Thursday, February 19, 2015

A few Musings While Bobbing in Bacta

Candi in Sanctuary now looks quite a bit like Wendy due to an Angel Possession Roleplay
I was floating in the healing waters of a Bacta Tank recently, hooked to a breather while the medicinal fluid worked its magic. As a Clockwork person, I would simply replace broken cogs, but finding the right replacement parts is always difficult. In my human vehicle, though I seem much more prone to injury, the parts replicate and repair themselves! Whoever the dollmaker is that designed and created humans, must be by far the greatest there ever was or will be!

Here are a few musings I learned of recent, while travelling in both my mechanical, and biological bodies:

It is bad to hurry along the eventual deaths of all living biological organisms, and those that do, are bad.
   All things seem to have a wear out date, which in itself is sad, so those who would hurry that date along, are what "Bad" means.

In this case, Candi handles the aftermath of an attack by an evil clan in the RP city of Sanctuary.

The Cat is Belial, owner of the Hookah Bar and an exceptionally good Roleplayer
Cats, it seems, can and will jump on your head and balance there. And when they wield really big axe things,, you should probably let them.

I have a new beach house! I really missed having a beach house, with the surf and seagulls and sunsets
Angels do not need Tesla Coils or a room full of machines to possess a biological organism. here one has possessed Candi, turning her hair white and curly and skin porcelain and extremely dense! She had no wings that were visible, which is odd because they show in the photo,, Very peculiar...

Club Zero moved but Still Inworld!
  A lot of my favorite clubs have now gone into the Forever De-Rezzed. I will miss them terribly! I love lots of genres of music and dance but for the dark exciting club dance, the best was always Club Zero but I went there a few weeks ago and the landmark said the club was gone! I did much eye leaking. But where I thought Club Zero was gone, it was just moved!  So if you like Euro, EBM, Industrial, and dark dance music, great lighting and effects, and a second floor with sofas and pillows filled with animations for all the vampire types.
   Warning, it is an adult place, and can be laggy on older machines due to all the amazing visual effects.

I should be healed up in no time, hopefully for Easter! I have this awesome latex Chocolate bunny outfit I want to wear and give people eggs but the Latex won't stretch over the cast on my leg.


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