Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rough start for the New RCAF

Cornelius and I in a Lancaster Bomber over DOR- 10 combat flight sims

When Commander, Lord Cornelius Fanshaw Entered my humble shoppe, I thought him just another of Caledon's high society, in his immaculately matched suit and mannerisms. It had been so long since I had seen him in the secret offices of Timeforce 10 (can't tell you about it, it is a secret, but you can you-tube it!) and in the aerodrome in Caledon Penzance, I had gotten quite busy with the store and the Jedi Academy and almost forgotten my love of flying and bombardier.

   He was direct, standing amongst the customers in the shoppe. He quickly nodded to the woman with pony hooves and the man wearing the rough biker jacket, leather pants and pink high heels.
   "Flight Officer Charisma?  Your nation needs you."

   Why do all these people seem to know, dolls simply cannot refuse? Not that i would have, I mean, if your nation needs you, how could you, why would you, refuse?

   He went on to tell me about a new aerodrome , Dogs On The Run,  or DOR. 10 sims connected and a bristling enemy that is fierce in the skies.

   "Their bases are well fortified, and they are devilishly good pilots. We need you, Wendy. We simply must reinstate Code name, Blonde Bombshell to active service. You will be given a promotion to Wing Commander, and tasked to aid the training of the many new Caledon recruits."
   If he had said I would be teaching, i would've already been in uniform!  "Commander," I smiled with my delicate air, "For you, and the country I love, I will gladly rejoin the wonderful crew of the Royal Caledon Air Force!"

   Our first flight however was not stellar.

The airport was rugged, and the constant attacks were horrid!

It was good to get in the old Lancaster again,,,

Corny in the tail gun? He loves trading out and new things

Rich Bailey did well enough, hitting several

Spence flew the crate, but had initial engine trouble (LAG)

I took my turn swatting at the swarming enemy

After the dismal runs, we met and discussed our initial turn out, and Commander Zoe was hopeful. She and Cornelius laid out plans for the new base  and we left prepared to meet again next week.
DA General, owner of DOR, and Louise, and all the rest

My Promotion felt hollow, but very happy

The new aerodrome- Come Join us

All applicants need to apply to Cornelius Fanshaw, Zoe Connolly, or um, I guess me?



  1. Felizitas! Are you in the group picture I posted above? I am practicing with my little kite plane for the WW1 contest this weekend!