Saturday, September 8, 2012

Deela's Sith Class- Nearing Graduation!

It has been since Christmas, 2011 that I have transmogrified into the twilek Dee'La,  seeking to learn the mysteries of the Jedi, and learn Star Wars Roleplay. Since then, my Typist has purchased the Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) game and plays it regularly, and I have learned far far more about the Star Wars universe than I ever thought I would.
   There are only 3 steps left to graduation, and beginning my life as a Jedi.
   I am so excited!
   Tonight, I gave my lecture. It must be a certain length, about the Jedi basically and afterward you must be able to provide documentations and answer the barrage of questions that come. I saw an apprentice give a lecture once on why Sith were not necessarily bad once,, and the questions at the end would have made me quit entirely and begin roleplaying as an Amish housewife. Or, the doll of the Amish Wife's daughter. hmmm,,,

Master Chiana, Grand Master Iria, Apprentice Nira, Daelan, many showed up!

A quick hug from Master Zen and we began!

the band shell is a gorgeous place for discussions and lectures

After ward I received only 2 questions, and they were about my life more than my mistakes or whatever. I had many nice comments like, "Very concise", which relieved me greatly.

   Then I felt a little bad for my Apprentice sister Lore, because she had to follow me and I did so well!
Lore gave a great lecture! Master Zen congratulated me, how kewl!
There was nothing to worry about though- her Master is Grand Master Iria, and she was well prepared for her class! It was so detailed I felt like I clearly had a long way to go before I knew this much in this much detail. We hugged after, she did great! We are both Apprentice level 4s ,, both so close to finally being promoted to Jedi!


Daelan got promoted last night!
We gathered quickly in the Chapel, and Iria spoke quickly, recognizing our new Master, Chiana the Chiss Healer and Consular.  She spoke with me briefly, saying she liked my lecture and doors may be open to work with her in the future, learning healing, or work as a diplomat!

Daelan looked so good and was so proud and well he should, this is not easy.

Zen, Iria, and Chiana
Afterward, we spoke for a while, till we all grew tired and passed out, an exciting day on Yavin4.

This morning Master Zen came in, having twisted his ankle. I was working in the medbay at the time, and quickly scanned his injury and provided a shot of Bactra-Lite, and a few disposable Kolto shots, if needed.
The Medbay is well equipped on Yavin4

It is amazing how fast Bactra and kolto work!
Master Zen had said when he came in, that I had something I needed to do, toward my promotion, 2 left, he said. As I finished his ankle up, and handed him a hard candy as a joke, I asked him what it was he came to tell me, to have me do.

   "You already did it." The smug, amazingly intelligent Master Jedi walked out and left me for several seconds before I realized what that 2nd to last test had been.  1 test left!!!

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