Sunday, July 18, 2010

Caledon Runs the Relay For Life

I took time and dressed in a nice, authentic Caledon Tartan skirt outfit, cutting the midriff free of course, grabbed my Bartender attachment, and rushed to the Our Lady Site along the path of the Relay For Life Run. Many of us have worked for months now, holding dances, selling objects we made, and donating all the proceeds to the RFL. Now the highlight event is here, the run.
  Sims are connected together and decorated along the track with buildings, elaborate structures, and throngs of wellwishers cheering on the runners.
   We were all up to our eyeballs in Lag, and crashing was pretty common, but you get up and keep going, waving and cheering even as the runners do.
   Final numbers are still out, but Caledon has raised for Cancer research and cure, over 200,000 dollars.
   Still think Second Life is a game?

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