Sunday, April 17, 2011

The SLPC Meeting

the SLPC meeting at Wild Pony Girls Sim, led by Evangeline, far right

   I had just swept and dusted the Shoppe, and had opened all the windows, letting Spring's chilly but fresh air clear away the stagnation, mildew and dirt as only a strong cold win can. I dragged the entrance rug out front for a good beating, when a rider pulled up out front, pulled by two ponies. She was not dressed as usual for Caledon, though the shiny stretchy material is quite common on dolls. She waved, smiling.
   "Are you Wendy?"
   Throwing down the carpet, I nodded, raising a finger for a moment's pause, and scurried inside. My heels clicked and scuffed across the wood floor of the Shoppe and I was back in a moment with a small candy dish. I held it out to the rider who took one of my home made, Orange Dream caramels, and after receiving permission, gave one to each of the hard working ponies. I should mention, these are not the kind of ponies that like sugar cubes, but they did like my caramel!
   I was handed an invite to the first Second Life Pony Club meeting- a forum for all to speak, for opinions, ways to improve the genre, and more. My cogs ticked louder and louder as I felt a rush of excitement!
   I had just the thing to wear, too!
   Minutes later, the rider had gone, and I climbed into my copper balloon. It was Spring, and I had every intention of wearing my new Gisaci fabric Coat - dress! It went with the Juicy sling backs, and with goggles on, I was at Salena Larsen's WPG Sim in no time! I took a quick pass first- it is such a beautiful sim, so many lovely steeple courses, dressage fields, cart tracks and barrel and slalom courses, all turning green with the Blessings of Spring. The dance club is pretty nice too. I landed between it and the outdoor mall, and snuck into the meeting quietly.
   Mikky was there with Kara! I don't know why that surprised me, she is one of the best trainers in the world here,and my good fortune to meet her, befriend her and her friends and train with them, is largely why I won all those fancy trophies I have on the shelves in the shoppe, on the second floor. They are not so much a bragging, as a testament to all dolls, ponies, robots and those that come to the shoppe- if even this young clockwork person can achieve these, so can you!
Salena and Swenyia, Mikky and Kara, and me!

Mikky and Kara hugged me, and I wanted to hug and say hi to Miss Larsen, but um, well, she is Miss Larsen and I did not really feel um,, it was not how I um,, OK OK OK! I was scared!

They had great ideas, about changing the contests so instead of competing against each other, we competed against a time, and all that beat that time, are winners- more inclusive and breeds comaraderie, which we need. Some of the BDSM ponies spoke up on needing more strict play, and some others spoke against it, but we all spoke and accepted, and it was a very good beginning of things!

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