Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beware Dance Contests and Clubs in Second Life

SS Naughty Ears and Tail, "Joan" dress by Icing, Je Suis necklace

For those that do not already know, Second Life is full of dance contests like the one i was at tonight- "Best in Neko". When money is up for winning, I try hard because i need the winnings to make my tier payment on my store. I show up when it starts, wear the best outfit i can, and talk to everyone, happy and energetic.
  Which is why my heart gets cut out when a club lets people teleport in at ten minutes left in the contest, which are always Alts of a contestant or the club owner; they win, they leave immediately. or a Domme will go to contests with her 8 subs  on leashes and win all the dance contests in SL that night. or worse- the club owner or DJ wins the contest.
   This is because inherently they are not dance contests, or costume contests, they are popularity contests.
Clubs should know these two points:
1- people really do this and they make good money at this form of legal cheating. Clubs need to set rules like, "nobody new after the 1 hour mark" or something.
2- Once those of us that try but adhere to basic honesty, realize a club  does not have these rules, we know why- they are TPing in their Alts to win their own prizes is the only logical reason, right?  and inscrupulous clubs get a name, and they are not in Sl very long, once the Abuse Reports start rolling in.
   So, Club Destruct, please change your ways. There was some nice people there tonight, the music was good too, and then it all revealed itself with ten minutes left. I advise everyone not to enter their contests until they post new contest rules.
   It could've been such a nice little place too.

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