Wednesday, September 5, 2012

From the Shoppe Basement- DOLLIFICATION STAGE 1 *nsfw*

 (reading further is consent to read and view mature erotic literature)

The craft and care that I and others at the Hypnotic Shoppe take, in our transformation packages,, is I believe, without equal in the entire SLuniverse!  The subtle extras we add, the nearly perfect memory transfers,, and now four patients in a row have survived the process! This simply must be a record!

HOWEVER,,, some patients, upon their Awakening, once they see the work that has gone into their procedure, the realization of a past forever gone, new rules, new restrictions, new freedoms, go into a state of shock which can be fatal if not treated immediately with hypnotic drugs and mental programming.

Usually though, those are just the non-consenting patients...

*Completed with Photoshop and Poser

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