Friday, November 1, 2013

VOODOO in Goatswood!

The night at Goatswood started with Blues N Zydeco, and dancing!

Distraction from the night's upcoming Main Events came in the form of working as a dancer for a couple hours. 2 Hours of being a fun and engaging hostess and dancer at a club with a great DJ, and neither I nor the DJ was tipped.  I would normally begin planning how I would deal with the shortfall, since I must make 7000 a week for the shoppe. But tonight, in a few hours,, it would become unnecessary! I washed off the glitter and body oil and properly dressed, hurried through the Goatswood forest toward home.
   Imagine my shock! a small silent throng gathered around a circle, lit by small fires, burning with the colored fragrant smoke of exotic woods, and ,,, something else. I quickly hid by a large pillar , and journal in hand, began sketching the images you now see. My Journal was inscribed by my friend Breezy Carver with a sigil, protecting it from something, which came in handy- more on that later.

The Goatswood RPers must be lauded for their amazing Roleplay!
 Names were whispered, Constance, Peri, their secret witch names also which I will not utter here. Swaying hypnotically, the onlookers near the circle seemed oblivious of the murmering women by the pyre. They pointed at one, a lady named Lin, and commanded her to approach. She verbally resisted but her body obeyed, and in moments she was tied up over the fire, ready to be sacrificed! They called on the demon Basuldigesh who appeared in a cloud of noxious fumes.
   It turned out the lady was pure of heart, and as such the demon could not claim her. Sadly there was an unfortunate among the hapless onlookers and in seconds she was consumed! Ghastly!
   A moment later it was over, and the huge being from the Lower Planes cast a spell, causing all of us nearby to forget the event.
   Wandering near the shoppe, I looked at the jounral in my hand, and upon reading, regained all the memory I had lost. I retell it now, that you may all know that horrors might await you in the woods!

   Now, it is late, I must complete the Medical Transformation Procedure while I have the faculty, the stored energy, and the shoppe! At midnight, all will be wiped away, renewed by The Guvnah Desmond Shang, and some object in his possession called The Genesis Wave.

This may be my last entry. I am unaware what may happen, once my sentience resides in a human's body, with a squishy brain. Should I not survive and become Forever Broken, please coat my body in a restorative such as plaster, and use as is pleasing, perhaps its own commemorative statue in the Village or University gardens. Though I am sure of my calculations, still I take this moment to thank everyone who has taught, danced, played with or befriended, this doll on her journey. It would be poor manners not to!

Her Grace Wendyslippers Charisma, Duchess of Cape Wrath, Professor at Oxbridge  University, cwp (clockwork person)

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