Saturday, March 2, 2013


7 years Real time  in Second Life  is equal to an entire Generation!  Just keeping my shoppe running for a couple years has been an all consuming concern, so I can scarcely imagine how Desmond  and the Dukes and Duchesses of Caledon have managed to keep the Independent States  growing, thriving, fun and benevolent  for 7 years! I pulled out my Utopia Champagne gown and slippers, screwed in my crystal doll key head, and fluffed my Cloak in Caledon Tartan colors. It was time to see and be seen, and pay homage to some people that really deserve it! Below, I may call people by their first name or last names only; it is due to my own doll like ignorance, not from some harbored ill will. I simply cannot recall at this time the rest of their name! It is clear, I was not created for my intelligence and memory. More credit to those present, because though they are all owners of entire Sims,  producers and builders of products bought throughout the Sluniverse, corporate heads and owners of companies, they prefer to be known as simply, Gabrielle, Dimmy, or Des.

Gaelen, Phrynne and Vivito kick their heels to a lively tune played by the night's DJ,Lucien

Are Aevalle and Wrath not the picture perfect couple? His pirate ship hovered over the building  all night, and though I would prefer it was the RCAF, I cannot deny that not even a cracked clockwork doll would think it wise to run the guns out against The Bewm Bunneh.

Gloriana and Rahp; Men in uniforms, women in silk lace and petticoats- Who would not love Caledon?

Duchess Jayle and Michael, Lord Macbeth. Dancing alone, together. Both need a special someone. . . . . *hint to any interested  out there*

DJ His Grace Sir Lucien plays and his lovely Tehanu keep the rythm, as does Macbeth and Jayle. Far left, Nyree Rain gets a night off of DJing and gets to enjoy the festivities! Note the caledon Tartan colors present.

Ravisher and Zahra- are they not a perfect picture?

Shauri, Minerva, Callidus, Wood Burner and Ravelli. All the nobility came out  in their finery!

Samm stayed up past bedtime, while Zenmondo and I shook out our Tartan colors. Excalibur and Kirawill stood watching  in pleasant conversation. One thing you can nearly always count on , in caledon, eclectic and intelligent conversation!

Angelic wings and dastardly pirate eye patches, clockwork spinning cogs and Victorian finery. What a glorious evening!

As the lights went down, a chill in the air through the windows made it nice to have a thick wool cloak, and arms around you.


It just would not have been a perfect evening without:


Desmond showed up and never asked how we managed to break into the guvnah's mansion to have this soiree, he jumped into a "Samm-like" jig, jovial and uplifting, professorial and fun like always!

Is it any wonder  how, with such loving, caring, dedicated people, Caledon could last so long? And is it any wonder that it will continue another 7 more, with such wonderful beings making it so?


signed, a clockwork person,
MAJ. Wendyslippers Charisma,
Chief Medical Officer Royal Caledon Air Force
Professor, Oxbridge University, Oxbridge Caledon
Proprietor, The Hypnotic Shoppe,Cape Wrath, Caledon
(Not a secretary and initiate Agent for Timeforce 10, which does not exist.)

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