Saturday, September 4, 2010

Autumn colors and scenes now in my Hypnotic Park!

Hypnotic Park in Autumnal colors, at Cape Wrath Caledon

The gorgeous west cliff with benches, antique cannons and waterfall

I made the garden in June 2010 as a place to come and relax on the precipice overlooking the "Blue" unclaimed ocean sim to the west. I originally wanted cannons and  the ruins of a stone fort,, and I may do more with that later, but for now the cannons present (1 that works!) and the few stacked stones,  the  original owners of the Region of Cape Wrath, and I acknowledge that I am merely building on top the great stones they have already laid, with much thanks!

Following is a description of the Autumnal display- I HIGHLY recommend you return as we near Halloween! There will be a special spooky park for you!

Autumn  is the season of beautiful transformation!  The park's abundance of growth and life would have made the Plymouth Rock settlers very happy indeed! Chrysanthemums in maroon and orange  provide the late  season  explosion of color. A few hearty panzies still thrive but  many of Summer's thriving plants are now gone. A few hearty rosebushes remain, since they, like the Mums, are perennial, and can have  a late season bloom. The scarlet Oak Trees and Chinese Pistachio Trees drop leaves gracefully to the  browning grass. Even with their dying leaves, these trees seek to  beautify  their surroundings. The shocks of corn  are garnered, and displayed with the familiar Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins, now used as planters! In the gorgeous gazebo by Antique Artistry, wrought iron cafe seats  give you front row to the mesmerizing sounds of the harp- which not only is displayed for its musical beauty, but  it allows you to join in and help beautify the park! Click the harp and you will be come part of it. If your RLV relay is enabled, you will remain until someone clicks and releases you. You can be the star, and the moonbeams  shine down on you to light your performance!

The gazebo was a must, for luncheons, meetings, weddings, and more can play out under its gorgeous awning.
SPECIAL EVENTS can be arranged and catered, and decorated accordingly. Please ask for rates, I have been Event Coordinator for some  Dance clubs etc, and can help you make a special event just right!

The benches were the first thing I purchased- Primary of importance was a place to sit and reflect, to enjoy the amazing Sunset, and cuddle with  some privacy. These by Lok's are tinting and will change with the seasons.

I enjoy greek sculptures, and found  a fun and appealing  way to decorate , and make the park an interactive place, by incorporating  Clarissa Milena's fabulous RLV statue stands and guessing puzzle. If you have RLV enabled, and a relay set to "auto",  the stands will hold you fast, give you free skins, hair, eyes, so that you properly represent the timeless sculpture. The timers are set for short  durations, usually 5 minutes, and then release you, no harm, and you helped beautify Cape Wrath! If you do not enjoy public display, timed capture or forniphilia, please consider sitting on the statue stands very carefully.

In the front, the stone planter is guarded by  more natural pumpkins. Purple wildflowers  and mums resist the oncoming chill of winter. A shock of corn stands like a monument, celebrating the bountiful harvest that summer provided.

The Memorial Corner up front  is not abandoned by attractive color and life as Cape Wrath enters a time of cold nights and brisk windy days. Beech Oak and Rowan trees, with a Chinese Pistachio tree transform Summer's bright pastels into the stark contrasting colors of Fall.

The cannon corner still holds the pink hues of summer, but the ground is covered with the shadows and leaves of  Fall. Wild meadow flowers grow in unkempt bunches. Pink Camelia and Bouganvillea  mix well with the hues of Autumnal sunset. The Linden autumn tree lets dappled light shine onto the far corner.

The Farthest corner, illuminated by dappled rays of light,  is home to the waterfall! Beech trees and Scarlet Oak grace the chiseled rocks while the powerful water churns up steam, creating its own hypnotic background melody, so near the lyrical harp.

I hope you enjoy the park as much as I have enjoyed making it for your pleasure.

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