Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hypnotic Shoppe Story- After The Hypnoshow

(From episode Hypnoshow 15 and 16; F/f, MC, fe, TF  nsfw)

   Danielle shelved the last new book, glancing into the cardboard shipping boxes, then back to her newly organized stock.
   ‘Five boxes, that’s not too bad. Strange names for books though, “Tantric Persuasion Techniques?” She smirked.
   The college student an Hypnotic Shoppe employee stood, balancing herself with the book shelf. The shoppe was a cross between a Victorian library, and  an antique store, and was more than once referred to as “That Harry Potter Head Shop”. Danielle straightened out her blue and white t-shirt, pulling it down over her low cut jeans. The tight shirt and sheer bra pronounced her breasts, and after a quick check of the large Victorian store, and a glance out the front windows, she examined her chest with a look of concern on her face.
   “They seem bigger than last week,,, weird.”
   Danielle looked up and gasped in shock. Standing in front of her was the owner of the corner sports bar, and stage hypnotist, Diane.
   “Crap Diane! You scared the pants off me!” Danielle laughed nervously and hugged Diane around the waist, the store owner being five foot ten, and Danielle being five six. “I didn’t hear the door chimes.”
   The tall, strikingly attractive older woman smiled patiently. “Danielle, I saw you in the window and thought I would check in on you. How did you like the Hypnosis show last weekend? Do you think you’d like to be my assistant again this weekend?”
   Danielle felt very out of place hugging Diane so closely. It made her nervous. She leaned back, loosening her grip. Diane’s arms remained around Danielle’s shoulders.
   “Well, it was a little odd, I don’t like doing things like that but it was fun just once  to do it.”
   Diane’s left thumb brushed Danielle’s  wheat colored bangs. Her thumb wiped lightly across Danielle’s brow several times, slower and softer each time. Danielle’s grey-blue eyes winced, staring into Diane’s eyes of deep blue.
   “I’m glad you enjoyed it, Dani. It was fun wasn’t it?”
   “Yeah, I kinda liked it, it was fun just to do it.”
   The sleepy student  strained to hear what the mesmerizing friend of hers was saying. Diane’s thumb continued caressed lightly, just above Danielle’s thin brown eyebrows.
   “If I can ask you to concentrate more deeply, Dani, what was it fun to do exactly?”
   “Um,, wearing a sexy leotard and makeup, strutting around in heels, helping you with the people in the chairs, all that magic mumbo jumbo.” Danielle’s eyelids were half closed. It was suddenly very, very warm in the shoppe.
   “Yes, Dani.I know you love to dress sexy for me, you just love to dress sexy, sexy for me, sexy outfits and heels, don’t you?”
   “Uh, yeah, I um, I loved it, I guess. I kinda love things like that, it was fun to do it.” She could feel her cheeks flushing, and wondered how the beautiful new friend of hers could tell she had a secret love of dressing sexy for her.
   Danielle became aware then that Diane’s other hand was brushing with feathery strokes, over the college student’s nipples. Diane’s other hand still passed her thumb across Dani’s brow. The young woman thought to raise her arm and swat the playful hand from her chest, but instead, she sighed.
   “You love helping me in everything I do don’t you Dani?”
   “Mmmm, yeah, um,, I love it, um, helping, um, and the magic mumbo jumbo.” Dani sighed, then yawned deeply, trying not to fall asleep, warm and relaxed with her lovely friend. Her eyes were open just enough to  still see Diane’s shimmery blue orbs, nearly glowing as they seemed to stare into the young woman’s soul. Diane’s voice echoed in the empty shoppe.
   “Right, you always love to help me, even that fake magic stuff. Your hands should float up to the ceiling, its normal at this time of day isn’t it?”
   Danielle smiled sheepishly. “Yeah,, don’t mind them, its normal. I love helping.” Dani’s hands were straight up in the air, just as Diane had noticed, just like always happened around this time of day. Her eyes were slits, barely open, gazing vacantly at Diane in the quiet, steamy room.
