Saturday, May 10, 2014


A small box came today diary, just after I had put my human vehicle into the storage cylinder. When occupying her,she, or rather, I, seem completely self-centered. Life appears to be a subjective experience, and all those involved in it seem to feel that it is "their" life, and everyone else is there to enhance their world, not vice versa.
   I understand now- Lord what fools these mortals be! But I have never felt things before, and when I ride in my human vehicle (she would take such offense to that term), I cannot descibe yet properly what it is like. It might be, that when I shift back into my original, clockwork form, that I lose the ability to put the experience into words. So much to learn and explore and research!
   The box came with a letter, and I was shocked about its contents!

Pirates were attacking up and down the steam coasts! Babbage had been ravaged, Steelhead cities were in flames,, and the intelligence reports said, they were heading our way! The plan was to head them off and attack them out at sea, near their ports. I was being ordered to recruit local cadets and seamen for a major attack!
   Accompanying the letter was a beautiful medal in a case, and equally gorgeous calligraphy certificate.  I read it quickly,,
   "Duchess Charisma, having learned of your heroism, bravery and many admiral qualities, The Royal Caledonian Air and Sea Forces is mindful to promote you this day to the rank of Executive Officer, of all Flying Command!"
   I quickly jumped up and ran to the kitchen, throwing on a kettle of water and preparing the best tin of Earl Grey I possessed.  This moment simply could not occur without the very best tea.
   As it steeped, I read the award- "The Distinguished Service Medal is awarded to..."

I placed it on my uniform, saluted toward the Guvnah Mansion,  and then poured two cups of tea. One symbolically for TRM, of course, and one I slowly enjoyed, proud, and yet quite somber.

   "Pirates,,,, not just any pirates but the Dread Scoundrels,,,  We would have to call up everyone!"

 I popped in on Cornelius Fanshaw, the Commanding Officer of the RCAF. He congratulated me and assured me I could do this duty.
   "After all we have been through,, I know your qualities, and know you will do well. What do you think of our new pirate hunter zeppelins?"
   I was impressed as he explained the listening device, installed,  the bombs, the torpedo, the guns, speed, distance, all that.
   We were to meet in just 48 hours for the big attack- I had work to do!

 I painted over one of my doll houses, I never liked the chairs in it anyways, and threw some posters on its doors,, Voila! Recruiting Station!  Many students were out at the University, so I set up at Oxbridge first.

Becca asked many questions, and others quickly gathered. In the end, four new cadets enlisted!

Bit would it be enough?


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