Saturday, July 31, 2010

Seraph Club Grand Opening!

I went to the opulent room, which quickly filled to capacity, people standing in the coatroom! But with this crowd of debutantes and seedy mobsters, only 3 of which I knew well, I quickly cut out a spot on the dance floor and stayed there.
   Some issue however, caused my camera to not only not work, but to crash me. I do hope someone reads this, and posts a reply with some photos of that night!
   The owner, Edward Pearse, is the brother of Gabrielle Riel of Radio Riel fame, so it was no shock she provided the entertainment, but half the night Edward was the D.J., and his 20's and 30's collection was wonderful! He even played songs like the Capone theme from Untouchables movie, and Aything Goes from the Indiana Jones movie- Miss Riel's Benny Goodman and Gershwin collections  added icing to a magnificent cake. I finally got to wear my red Miamai dress! There was no men circulating for couples dancing though- in this land and era, people dance more than one song together in a row! Indeed they dance all night together, much different than Victorian rules of propriety! The dancing was lovely though, Miss Riel and her girlfriend had complimentary dresses, the men were sharply dressed in suits that would remind one of Armani, it was a sparkling affair!
  I went then to Hypno Wonderland to see if friends were there, and the only presence was the hum of the Hypnotrons- what trances were loaded in them? Only 1 way to really know! They are scary at first as they encompass you, and lock you in snugly, but their mix of words, images and spirals seem effective enough!
   One was um, very erotic, and the other has left me with an interest in looking at sexy maid outfits,, I can look and shop without buying!

   A brief and pleasant conversation with Jayjedi and Domitan, and I hung up my shoes for the evening.
   Xander popped in as I was lying down, and the silly goof simply can not curb his curiosity of my key! He locked it in daydream mode, and i stood stuck there till a customer came.

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