   Diane quickly lifted Dani’s shirt up and over her head. The hypnotist casually walked around the girl, who stood smiling, half asleep in her jeans and bra, arms above her. The tall, leggy, blonde bar owner whispered with a sensual lilt in her voice.
   “It’s normal to love it, when you are enthralled by someone, when you love them deeply, don’t you think so?”
   Dani heard her voice, barely aware she was speaking.
   “Yeah,,, I love when I’m enthralled, love them deeply, I love to do it.” The employee’s eyebrows wrinkled for a moment, something not feeling right about her statement, but then her loving dear friend blew softly on the tranced girl’s poking nipples in her exposed bra, and she lost almost all concerns, and consciousness.
   Diane paused, smiling smugly, then wrapped a measuring tape around Dani’s breasts, typing the number into a spreadsheet in her Tablet. Dani stood with her hands in the air, a sleepy smile on her face, as the hypnotist went on to measure the mesmerized woman’s belly, and hips, her inseam, and neck.
   "Hmm, coming along nicely, soon, very soon,,," Diane murmured. The young college student stood motionless, hands in the air. 
   “Why do you think you are so enthralled by me Dani? Why is it you love me so very, very deeply now, deeper than you can explain, fiery and devoted completely?”
   “I,, it’s normal,,, when I just do. I,, I love to do it.” Dani shivered, her belly and thigh muscled shuddering with arousal.
   “Yes, like your arms floating down now, down, down,, there. So normal, so enthralled, so obedient, my obedient thrall, why is that Dani, that you are my obedient thrall, my loving devoted assistant?”
   Danielle could no longer focus and gave up trying. She felt an orgasm building inside, and it took all her thought power to hold it at bay.
   “Yes, I um,, I just do,,, it’s normal. I love it.”
   “Dani,, may I call you Dani?”
   “Yes,, I just love it.”
   “Would it be alright if I called you my obedient thrall, my love slave and sex toy, my secret servant and devoted assistant?”
   “Yes,, I just,, I love it.” Danielle’s eyes closed as a smile crept across her face. Diane removed her hand from the dancer’s face. Dani’s thoughts spun in a thick spiraling soup of hormones. She thought to herself, ‘Everyone knows I am her devoted assistant and secret servant, but when did  she realize how enthralled I am?’
   Diane’s warm hands confidently peeled down Dani’s tight jeans, which flopped to the ground around her ankles.
   “Love slave, may I call you slave for short?” Diane let the back of her hand caress Danielle’s trimmed mound.
   “Yes, I love it.” She couldn’t help but smile; she loved when Diane spoke to her at all, no matter what she called her. She shivered as hands tugged her undies down over her butt cheeks, peeling them from between her legs
   “Slave, you are naked now at my whim,, look at yourself. Gather up your clothes.”
   Danielle looked down and giggled. “Crap Diane! Help me gather these up!” Dani giggled while frantically scrambling, crouching to hide from the large front windows. She made a tight bundle of cotton and Lycra, and looked up. The woman in front of her was the most dazzling and sexually magnetic person she’d ever seen. She seemed to fall into her eyes, desperately wanting Diane’s blonde hair to caress her twitching flesh. She was seconds from an orgasm and enjoying it immensely.
   “Now slave, I’m going to call you Dani, but when I do, you will know I am really calling you, my obedient love slave and sex toy, and devoted assistant, won’t you?”
   “Yes, I normally do yes. I love it.” Every word from the hypnotist’s lips were one step nearer to a mind numbing climax. Diane’s hand cupped the loving thrall’s chin, leading her over to the fireplace, burning in the center of the large ‘Tomes and Magazines’ room. Dani tried very hard to keep her chin in Diane’s hand, walking on her knees on the old wood floor.
   “Good. Dani, throw your clothes in the fire and say, ‘All that I was in burned, all that I am is yours, Mistress Diana.” The air seemed filled with static electricity, her body brimmed on the edge of orgasmic explosion.
   “All that I am,,”
   Danielle wasn’t sure what she’d just said, or why she burned her clothes, but she knew her Goddess would get her new ones, if needed. Her body was glistening and exhausted, satisfied from an unknown length of climactic bliss. She took a deep breath, sitting back on her heels, shoulders back and knees together. The world spun, warm and wonderfully.
