Wednesday, September 19, 2012


VICTORIA CITY-CALEDON-  The alarm bells clanged throughout the Cape Wrath Shipyards as dawn broke, as watchmen had sighted several large submersibles  rising from the water. Armed men filtered out onto their decks preparing to land ashore when diving from the sun, a slow, noisy single-wing plane began firing upon the attacking marauders with an ancient water cooled machine gun.
   Drawing significant return fire, the little aircraft, a Morane Saulnier, stalled the assailants to Caledon's shores long enough for the southern skies to go dark with the sheer number of planes from the Royal Caledon Air Force.
   The unknown force raised sirens and ran back into their undersea travelling craft, but did not get away before the pilot, described as small, wearing a brown helmet and having long blonde hair, dropped 2 bombs from her cockpit severely crippling one of the seacraft.
   The R.C.A.F. has advised us to be on the watch, as out shores are not safe, and raise the alarms if you should see anything suspicious. Several communities have reported meetings of their Home Guard and Neighborhood Patrols.

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