Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Every thing must have a beginning ... and that beginning must be linked to something that went before.
MARY SHELLEY, Frankenstein

I opened my eyes and found myself in the Timeforce new headquarters. Imagine how thrilled I was to again see the familiar logos and time travel machinery, all designed and created with the intent of protecting the stream of time from those who subvert it for selfish gain. This is a very lofty goal for a doll, and one I was happy to pledge myself to again.  The surgery went well and I no longer needed my key exposed- the master gear was still there of course but hidden under the synth-skin, and new additions of batteries and controls had been installed, by whom I was unsure but it seemed obvious to me it was Cornelius, Zoe and the amazing doctors at Timeforce!

 The new location, a base far out in the cold reaches of space, was larger than an amusement park, and had all the room needed for laboratories, and my medical bay. I quickly met up with everyone in one of the terrariums and was pleased to see everyone had been dressed in the appropriate era and style of clothing for the planet we were about to explore. Zabrina was supposedly nearby, her hand on anything causes it to wither and die, and such was this case with this planet- we only hoped we were in time.

 Zoe was gathering her new operatives, and I ran to Cornelius- "How did I get here? Who dressed me,, Do I look alright?"  The Base Commander only smiled and spoke with his familiar calm resonance, "You are fine. Team, we are heading to Temporia Prime. Watch for signs of temporal decay, Zabrina was sighted at this time and location."
Tesla Base
It tingled as the transporter framed and coated me in its ray , transporting me effortlessly to:

Temporia Prime closing soon

TEMPORIA PRIME- An amazing breathtaking place, with flying ships and strange birds curiously inspecting us, and enormous creations of glass and steel adorned with strange flora. It was breathtaking!

I was saddened to see this planetoid built of love and sweat and dreams, like a doll, was doomed to meet its last winding down. This Zabrina must be truly evil, I now understood what evil was, and dedicated myself to its opposite, as Shelley said, "“Live, and be happy, and make others so.”(Frankenstein, 1818)

 They looked like such important and selfless people, on the board there,, so many of them had met their end-day. We had to find her! Stop her! I began immediately scanning for her- any signs of time travel or time disturbance.
I found it...

...Zabrina was near...

We entered the Flora experiment fields with some trepidation, but Commander Zoe was  fearless as usual, and the others were so curious, it was infectious.  I had never seen such plants before!

Tempora's living quarters and city built on a high rise platform was truly amazing
 The city's tram ways and people movers were excellent means of transport and we split up, searching everywhere for some sign!

Every home was carefully and quickly checked for clues...

 It was at the statue of someone great, whose plaque and name had already been erased by a time distortion, that I received the medical distress call : "Wendy hurry,, it's Roy..."
 Rondra was standing helplessly and Foxy was crying as I approached. Roy Tiger made his typical plucky humour, for which normally we all smiled but now everyone was quite dour. It was as it is written in the book of Roddenberry,, "Woman- a mass of conflicting impulses."  I was happy to be constant, sure, simple, a doll. True a new upgraded and electronic doll, with batteries that need charging, but I had plenty of time, and Roy it seemed did not. He was aging as fast as the planet.  We had to hurry him to the station.

 By the time we got there, his wife Rondra had to carry him...

We got him to the stasis field generator and he was venerable... I changed into my time-bio hazard outfit just in case he was contagious or temporally dangerous.

We had to lift him onto the platform he had aged too far to walk, and in just a few seconds on the platform...

 he was saved! Even Zoe seemed emotional, but of course she regained herself and hurried us all into a quick meeting. Roy and Foxy were thankful and Rondra hugged me. The new advanced processors had not been sufficiently programmed for emotions like this but even a doll knows at moments of great emotion, a hug is required.

"We now have proof Zabrina has been to Temporia Prime, tested successfully a bomb or destructive field, and intends to use it to further her ends." Base Commander Fanshaw looked like he needed his pipe, but only nodded. I had one thing to add, I was most curious as I checked the transporter beam. There was supposed to be 7 of us ,, and yet, I noticed  when we transported, there had

I don't know why it slipped m mind, but I knew everything was going to be alright. I was with my friends again, one in purpose and cause and looked forward to thwarting this great evil, together!

or would I....

{OOC- stay tuned this gets really crazy! Yes, we are actually playing out these adventures, I am not just writing something fabricated in my mind, we are actually doing this! Part of the wonder of Second life. Au Revoir to Temporia Prime which is closing at the time of this writing. Very sad to see such a wonderful sim go, and great praise to the men and women that kept it running!}


  1. A well written and wonderful post, Wendy!

  2. I awoke from a dream and you where still here. Saint Peter