailles Reopens with a Grande Ball!

Duchess Mariejosette Sim co-Owner, gorgeous in purple! Seated by a proud, frightened doll from Cape Wrath

When a royal carriage with 8 perfect stallions makes its way over the cobbled streets of Cape Wrath Caledon, the streets shake. The bricks and ground literally bounce! Even inside the Shoppe, all the dolls  standing frozen in the glass cases, swayed, dresses shimmying on their own. My Associate Cristina was quick to get the door, and I was amazed at how well she greeted the high Nobility of France.
   Her Grace was brief- The Palais was finished and ready for the Grand Ball! The experienced woman of the Court held my hand in hers, and asked if I was interested in attending, in Service to Marie Antoinette, and His Majesty Himself! The deafening clopping and rattling of the carriage had not yet died off but I had pulled out my Doll clothing case. I steamed the finery carefully, relishing the feel of the most expensive silk, cotton and lace ever made. I glanced at Cristina, holding the desk with a doll-like grip. Her fingers deftly removed the tiny cotter pin, and then with a hard 'THWAK', had loosened and unscrewed  the key head from my back. All that remained was a tiny stub, spinning just above the skin on my back. The key was seemingly gone now, though without the ability to wind, in 2 hours, I would be permanently stuck, as my pressure drops to 0, i droop unable to stand, then lose my hearing, feeling, sight, a very very unpleasant feeling. I hurried to the Palais!

Me and my Serving Sister, Tlazoluani

My 'Serving Sister' Tlaz showed me the champagne trays, and I quickly signed for the tray and received the glasses. I hurried into place in the corner, dipping and bowing, in total awe of the magnificent people and their gorgeous dresses, and polite Court manners!

Nonna Hedges and Serenya Burnstein, and me

Kalila, Brandon, Olympes, elize

Joandarc, MariaAntonia Barenhaut Co-simowner, lolalang, Karsten, Stormy Lorakeet

me and serenya, Mariejosette Laville, indilesse

The  Opera Singer in the far end- how do I get up there to see her?

Twenty glasses of bubbly chilled Champagne later, I managed to smoothly  move up to the front to see the amazing First Life Opera singer that played and sang for this Second World affair!

Isabella Rumsford opera singer

"That unobtrusive well mannered servant seemed almost doll-like!" I love those comments!

The Fireworks were not as colorful as they have been before, but they made up for that by being really, REALLY loud. But then the music was over, the dance was lovely, and then the games in the games rooms and on the lawn, were wonderful ways to pass the day.
   It was on the lawn, when I lifted my foot up to step onto a low brick wall, that i felt the sluggish cold response in my ankle and knee. The walk up the path to the Royal Kitchen seemed a dozen miles long! I had my pay and turned in my serving tray, and rushed off. I still had several windings  left when my associate Britney got out the rubber hammer and *SMAK* my pretty, whirring key was in place again!
   I am so glad for the people that put all that time and effort and money into sims devoted to history and a true roleplay experience!

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