Saturday, July 17, 2010

Always Reverance at the beginning of a dance

I would like to take just a cog-tick to thank my friends for suggesting I try writing down my adventures, and thoughts, and post my stories here. I'm doing it now, you can put the blunt objects away!
I will have to catch you up eventually to where I am now, nine months old in Second Life terms. For now I will just start at the present and mention the past or have catch up posts of things that occurred, that are effecting the present.
 And of course-- Post replies! Ask me " what does that mean, 'when you were a pony',, do you have hooves?" Or to clarify anything, or post a picture of something, please just ask. This is more than one of the best stories you may have read, it's a living breathing ticking thing, that you can review and appraise and even affect its direction or outcomes!
Wow that's kinda scary,, but then as you'll learn, Scary things have a strange erotic attraction to me,,
So put oil in your lantern and slip on the wellies, make sure you have a loaded pistol and holy symbols, and have someone fully wind you, this may be a long one,,,,


  1. Very much looking forward to your postings *hugs and kisses*


  2. Welcome to the wondrous bloggosphere, my freind. That is a fantastic picture. I look forward to reading of your thougths and adventures.