   “Dani, lock the front door, then come back in the lounge, and pleasure me on the sofa.”
   “Oh um, alright.”
  “ Why is it whenever I give you a command, Dani, you always answer with Yes or No Mistress?”
   “I don’t know, I just think it’s normal you know? Besides, I love it.” Danielle hid by a table till a pedestrian passed, then streaked up to the heavy wood door and locked it. Several sigils etched in the wood over the door glowed as she approached. Dani frowned. ‘They never did that before.’
   Dani skipped back to the sofa to find her Mistress nude, spread on the sofa.
   “Yes, I guess you love me completely and utterly, hopelessly, passionately, like no other ever before or again, why is that?” Dani knelt by the sofa. She leaned over Diane’s leg and began tongue bathing her Mistress between her thighs, while her hands caressed Diane’s leg and belly. She spoke after several minutes of oral adoration.
   “It’s normal when you love someone like, like I um. I love you. That, that’s it,, I love you Mistress, and if you want me to go just tell me to stop, but if you don’t I’m going to suck and lick and pinch and massage you till you climax. Is that OK?”
   Diane smiled, and leaned back on the sofa.

The heavy wooden door burst open loudly, Door chimes and bells jangled loudly as a chilly wind blew in. On the sofa in the café area, the two women bolted upright, startled. Diane’s sheer black robe flew up from the floor and draped itself over her sweaty nude form. Danielle reached for her pants or shirt, then remembered she burnt them as an offering to her beloved Goddess.
   A small, white, full eared Lop bunny hopped on the floor, tentatively turning into the café nook from around the corner. Its small nose twitched, and it shook with fear when it saw the two women stand up.
   “Ooh, isn’t it cute Mistress, I mean, Diane?”
   “Bunnies can’t open locked doors, silly girl.” Diane clapped her hands together, disappearing with a bright flash, reappearing safely miles away in her mansion outside of town.
   “Wow, that was bright, huh? It didn’t scare you, did it little bunny?” She knelt by the bunny, stroking its long drooping ears slowly, trying to calm it. The bunny’s glowing pink eyes looked to its right then to the left, and…
   Time passed.
   Danielle was lying on the bed in the Private Office. She wore a light summer dress, now, nothing under it. The groggy employee shook her head, smelling bergamot, and fresh bread.
   Stepping into the main room, Danielle shuffled her bare feet toward the lounge, as the fireplace crackled a greeting. In the café area, Wendy made Earl Grey tea, sitting the small china cups on saucers, beside fresh raspberry scones.
   “I never get to use the china anymore, do you like it? Maybe I should set it out for sale.”Danielle’s college friend and new employer had a disarming smile, seating herself at a small round table and smoothing out her simple pink sweater dress. The food and Wendy’s cologne awoke Danielle’s slumbering mind and body. She couldn’t help smiling.
   “It’s nice Wendy. Um, I just had the weirdest dream. I was working, and I,” Wendy interrupted.
   “And you got some dust from that box on you, and there’s no telling what you saw after that but I bet it was intense!” Wendy pointed to a dusty box in the corner, filled with small wooden boxes, each filled with strange grey dust.
   “Maybe, but,, Diane,, was she really here?”
   “I’m afraid she was, yes. She’s a great lady, and a friend of mine, but she has her own agendas, flavors she prefers, and one of those flavors is you. Best to continue wearing the charm bracelet I have given you. It helps. Some things it doesn’t protect you against, but it always stops permanent effects from being permanent. How long they last, however, who can say.” Wendy held up her arm, a similar charm bracelet jingling on her wrist, with many more charms on hers than Danielle had.
   “But, what about the um,,” Danielle gathered her senses, looking around on the floor.
   “The bunny? Diane didn’t know who or what it was, and caught off guard, in the buff, she chose to flee rather than battle the mysterious rabbit. Good thing too.” Wendy sipped her tea through a smile.
   “The bunny,,, you?” Danielle stared in awe.
   Wendy wiggled her nose, and shook her charm bracelet. Catching the light was a bright silvery charm in the shape of a bunny.

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