Tuesday, July 27, 2010

From Paris with love!

GASP- The lights, the river, the sound of the spraying water, and that pretty mooring tower with the dance club in it!

I moored my copper balloon at the top of this gorgeous tower of light in the photo, and after checking out its elaborate restaurant and dance club, made my way around the fountains and river of downtown.
I couldn't stay long, any woman in such a large city unescorted simply invites trouble, but it was late, and what few people that were around, probably could not make out the strange turning object in my back. I seemed to be dressed nearly as they were, reminding myself to wear an appropriate hat!
  Back home, I pasted my photos in my journal, met an old friend Jayjedi to see the new playground she has found, and then a lesson from dear Magdalena Outlander in En Garde strategy- and a chat, then bed.

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