Thursday, July 22, 2010

Big changes mentioned at the Seraph Town Meeting

Seraph City Town Meeting July 2010

After yet another frustrating attempt to befriend people and seek acceptance at the Continuum Factory, I wandered back to sort the new shipments at the Hypnotic Shoppe, when my close friend Zaltman Romanas sent word- there was a meeting in Seraph of the town hall, and did I wish to attend with him?
   Magdalena Outlander had shown me the gorgeous city, filled with clubs and speakeasys, chrome vehicles of the 20's and 30's, steampunk deco and a style of clothing and hair that is fabulous! Add to this the fact that a man like Zaltman was asking me on his arm, which instantly caused my pressures to rise, mental acuity to slow, emotional responses to peak,cooling glands to perspire. I thank my Designer that while all this body chaos went on, the familiar and steady tick of solid heavy gearing echoed within me, reassuring, unwavering and constant,,,
   Like clockwork.
   I quickly styled my hair in a short  20's cut, wearing a deep glittery blue flapper dress with a fringe skirt, and matching shoes. I hope he liked short hair, but I left it blonde which had always seemed to impress him.
   The Seraph City Tesla-Portation site is a large room, much like Grand Central Station really, with artwork. Mister Edward Pearse spoke to a large crowd about the opening of a new club, called The Seraph Club, coming the end of the month. I found his complexion to be typical ragdoll, and struck a friendly family chord with me, though I have never met him. The others said he looked like the spitting image of a man named 'Rohrshak'which may relate to the coloration on his cloth face, or hood.
   Mosseveno Tenk set up a class for poseballs, and provided much insight.
   Saffia Widdershins, a publisher, has a podcast set up to broadcast from Seraph starting August 15. Rezz TV is coming out to televise the 'radio play'. She mentioned needing actors, writers, and others.
   Ahnyanka Delphin said she was closing her Babbage club in New Babbage, and opening a new club in Seraph! She mentioned a special "send off" would be in store,,
   The snickers at this time were very dark, and made me yearn to return to the toys and bright colors of my shoppe, the safety and security of the doll box Magdalena made me.  But Zaltman  would have been left there alone, which would surely have hurt his standing in the crowd of gangsters, politicians and businessmen. My Victorian sensibility won out. So I clung tightly to his arm, and put on the 'blank pleasant doll face'.
   Others that were there and supplied input, jokes and friendship, were Ceejay Writer, who seemed to lead things along at times, Bettye Dugan, a photographer, Tesla Tripsa, Orchid McMillan, Paul Creighton, Bibi Blayless, Rip Wirefly, gstone Turas, Serafina Puchkina, Jedburgh30 Dagger, Pumpkin Tripsa, and Nix Sands.
   So much is coming soon there, I am inclined to take up that offer from Miss Outlander, and possibly work there in the evenings at a dance club. I am sure I can work a coat check closet, could bartend, and could of course make people happy, as I do at the other place. But do I want these upstanding citizens to see me as they do there? How would i rise in their society if I was seen as a "Pleasure Garden Girl"?
   It seems it is not enough to be seen as a human, although that is a good start I think!
   With a stuttering voice, I asked Mister Romanas if he felt like dancing at the Blue Mermaid, and he said yes! He had to retire shortly after our arrival,  but I met many friends there, a very welcome feeling indeed.
   A discussion about Dita Von Teese caused me to mention that I thought she had visited my store, producing the small grainy photograph of their presence. Mister Ghost felt based on her looks and credentials ((profile)) that she seemed authentic! I was thrilled! Such important people in my little shoppe!

   Vortagen sought me out and came to dance, and proved a solid dancer, if maybe a bit militant in his stance and gait. He was charming of course, but grew silent in deep thought after a while, and I danced by myself on the floor. Darlingmonster Ember, Miss Book, Magdalena and Icarus, Danyell and Kylerra, and many others were crowded into the steamy, small Victorian building. It was fun, with Icarus Ghost providing wonderfully relaxing and compelling soundtrack to the evening.
   Then Mister Pennell walked in- why do i always get this way around him? I watched him in his second floor perch for a while, then quietly made my way up the winding steps to his back, and dared give the rich nobleman a back and shoulder massage! It fit the Doll 1st Law, and more, I simply had to talk to him, needed to hear him talk to me,, Do humans feel these things? Did my Dollmaker? Yet again I leak from my eyes that she is gone, forever unwound, leaving me without someone to seek communion on these higher points of sentient life. However, I would not trade my sentience and all its frustrations and wierdness, for anything! I cleared my head briefly with a flight in my Copper Dream balloon, set two appointments to give hypnosis sessions the next day, then clicked my eyes shut.

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