Sunday, July 25, 2010

Return of the Strange Blonde Man

While walking home from shopping, readying myself for the Stellar Drift Doll 2010 Competition this night, I felt a tingling I have not for many weeks. Invisible normally, the thin, oddly attractive collar around my neck glowed, sending waves of tremors from head to toe, Synlatex skin crawling with goosebumps!
   Moments later the world faded with a WOOSH, and reappeared as I was Tesla-ported into a large dark room filled with devious and malicious looking instruments.
   "Sir, What is the meaning of," I recall saying, quite upset at the breech of Victorian manners.
   "Wendy,," he said and then something else which I can not recall now, it seems erased from ever having been spoken.
   The rest of the next hour is a blur, like a strange dream or a chapter from Lewis Carroll, if he were more given to erotic writings.
   I can still hear a voice echoing in the deepest part of my head, feel myself lying on that cold platform as the swirling lights danced like the Aurora Borealis about me. The chafing on my lips lets me know that there was indeed some strange hard object between my teeth, though I cannot find it now- did he take it with him? What was it? Why was it there?  Though there is nothing one would call pain, if I truly feel what they feel and call 'pain',  The stiffness, stretching of certain areas, and tenderness in the lactation glands, gives me a worrisome, though erotic testimony to uphold what my orbs see in these photos.
   These photos are all I have left of those moments, strangely alluring, arousing, though scary. I'm certain that as a doll I obeyed the Prime Law and made him happy, but what did I do? Why can't I recall?
   My first clear memory then is of trying on clothing for the competition,,, I wonder when I shall recall these things, and do humans ever remember these things? Dolls are often played with, sometimes like this,, are humans? I have so much to learn, But I have too much to prepare for to focus on this any longer, I should just forget it and get to the Doll Competition!

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