Sunday, December 2, 2012


It has been months since I got off the train at the stop  outside Seraph City; The horseless carriages of Caledon have become full fledged auto- mobiles there, chrome and running boards and Corinthian leather. The era of the 20's and 30's  and early 40's seems bright and shiny here, and a little scary for a doll used to Victorian days.

Could Garnet be wearing Icing's Pink gown and matching white pearl set?

I bought a cute outfit as soon as I got off the train. I hoped to trade my Victorian brocade dress and lace up boots for something but they just laughed. Clearly Dieselpunk is NOT Steampunk. Garnet met me as I stepped off the elevator, and I complimented her on her gorgeous dress. She said she loved shopping at "this place", and it was clear to see why, she has the perfect shape of a doll body for, I mean, human body for the style and era of dress!
Jamie looked the Provencal part, in a dress straight from the Dustbowl. She was outgoing and fun!

Saffia's had cosmetic surgery and we couldn't be happier for her! She looks awesome!

Jamie marie Blanchard-exonar and Saffia Widdershins turned out in stylish new clothing,as did Gabriel Riel and her friends. The very cream of the crop was there, Seraph's glittering socialites never looked better or seemed happier!

Edward Pearse was as glamorous as always, and played an eclectic set of obscure tunes and well known toe-tappers, new dance music and vintage artsy pieces.

If you get the opportunity and yearn to wear the outfits and fit into the life and times of the dieselpunk era,, I recommend Seraph City and it wonderful (though occasionally nefarious) residents!

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