Sunday, October 28, 2012


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Screams erupted just as the Roleplay class ended; I was outside speaking to Professor Lindal Kidd when the Earth shook with each step of the huge violent beast! Enraged, it had come to the college, bent on attacking the Deans during their Questions and Answers hour!

Quickly my little gyro whirligig rescue craft climbed to his height, as he perched on the Lecture Hall. I did my best to speak to him, but his dialect was so strange, and I really only speak monkey fluently,, not gorilla. Miss Kidd was quick to call in our savior angels- The Royal Caledon Air Force, the RCAF!

picture thanks to Lindal Kidd, isn't it awesome?

 The gorilla swatted at the aircraft, and I did my best to grunt and thump my chest and scream in his language of his dire situation. I hoped also that in translation, I was not doing the mating ritual by mistake.

Minutes later, and it was over, the Great Beast was gone, thank you, RCAF! Now to hurry the wounded to the Hospital in Cape Wrath!


Afterward, I made friends with the great beast and went on a fun ride in his warm hand, which though smelling of gorilla sweat, was warm and quite safe!

Then all the Deans and professors lined up for rides! Except Thaumaturgist, who flew in circles about him in a wonderful biplane!

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