Sunday, September 5, 2010

2010 Stellar Drift Creative Writing Contest BEST IN SHOW!

The last award of the night, well worth the wait

Bethany Bimbogami as the "MC" at 2010 Stellar Drift Creative Writing Awards

I knew I had won something when they waited for me,,, My Typist yelled frantically on the phone with the internet providers and they fixed the crashing issue, at 5 after 9 SLT, 5 minutes late for the Stellar Drift 2010 Stellar Drift Creative Writing Contest Awards.
3 categories- Poem, short story, and hypnotic trance.I submitted 3 poems, and 1 short story, that I felt they would all like, whether I won something or not.
  Once again a moment after arriving, I saw the faces of my good friends there, and wondered why I don't hang out there more often,,, but when would I fit that in,,,
   "Phantom" Won 3rd place for Poetry, and "The Woman In The Mirror" won first! If you knew how good the others were, you'd understand how honored, humbled and pleased I am! Any one of those poems and stories would have won awards in a local show, but Second Life brings the best from every continent together.
   My Story got second place in stories, 'Your Local News Is Cumming'. I was very pleased to see Gregaur, Bethi, Luciola, Jenni and Windy all win awards as well. Windy got Best in Show and I was so delighted I almost cried!
   Then they announced The Artist of Show, and it didn't set in at first- "Me?" The winner got a monetary prize with 3 zeroes, a gorgeous statue trophy that is now in the shoppe with the other few things i have won, and the title "Laureate" on the Bluebird group!
   The dance afterward was fun and happy, with rave sticks and joking, and I met Sharie C. again, the very first person I met in Second Life! we talked and danced, then hugged goodbye, and I rushed home to post this!

Artist of Show - Wendyslippers
Best in Show - Windy F

Poetry - Wendyslippers
Story - Windy F
Hypnoscript - Luci

Cutest Entry - Bethi
Sunniest Entry - Jenni E/Bethi
Sexiest Entry - Wendyslippers
Darkest Entry - Bethi

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  1. I'd be delighted to have the chance to read your entries. Is there a place besides SL where you have posted your latest wonders?

    And of course, many congratulations. Your writing always dazzles me.